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Tsukiuta visual.jpg
Key visual for the animation
Genre Idol
Audio drama
Produced by Movic
Written by Fujiwara, Jiku (character design)
Original run December 7, 2012 – present
Anime television series
Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
Produced by Itsuro Kawasaki
Written by Itsuro Kawasaki, HaradaSayaka
Music by Hiroyuki Kouzu
Studio Studio Pierrot
Original network Tokyo MX, BS11, others
Original run July 6, 2016 September 28, 2016
Episodes 13
Tsukiuta. Tsubuyaki manga -Tsukitsui.-
Written by Fumi Nanao
Published by Libre Comics
Published November 5, 2016
Volumes 1
Written by Mero
Published by Ichijinsha
Magazine Zero-Sum
Published August 25, 2017
Tsukino Paradise (TsukiPara.)
Developer geechs
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Genre Rhythm game
Platform iOS, Android
Released April 26, 2017
Tsukitomo. -Tsukiuta. 12 Memories-
Developer Netchubiyori
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Genre Adventure
Platform PlayStation Vita
Released June 1, 2017
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Tsukiuta (Japanese: ツキウタ。; Stylised: Tsukiuta.) is a character CD series[1] which started as a music collaboration between Vocaloid producers and popular voice actors, but has now expanded into a media franchise with its own animation, multiple stage plays, manga anthologies, video games, and a range of related merchandise.


The characters of Tsukiuta. are split into four idol groups under the fictional Tsukino Talent Production. There are twelve men and twelve women, each representing a month of the year.[2] Tsukino Talent Production also manages the fictional idol groups under TsukiPro.

The men belong to the rival sibling units of Six Gravity and Procellarum.[3] The members of Six Gravity come from Eastern Japan, while the members of Procellarum come from Western Japan.[1]

The women belong to the units Fluna and Seleas. They are goddess candidates from a different dimension, unknown to the people on Earth.[1]


Six Gravity[edit]

Kakeru Shiwasu (師走 駆, Shiwasu Kakeru)
Voiced by: Yuki Kaji / Composition by Satsuki ga Tenkomori
Month- December
Hajime Mutsuki (睦月 始, Mutsuki Hajime)
Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi / Composition by Machigerita
Month- January
The leader of Six Gravity. Often called 'King' by those around him due to a commanding yet charismatic presence beyond his age. Although he is a man of few words, he can be quite blunt and sarcastic but does not do it out of spite. He possesses a high intellect and physical strength, demonstrated in his "Iron Claw" technique and is known to be able to crush an apple with his bare hands. Proficient in a wide range of martial arts, Hajime is the only son of the prominent Mutsuki family of Eastern Japan. A rare childish side of Hajime surfaces when the oldest members assemble. Part of the oldest pair with March's Yayoi Haru.[4]
Koi Kisaragi (如月 恋, Kisaragi Koi)
Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda / Composition by NijiharaPeperon
Month- February
Haru Yayoi (弥生 春, Yayoi Haru)
Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno / Composition by Yuuyu
Month- March
Arata Uduki (卯月 新, Uzuki Arata)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya / Compostion by ChouchouP
Month- April
Aoi Satsuki (皐月 葵, Satsuki Aoi)
Voiced by: KENN / Composition by Nem
Month- May


Rui Minaduki (水無月 涙, Minazuki Rui)
Voiced by: Shouta Aoi / Composition by Yuyoyuppe
Month- June
Kai Fuduki (文月 海, Fuzuki Kai)
Voiced by: Wataru Hatano / Composition by Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Month- July
You Haduki (葉月 陽, Hazuki You)
Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara / Composition by UtataP
Month- August
Yoru Nagatsuki (長月 夜, Nagatsuki Yoru)
Voiced by: Takashi Kondou / Composition by John
Month- September
Iku Kannaduki (神無月 郁, Iku Kannazuki)
Voiced by: Kensho Ono / Composition by takamatt
Month- October
Shun Shimotsuki (霜月 隼, Shimotsuki Shun)
Voiced by: Ryohei Kimura / Composition by Kikuo
Month- November
The leader of Procellarum. The self proclaimed 'Demon Lord' who leads the unit with a mysterious charisma, despite claiming his reluctance to work. His profound smile adds to his peculiar nature but he is intelligent, able to memorise a book after only one reading. He has been shown to exhibit a various amount of magical abilities, ranging from ice magic to maintaining 20°C around him. Shun is a big fan of Six Gravity's leader, Hajime Mutsuki, and holds the latter's fanclub card, entitled "Honorary Member No. 6". Being the only son of the prominent Shimotsuki family of Western Japan, he has grown up to be quite pampered and shows no motivation for work or manual labour. Part of the oldest pair with July's Fuduki Kai.[5]



