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Word/nameAntonius, Antonio, Anton, Antonia

Toni is a given unisex name, used for both males and females. In Finnish, it is a male name, a form of Anttoni. In Bulgarian, Toni [Тони] may refer to either a male or a female. Tony and Toni have no separate equivalents in Bulgarian and Macedonian since the Cyrillic alphabet has one letter for both "y" and "i" ("и" as in Тони). In Hungarian, Tóni is also a male name.[1] It is sometimes a short form (hypocorism) of other names, such as Antonio, Antoine, Antonia or Antoinette. It is also sometimes a surname

Toni may refer to:



  • Toni Arden (1924–2012), stage name of Antoinette Ardizzone, American traditional pop music singer
  • Miltona Toni Cade Bambara (1939–1995), African-American author, documentary filmmaker, social activist and college professor
  • Toni Basil, stage name of American singer and actress Antonia Christina Basilotta (born 1943)
  • Toni Braxton (born 1967), American singer-songwriter and actress
  • Toni Childs (born 1957), American singer-songwriter
  • Toni Collette (born 1972), Australian actress
  • Toni Cronk (born 1980), Australian field hockey goalkeeper
  • Toni Duggan (born 1991), English footballer
  • Toni Fisher (1924–1999), American pop singer
  • Antonia Toni Garrn (born 1992), German model
  • Celestine Toni Gonzaga (born 1984), Filipino singer, television host, actress, and comedian
  • Antoinette Toni Halliday (born 1964), English singer-songwriter, half of the duo Curve
  • Toni Harp, American politician
  • Toni Kelner, American mystery writer
  • Toni Lawrence (born 1976), convicted of criminal confinement in the torture-murder of Shanda Sharer
  • Toni McNaron (born 1937), American literary scholar and lesbian memoirist
  • Toni Morrison (1931–2019), pen name of Nobel Prize–winning American author, editor, and professor Chloe Ardelia Wofford
  • Cathryn Antoinette Toni Tennille (born 1940), American singer-songwriter and keyboardist, half of the duo Captain and Tennille


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