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The Moondogs
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The Moondogs were a professional wrestling stable in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and in two Memphis promotions: the Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) and the United States Wrestling Association (USWA). Known for wrestling in frayed blue jeans, sporting shaggy blond hair and beards and carrying animal bones around with them (which they chewed on and used as weapons), The Moondogs became notorious in the CWA and the USWA for their wild, brawl-filled bloodfests where weapons often came into play (essentially the hardcore style).


World Wrestling Federation[edit]

Moondog Rex and Moondog King joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1981, where they defeated Rick Martel and Tony Garea for the WWF Tag Team Championship.[1] After winning the title, Moondog King was replaced by Moondog Spot after King—a Canadian—was denied entry into the United States.[1][2] Rex and Spot's gimmick consisted of them carrying chewed up bones to the ring and wearing cut-off blue jeans.[1] While in the WWF, the Moondogs feuded with Tony Garea, Rick Martel, Bob Backlund, Ivan Putski, Pat Patterson, and the Wild Samoans.[1]

In 1984, on an episode of Maple Leaf Wrestling, Moondog Rex earned a WWF Championship title shot against Hulk Hogan.[1] In 1987, Rex was repackaged as Smash of Demolition, along with Ax. However, fans easily recognized him and gave him chants of "Moondog," leading to him being quickly replaced by Barry Darsow. Rex and Spot then teamed together until 1990 in various promotions.[1]

United States Wrestling Association[edit]

The Moondogs' success mostly came in the United States Wrestling Association (USWA), with numerous members winning the USWA tag team titles on several occasions during the late 1980s and early 1990s as well as Moondog Spot, Moondog Spike and Moondog Cujo's long running feud with Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler and The Bruise Brothers during their stint in the USWA. Their feud with Jarrett and Lawler was later voted the 1992 PWI Feud of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Independent circuit[edit]

In the latter part of 2003, the Moondogs (Spot and Puppy Love) began working in Memphis Wrestling, with April Pennington acting as their manager.[2] On November 29, 2003, Moondog Spot died in the ring during a battle royale in Memphis.[1]

Moondog Cujo appeared at the Clash of the Legends show in Memphis (headlined by Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Wight) on April 29, 2007, where he defeated The Barbarian.[3]



Moondog Rover in 2013.


  • Moondog Ed Moretti
  • Moondog Grizzly (Ted Grizzly)
  • Black Moondog (a.k.a. Big Black Dog)
  • Moondog Fido (Buddy Donovan)
  • Moondog Fifi (Diane Von Hoffman)[4][5]
  • Moondog Rover (Paul J. Mcknight)[4]
  • Moondog Mange (Jimmy Stone)
  • Moondog Mayne (Lonnie Mayne)
  • Moondog Puppy Love (Mike Flowers)
  • Moondog Spot (Tony Nardo - 1987-1988)
  • Moondog Rex (Nathan Brian Randolph)[4]
  • Moondog Spike (William Wantland)
  • Moondog Splash (Eddie Harrell)
  • Moondog Duke (Frank Cody)
  • Moondog Ravage (Brad Worell)
  • Moondog Buddy (Sean Taylor)
  • Moondog Baron (DJ Baron)
  • Moondog Runt (James McClain)
  • Moondog Pongo (Charles Richards)
  • Moondog Bernard (Casey Bernauer)
  • Moondog Wenzel (Bryan Wenzel)
  • Moondog Molson (Jake Daniels)
  • Moondog Mort (Joel Goltry)

In wrestling[edit]

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  • UFO Wrestling
    • UFO Tag Team Champions 2008-2009 (1 time) Max and Bidondi "The Animals"
  • Ultimate Wrestling Dynasty
    • UWD Hardcore Champion 2007-2008 (2 times) Max
  • New World Wrestling
    • NWW Tag Team Champions 2005-2006 (1 time) Max and Kohuko
  • New Generation Wrestling
    • NGW Tag Team Champions 2004 (2 times) Max and Ryan Bean


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Further reading[edit]

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