Kurisu Hijiri (聖 クリス, Hijiri Kurisu)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto / Composition by Satsuki ga Tenkomori
Month- December
Yuki Hanazono (花園 雪, Hanazono Yuki)
Voiced by: Asami Imai / Composition by Machigerita
Month- January
Ai Kisaragi (如月 愛, Kisaragi Ai)
Voiced by: MAKO / Composition by NijiharaPeperon
Month- February
Hina Momosaki (桃崎 ひな, Momosaki Hina)
Voiced by: Rumi Ōkubo / Composition by Yuuyu
Month- March
Chisa Togawa (兎川 千桜, Togawa Chisa)
Voiced by: Ai Nonaka / Compostion by ChouchouP
Month- April
Wakaba Yuki (結城 若葉, Yuuki Wakaba)
Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama / Composition by Nem
Month- May


Yuno Terase (照瀬 結乃, Terase Yuno)
Voiced by: Rina Satō / Composition by Yuyoyuppe
Month- June
Mizuki Himekawa (姫川 瑞希, Himekawa Mizuki)
Voiced by: Shizuka Ishigami / Composition by Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Month- July
Matsuri Motomiya (元宮 祭莉, Motomiya Matsuri)
Voiced by: Yuka Ōtsubo / Composition by UtataP
Month- August
Akane Asagiri (朝霧 あかね, Asagiri Akane)
Voiced by: Kaori Fukuhara / Composition by Jun
Month- September
Reina Ichisaki (伊地崎 麗奈, Ichisaki Reina)
Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa / Composition by takamatt
Month- October
Tsubaki Tendouin (天童院 椿, Tendouin Tsubaki)
Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka / Composition by Kikuo
Month- November

Other characters[edit]


Kanade Tsukishiro (月城 奏, Tsukishiro Kanade)
Voiced by: Masahiro Yamanaka
Six Gravity's manager.
Dai Kurotsuki (黒月 大, Kurotsuki Dai)
Voiced by: Yasuhiro Mamiya
Procellerum's manager.


Mikoto Tsukino (月野 尊, Tsukino Mikoto)
The president of Tsukino Talent Production and the overall producer for Six Gravity and Procellarum.



An anime for the series was announced at the stage event at Animate Girls Festival 2014.[6][3] The anime titled "Tsukiuta. The ANIMATION" (ツキウタ。 THE ANIMATION) (shortened as "Tsukiani." (ツキアニ。)), aired between July[7] and September 2016 on Tokyo MX, BS11 and several other TV channels.

The anime was produced in celebration of Animate's 30th year anniversary.[8] The anime focuses on the members of Six Gravity and Procellarum, with a different character being the main focus of each episode.[8]


The opening theme alternates between GRAVATIC-LOVE by Six Gravity and LOLV –Lots of Love- by Procellarum. The ending themes are sung by each character in the order of their representative months, starting with December. Episode 13 finished with Tsuki no Uta (ツキノウタ。), a combined song by Six Gravity and Procellarum.


Each episode features a different character. The character's name is incorporated into the title of the episode.

