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Map of Naples, 1572
An 18th-century painting depicting an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Naples. The Naples area has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The earliest historical sources in the area were left by the Myceneans in the 2nd millennium BC. During its long history, Naples has been captured, destroyed and attacked many times. The city has seen earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, foreign invasions and revolutions.

Prior to 12th century[edit]

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12th–16th centuries[edit]

Naples Cathedral was built in 1313

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

The Palace of Capodimonte was built in 1742

19th century[edit]

20th century[edit]

21st century[edit]

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Published in the 19th century[edit]

Published in the 20th century[edit]

Published in the 21st century[edit]

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