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Tianying (Chinese: 田营; pinyin: Tiányíng) is a town under the administration of Jieshou, which is in turn administered by the prefecture-level city of Fuyang, in northwestern Anhui Province, China. The town has 26,095 inhabitants according to the 2001 census.

Nearly half of China's lead production is located in Tianying and the surrounding area. The use of antiquated technology and lack of proper disposal has led to high levels of lead pollution in the area. While the government closed some of the lead factories in 2003, the Blacksmith Institute still rated the place as one of the world's most polluted in 2007.[1] Tianying, along with the Chinese city of Linfen, are two of the world's most polluted cities according to Time Magazine[2]

Coordinates: 29°55′N 119°25′E / 29.917°N 119.417°E / 29.917; 119.417


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