No. Title Featured Character(s) Ending Theme Original air date
1 "Leading to the Handshake Event!"
"Akushukai ni Kakeru!" (握手会にかける!) 
Kakeru Shiwasustella〜きんぴか上昇気分〜 By Kakeru ShiwasuJuly 6, 2016
2 "Glasswork Heart"
"Kagamizaiku no Kokoro" (鏡細工のココロ) 
Iku Kannadukiinitium〜始告氷輪〜 By Hajime MutsukiJuly 13, 2016
3 "Going Far Beyond"
"Omoi wo Haruka ni" (想いを遥かに) 
Haru Yayoiamor〜溢れだす想いから〜 By Kisaragi KoiJuly 20, 2016
4 "On a New Path"
"Aratanaru Michi he" (新たなる道へ) 
Arata Udukiver〜歌詠鳥の声〜 By Haru YayoiJuly 27, 2016
5 "A Chance Encounter with the Past"
"Kako to no Kaikou" (過去との邂逅) 
Kai Fudukicerasus〜桜並木に導かれて〜 By Arata UdukiAugust 3, 2016
6 "A Smart Detective!?"
"Kashikoi Tantei!?" (賢い探偵!?) 
Koi Kisaragicaelum〜未来〜 By Aoi SatsukiAugust 10, 2016
7 "The Mutsuki Hajime Expedition"
"Mutsuki Hajime Tankentai" (睦月始探検隊) 
Hajime Mutsukipluvia〜嘘と温もり〜 By Rui MinadukiAugust 17, 2016
8 "Round Moon"
"Marui Tsuki" (まるい月) 
Rui Minnadukimare〜君と綴る航海日誌〜 By Kai FudukiAugust 24, 2016
9 "Night of Overlapping Patterns"
"Kasanemoyou no Yoru" (重ね模様の夜) 
You Haduki
Yoru Nagatsuki
sol〜Happy!Phew!〜 By You HadukiAugust 31, 2016
10 "Blue Flames"
"Aoi Honoo" (アオイホノオ) 
Aoi Satsukinox〜風のレコード〜 By Yoru NagatsukiSeptember 7, 2016
11 "Moment of Indecision"
"Mayoi no Shunkan" (迷いの瞬間) 
Shun Shimotsukiathletic〜Never Ending Challenge!!〜 By Iku KannadukiSeptember 14, 2016
12 "Full Moon Festival"
(Full Moon Festival) 
Six Gravity
albion〜ふたりだけの白〜 By Shun ShimotsukiSeptember 21, 2016
13 "Song of the Moon"
"Tsuki no Uta." (ツキノウタ。) 
Six Gravity
ツキノウタ。By Six Gravity and ProcellarumSeptember 28, 2016

Stage Play[edit]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage[edit]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage (Japanese: 2.5次元ダンスライブ「ツキウタ。」ステージ, 2.5-jigen Dansu Raibu "Tsukiuta". Suteeji) was the first stage play of the Tsukiuta. series and ran between April 23 to May 1, 2016, at Seiryokaikan Hall, Japan. It alternated between “ver.BLACK” which featured Six Gravity, and “ver.WHITE” which featured Procellarum.[9]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~[edit]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~ (Japanese: 2.5次元ダンスライブ「ツキウタ。」ステージ 第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~, 2.5-jigen Dansu Raibu "Tsukiuta". Suteeji Dai-ni-maku ~Tsukiuta Kitan "Yumemigusa"~) is the second instalment of the stage play series of Tsukiuta. It was held in Roppongi Blue Theatre during October 27 to 31, 2016. Two versions of the show were performed once per day; the Sakura Chapter (桜の章, sakura-no-shou) with more focus on Six Gravity members Arata and Aoi and the Moon Chapter (月の章, tsuki-no-shou), centralising Procellarum's You and Yoru. All members of the cast were featured in these performances.[10]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage TRI! SCHOOL REVOLUTION![edit]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage TRI! SCHOOL REVOLUTION! (Japanese: 2.5次元ダンスライブ「ツキウタ。」ステージ TRI! SCHOOL REVOLUTION!, 2.5-jigen Dansu Raibu "Tsukiuta". Suteeji TRI! SCHOOL REVOLUTION!) is the third in the stage play series of Tsukiuta. Similar to the first stage, two versions were produced, ver.BLACK featuring Six Gravity (Kakeru and Koi) and ver.WHITE with Procellarum (Shun and Kai). Ver.BLACK was held at Roppongi Blue Theatre during March 8 to 12, 2017. Ver.WHITE was shown at Hakuhinkan Theatre during March 17 to 26, 2017.[11]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage: Lunatic Party[edit]

2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage: Lunatic Party (Japanese: 2.5次元ダンスライブ「ツキウタ。」ステージ 第4幕『Lunatic Party』, 2.5-jigen Dansu Raibu "Tsukiuta". Suteeji Dai-4-maku "Lunatic Party") is the upcoming 4th instalment of the Tsukiuta. stage play series. It is scheduled to be held at Roppongi Blue Theatre from October 11 to 15. Arata Uduki's actor will be replaced by Ryouhei Takanaka.[12]


