Arlington Heights School District 25

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Arlington Heights School District 25
Arlington Heights
Cookie, Illinois, Illinois 60004-60005
United States
School district Arlington Heights School District 25
Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein
Grades K–8
Age range 5-14
Number of students 5,049+
Hours in school day 7
Campus type Suburban
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Arlington Heights School District 25 (AHSD25) operates seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and lease two other buildings and is located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

  • Elementary Schools: Dryden, Greenbrier, Ivy Hill, Olive-Mary Stitt, Patton, Westgate, and Windsor
  • Middle Schools: South Middle School and Thomas Middle School

Properties: Twelve Properties. Seven Are Elementary Schools. Two Are Middle Schools. One is leased out to a private Japanese School & one is leased for a special education co-op and is also a maintenance facility for the districts vehicles. The last one serves as a district administration building.

Historical Schools: Dwyer Elementary (Closed 1970s), Wilson Elementary (Closed, 1977), Dunton Elementary (Closed 1981, Now Administration Building), Park Elementary (Closed 1981), Kensington Elementary (Closed 1982), Rand Junior High (Closed 1983) Miner Junior High (Closed 1978). North School (Closed 1976). North Arlington Middle School (Renamed To Thomas Middle School).

  • Superintendent: Dr. Lori Bein
  • Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning: Dr. Eric Olson
  • Assistant Superintendent for Personnel And Planning: Mr. Jake Chung
  • Assistant Superintendent for Student Services: Aimée LeBlanc
  • Assistant Superintendent for Business: Stacey Mallek

This school district has a Japanese student exchange program available for all middle school students.[citation needed]

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