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Toshiba Satellite
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Toshiba Satellite l750.jpg
Toshiba Satellite L750
Also known asdynabook Satellite (Japan)
TypeNotebook computer
Operating systemAll Windows/MS-DOS versions; all Linux versions; FreeDos.
WebsiteArchived official website at the Wayback Machine (archive index)

The Toshiba Satellite (dynabook Satellite in Japan) was a line of consumer-grade notebook computers marketed by Toshiba, and were some of the earliest laptops, introduced in the early-1990s, to compete with the IBM ThinkPad line. Models in the Satellite family varied greatly - from entry-level models sold at major retailers to full-fledged media center-class notebooks. The latter are labeled as "Qosmio" and sold alongside the Satellite name. The Qosmio models tended to have added features like two hard drive bays, multiple graphics cards, several input/output ports of varying design, unique case styling, backlit keyboards, significantly more powerful sound systems (built in subwoofer and amplifier), etc. The Satellite mainly competes against computers such as Acer's Aspire, Dell's Inspiron and XPS, HP's Pavilion, Stream and Envy, Lenovo's IdeaPad and Samsung's Sens.


The early models did not come with an internal CD-ROM drive, but these soon appeared as mobile technology progressed. Such models can link up with an external CD-ROM drive through the parallel port on the rear (since USB ports came later as well). Some Satellites also lacked an internal floppy disk drive, but a port on the side allowed the use of a proprietary external module for such. These machines tended to be smaller in physical size than their contemporaries.

In spring 2000, some models came with a 15-inch screen and a built-in DVD drive, a 6 GB HDD and ran at 500 MHz. They were sold for $2400 by Toshiba. They also had a model called the Satellite Pro.

Notable models included the Satellite 5005-S507 which was the first to ship with NVIDIA GeForce 4 440 Go GPU and cost $1,999. The Satellite 5105-S607 was the first laptop with cPad technology and cost $2,499. The Satellite 5205-S703 was the first laptop with built-in DVD-R/RW drive and cost $2,699.[1]

The Toshiba Satellite series was discontinued in the United States in 2016 because Toshiba exited the consumer laptop market in that country. However, Toshiba is still selling business-oriented Portégé and Tecra in many countries, and continues to sell the Satellite brand.

A Toshiba Satellite personal computer was used to send the first email ever sent by President Bill Clinton during his presidency. The email was sent using the personal computer of White House Medical Unit Emergency Physician Dr. Robert G. Darling, and was sent to astronaut John Glenn as he was aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.[2]


Sharp Corporation obtained 80.1% of Toshiba’s computer business and effective 1 October 2018, Dynabook Inc. (the former company name is Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.) and its subsidiaries were deconsolidated from Toshiba Group. As of April 1st 2019, this business is now known globally as 'Dynabook Inc.'. [3]



  • C - All the Basics
  • L - Style & Value
  • E - Ultramobile Performance
  • S - Power & Speed
  • P - Premium Performance & Design
  • NB15 - Touchscreen Essentials
  • Click - Part Laptop. Part Tablet
  • Radius - ????

Models List[edit]

  • 100
    • 100CS
  • 200
    • 200CDT
    • 220CDS
    • 220CS
    • 225CDS
  • 300
    • 310CDS
    • 310CDT
  • 400
  • 2000
    • 2100CDS
    • 2100CDT
    • 2105CDS
    • 2140XCDS
    • 2180CDT
    • 2210CDT
    • 2210XCDS
    • 2250CDT
    • 2250XCDS
  • 4000
    • 4000CDS
    • 4000CDT
    • 4005CDS
    • 4005CDT
    • 4010CDS
    • 4010CDT
    • 4015CDS
    • 4015CDS
    • 4020CDT
    • 4025CDT
    • 4030CDT
    • 4060CDT
    • 4080CDT
    • 4080XCDT
    • 4085XCDT
    • 4090XDVD
    • 4100XDVD
    • 4280XDVD
    • 4280ZDVD

Model gallery[edit]

Satellite Click series[edit]

Satellite Click Mini[edit]

Toshiba Satellite Click Mini
Also known asSatellite Click Mini
Type2-in-1 PC
Release date2015
Operating systemWindows 8.1
Windows 10
CPUIntel Atom Z3735F
Storage32GB SSD
Display8.9”, Full HD (1920 × 1200), TN
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
SoundTwo speakers
InputSD/SDXC card
1 USB 2.0 port
1 MicroSD port
1 Mini HDMI port
Dimensions9.25 x 6.72 x 0.78 in
Mass0.99 kg (2.2 lbs)

Satellite Click 2 Pro[edit]

Satellite Radius series[edit]

Satellite Radius 11[edit]

Toshiba Satellite Radius 11
Also known asSatellite Radius 11
Type2-in-1 PC
Release date2014-15
Operating systemWindows 8.1
Windows 10
CPUIntel Celeron
Intel Pentium
Display29.5 cm (11.6")
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics
SoundTwo speakers
InputHeadphone jack
1 USB 2.0 port
HDMI port
1 USB 3.0 port
SD/SDXC card
Mass1.58 kg


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