The initial cast, along with the staff, venue and performance dates, was announced by Animate.[13]

Six Gravity Procellarum
  • Hajime Mutsuki – Kentaro Menjo
  • Haru Yayoi – Hiroki Nakada
  • Arata Uduki – Taiki Yamazaki, Ryouhei Takanaka
  • Aoi Satsuki – Tatsukin Jonin
  • Kakeru Shiwasu – Ryuu Kiyama
  • Koi Kisaragi – Lui Tokoo
  • Shun Shimotsuki – Yuuki Tomotsune
  • Kai Fuduki – Kazumi Doi
  • You Haduki – Shuto Washio
  • Yoru Nagatsuki – Yoshiki Tani
  • Rui Minaduki – Yuusaku Sato
  • Iku Kannaduki – Tsubasa Sasa



There are currently two mobile applications for Tsukiuta. – Tsukino Park, an application featuring mini games and media release information; and Tsukino Paradise (Tsukipara.), a rhythm game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Both mobile games also feature characters from the other groups under TsukiPro.[14][15] The two games are available on both iOS and Android.

PS Vita[edit]

A PlayStation Vita game titled Tsukitomo. -Tsukiuta. 12 memories- (ツキトモ。-TSUKIUTA.12 memories-) was released on June 1, 2017. Unlike the mobile games, the Vita game solely features the Tsukiuta. groups of Six Gravity and Procellarum.[16] The game was released both as a packaged version and as a digital download, with Animate receiving a limited edition which included physical goods and extra downloadable content.[17]



Solo Singles[edit]
Release date Title Artist
December 7, 2012 聖夜も労働ingなう!(Seiya mo roudou-ing nau!) Kakeru Shiwasu
聖夜もOnline! (Seiya mo Online!) Kurisu Hijiri
January 11, 2013 氷輪紫鬼 (Hyourin Shiki) Hajime Mutsuki
六花撫子 (Rikka nadeshiko) Yuki Hanazono
February 1, 2013 Me-lo-dy Koi Kisaragi
Acacia Ai Kisaragi
March 1, 2013 ウグイス・コード -春告鳥の歌- (Uguisu code -harutsugedori no uta-) Haru Yayoi
春待ち息吹は君恋し (Harumachi ibuki wa kimi koishi) Hina Momosaki
April 5, 2013 桜とともに君だけを。(Sakura to tomo ni kimi dake wo.) Arata Uduki
sing my way Chisa Togawa
May 10, 2013 カルミアと五月雨 (Karumia to samidare) Aoi Satsuki
LOVE FRUIT Yuki Wakaba
June 7, 2013 Rainy moment Rui Minaduki
July 5, 2013 さよなら夢花火 (Sayonara yume hanabi) Kai Fuduki
August 9, 2013 Genau! You Haduki
September 6, 2013 コガネイロ (Koganeiro) Yoru Nagatsuki
October 4, 2013 RUN BOY RUN Iku Kannaduki
November 1, 2013 アイシクル (Icicle) Shun Shimotsuki
January 30, 2015 雨女って言わないで (Ame onna tte iwanaide) Yuno Terase
February 27, 2015 彼は誰の夢 (Kawatare no yume) Mizuki Himekawa
March 27, 2015 招き招かれお祭りモード (Maneki manekare omatsuri mo-do) Matsuri Motomiya
April 24, 2015 こがれびと (Kogarebito) Akane Asagiri
29 Mary 2015 Sugar★Sugar★MAGiC★ Reina Ichisaki
June 26, 2015 流星舞台(Ryusei butai) Tsubaki Tendouin
砂時計とホットミルク (Sunadokei to hot milk) Kakeru Shiwasu
Duty Rui Minaduki
July 31, 2015 Faith and Promise Haru Yayoi
Beast Master Kai Fuduki
August 28, 2015 君、舞い降りる (Kimi, mai oriru) Arata Uduki
El sol Florecer You Haduki
September 18, 2015 ハルカゼとヒバリ (Harukaze to hibari) Aoi Satsuki
夕焼けデイズ (Yuuyake days) Yoru Nagatsuki
October 30, 2015 ラジカル・ラブカル (Rajikaru rabukaru) Koi Kisaragi
Lost My God Iku Kannaduki
November 27, 2015 嗚呼。髪を撫でて、頬を撫でて、

