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Toogoolawah Post Office.JPG
Post office
Toogoolawah is located in Queensland
Coordinates 27°05′S 152°23′E / 27.083°S 152.383°E / -27.083; 152.383Coordinates: 27°05′S 152°23′E / 27.083°S 152.383°E / -27.083; 152.383
Population 1,162 (2011 census)[1]
Postcode(s) 4313
LGA(s) Somerset Region
County Cavendish
Parish Biarra
State electorate(s) Nanango
Federal Division(s) Blair
Localities around Toogoolawah:
Ivory Creek Braemore Cressbrook
Ivory Creek Toogoolawah Mount Beppo
Biarra Ottaba Mount Beppo

Toogoolawah (/tˈɡləwə/ too-GOO-lə-wə) is a small town in South East Queensland, Australia. Toogoolawah is a centre for gliding and parachuting and in the past the centre of a dairying industry. Cressbrook Creek, a tributary of the Brisbane River, passes through the town as does the Brisbane Valley Highway. At the 2011 census, Toogoolawah had a population of 1,162.[1]

The town is located in the Somerset Region local government area. There are three pubs in Toogoolawah, all situated on the main road.


Toogoolawah is derived from the Aboriginal words "dhoo" (a generic term for tree) and "goo/lawa", meaning "crescent shaped" or "bent like a crescent moon". The name probably referred to a tree with a deformed trunk which stood on the site in Bulimba, rather than to the supposed shape outlined by the Brisbane River as it rounds Bulimba Point, as has been alleged.


What is now Toogoolawah township was surveyed privately when Cressbrook estate was subdivided and sold as dairy farms in 1904. The town plan was not registered with the survey office until 1 June 1909. The extension of the Brisbane Valley railway line from Esk to the new town (18.69 kilometres or 11.61 miles) was opened on 8 February 1904. James Henry McConnel, owner of Cresbrook station, suggested the name Bakewell after a village in Derbyshire, for the new town and railway station. The Railways Department however favoured the use of Aboriginal names, so McConnel then suggested Toogoolawah, the Aborigines' name for the locality in the Brisbane suburb of Bulimba where McConnel's town house was situated.

A Toogoolawah receiving office was opened in June 1904 and was elevated to post office status in July 1905. Toogoolawah State School opened on 30 May 1905. A condensed milk factory was built shortly after the railway station was opened. The factory was closed in 1929, after Nestlé moved all its condensed milk production to Victoria, resulting in the town's population decreasing by half.[2]

Toogoolawah War Memorial, 2010

The Toogoolawah War Memorial commemorates those who served in World War I. Unlike most war memorials that were erected after the war, the Toogoolawah memorial was unveiled during the war on 31 March 1917 by the Rev. Chaplain Merrington.[3][4]

Toogoolawah was partially cut off by flooding as a result of the 2010–2011 Queensland floods.[5]

Toogoolawah is home to a world-famous fun-jumping and tandem skydiving centre,[6] once featured on the third season of The Mole in 2002.[7][8]

Heritage listings[edit]

Toogoolawah has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:

Notable people[edit]


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