御前を愛してやる。(Aa, kami wo nadete, hoho wo nadete, omae wo aishiteyaru)

Hajime Mutsuki
Monochrome sky Shun Shimotsuki
January 22, 2016 Hee!Hee!Foo!Foo! You Haduki
July 8, 2016 プリズム☆ブレイク (PrismBreak) Kurisu Hijiri
July 15, 2016 はらり (Harari) Yuki Hanazono
July 22, 2016 My Sweet Beloved Ai Kisaragi
July 29, 2016 このこねこのこ (Kono koneko no ko) Hina Momosaki
August 5, 2016 桜通り (Sakura doori) Chisa Togawa
August 12, 2016 wonderful world〜5月病をぶっ飛ばせ!〜 (wonderful world~ gogatsu byou wo buttobase!~) Wakaba Yuki
August 19, 2016 My Longing Yuno Terase
August 26, 2016 夢守唄 (Yume mori uta) Mitsuki Himekawa
September 2, 2016 戯れ囃子に恋い焦がれ (Tawamura hayashi ni koikogare) Matsuri Motomiya
September 9, 2016 セピア -SEPIA- Akane Asagiri
September 16, 2016 Night Before Halloween Reina Ichisaki
September 23, 2016 嘆きの谷のカメーリア (Nageki no tani no camellia) Tsubaki Tendouin
Duet Singles[edit]
Release date Title Artist
December 27, 2013 だってまだまだアバンタイトル (Datte mada mada avant title) Kakeru Shiwasu & Koi Kisaragi
January 26, 2014 恋忘れ草 (Koi wasuregusa) Hajime Mutsuki & Haru Yayoi
February 28, 2014 イノセンシア (Innocencia) Kakeru Shiwasu & Koi Kisaragi
March 28, 2014 ハジマリノハル (Hajimari no haru) Hajime Mutsuki & Haru Yayoi
May 30, 2014 Rainy Day Arata Uduki & Aoi Satsuki
月と、星と、まぼろしと (Tsuki to, hoshi to, maboroshi to)
June 27, 2014 Childish flower Rui Minaduki & Iku Kannaduki
July 25, 2014 君に花 を、君に星を (Kimi ni hana wo, kimi ni hoshi wo) Kai Fuduki & Shun Shimotsuki
August 22, 2014 DA☆KAI You Haduki & Yoru Nagatsuki
September 26, 2014 淡い花 (Awai hana)
October 24, 2014 Sing Together Forever Rui Minaduki & Iku Kannaduki
November 28, 2014 Celestite Kai Fuduki & Shun Shimotsuki
April 10, 2015 ツキウサ。体操 (Tsukiuta. Taisou) Kanade Tsukishiro & Dai Kurotsuki
January 29, 2016 ショコラの魔法 (Chocolate no mahou) Koi Kisaragi & Ai Kisaragi
Yum-Yum!! Love!? Iku Kannaduki & Reina Ichizaki
Unit Singles[edit]
Release date Title Artist
February 27, 2015 GRAVITY! Six Gravity
March 27, 2015 ONE CHANCE? Procellarum
August 26, 2016 GRAVITIC-LOVE/

LOLV -Lots of Love-

Six Gravity



Release date Title Artist
November 14, 2014 はじまりの日 (Hajimari no hi) じょん (John)
February 12, 2016 黒月 (Kutotsuki) Six Gravity
白月 (Shirotsuki) Procellarum
March 11, 2016 花月 (Hanatsuki) Fluna
星月 (Hoshitsuki) Seleas

Drama CDs[edit]

Release date Title Artist
May 10, 2013 ツキウタ。ドラマ!(Tsukiuta. Drama!) Six Gravity
September 6, 2013 ツキウタ。ドラマ!その2 (Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 2)
November 1, 2013 ツキウタ。ドラマ!その3 (Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 3) Procellarum
July 25, 2014 ツキウタ。ドラマ!その4 (Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 4)
魔王様IN通販ワンダーランド (Maou-sama IN tsuhan wonderland)
April 30, 2015 ツキウタ。ドラマ!その5 (Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 5) Six Gravity
July 25, 2015 ツキウタ。ドラマ!その6 (Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 6) Procellarum
February 22, 2016 池袋月猫物語 (Ikebukuro tsukineko monogatari) Six Gravity



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