Chikkun Takkun

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Chikkun Takkun
Written by Shotaro Ishinomori
Published by Gakken
Original run 19821984
Anime television series
Directed by Hayakawa Keizi
Osamu Masami
Produced by Kazuya Maeda
Zinbo Matsue
Kataoka Yoshio
Written by Tokio Tsuchiya
Yu Yamamoto
Music by Anzai Takashi
Studio Studio Pierrot
Original network Fuji Television
Original run April 9, 1984September 28, 1984
Episodes 23
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Chikkun Takkun (チックンタックン?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shotaro Ishinomori. It was adapted into a 23-episode anime television series by Studio Pierrot and aired on Fuji Television from April 9, 1984 to September 28, 1984.[1] The series revolves around an alien duck named Chikkun and his advisor Takkun, trying to stop an alien mad scientist from invading Earth.


Chikkun Duck (チックン・ダック Chikkun Dakku?)
The young prince of R, who has gone to Earth in an attempt to recover the Waruchin, but in the manga, goes to Earth just to explore the planet. He is very curious and childish sometimes.
Takkun Hat (タックン・ハット Takkun Hatto?)
Chikkun's royal advisor, a robotic hat that can pull any item out of himself, like Doraemon. He is very sharp-eyed and a wise scientist, and Chikkun holds high regards for him.
Miko Minamida (南田ミコ?)
A twelve-year-old girl who first met Chikkun, and in the anime, is the leader of the Kyunkyuns. She is friendly and affectionate, but tends to be very serious or tough when in danger. In the manga, she has brown hair in a bob and a headband, but in the anime she has orange hair in dreadlocks and a foxtail headband.
Jitabata Mechaman (ジタバタ・メカマン Jitabata Mekaman?)
Chikkun's royal bodyguard on Planet R. Despite being an enormous, strong robot who can transform into a rocket, he is easygoing and meek.
Dr. Bell (ドクター・ベル Dokutā Beru?)
The ambitious, self-proclaimed "Last Great Villain of Planet R", who stole the Waruchin with the intent to control the whole Earth. Dr. Bell has a bell hanging from the back of his hood, which rings whenever he moves and is likely his namesake. He has a short temper, usually getting irritated or emotional very easily. In the anime, he sometimes ends his sentences with "beru" (bell).
Gijigiji (ギジギジ?)
Dr. Bell's faithful assistant, a robotic spider with great mechanical skill. He is usually quite airheaded and dense, but has a lot of faith in Dr. Bell. In the manga, he is painted black, but is red in the anime and says "giji" at the end of his sentences.
Akira and Futsuko Minamida (南田朗とフツ子 Minamida Akira to Futsuko?)
Miko's parents, both of whom are both kindhearted and let Chikkun stay with them. Akira is an architect, shy but protective of his family, and Futsuko is beautiful and runs the household.
The Kyunkyuns (キュンキュンズ Kyunkyunzu?)
Miko's four friends who help Chikkun, all of whom appear in the anime only. Maki is the oldest in the group, a tomboy. Mukko is the group's bespectacled mechanic. Meko is always relaxed but airheaded. Moko is the youngest of the group, and is usually very sweet but a troublemaker.
No. Menfo (メンフォー号 Menfoo Go?)
Chikkun's spaceship, shaped like an upside-down bowl of noodles.
No. Nemazu (ナマズー号 Nemazu Go?)
Dr. Bell's spaceship, which can turn into a submarine and is equipped with the Namazukko Shuttle, a miniature, removable ship. The whole ship is shaped like a bright red catfish.
Waruchin Encyclopedia (ワルチン大事典 Waruchin Daijiten?)
A book which has had all of the evil on the Planet R confined to it, according to Chikkun's father, the King. The book can talk for itself when connected to a computer and is capable of making anything happen.



Briefly titled Chikkun's Grand Adventures, the story revolves around a girl named Miko meeting Chikkun, who crash-landed near her house. Dr. Bell and Giji-Giji crashed on Earth not too far away and set about trying to enslave the planet, but are easily deterred by Chikkun and Takkun. The manga ran in several different magazines from 1982 to 1984, but Ishinomori ended the series as soon as the anime was put in progress.


Chikkun, Prince of Planet R, goes to Earth with his advisor and bodyguard robot in search of the Waruchin Encyclopedia . The book, when connected to a computer system, is capable of making anything possible. Chikkun lands on earth and falls in love with a girl named Miko, who is the leader of a group of girls called the Kyunkyuns, who befriend him immediately. At the same time, the original thieves of the Waruchin, Dr. Bell and his assistant Giji-Giji, are on Earth and attempting to take over the planet with the Waruchin. Miko, her family, and the Kyunkyuns join together to repeatedly stop Dr. Bell.


  1. The Spring Breeze Rides In On A Gag: Our Alien Arrival (春風はギャグに乗り おさわが星人ご到着)
  2. Appear! Jump! Flower Kyun Attack!! (みせます!跳びます!花キュンアタック!!)
  3. Super Angry Mom! Ikebana Major Panic! (スーパーママ怒る! 生け花大パニック!!)
  4. Girl On The Phone!? Battle of the Telephone Book Invitation(電話からギャル!? お誘いテレホン大作戦)
  5. The Revenge of Dr. Bell! The Roaring Rock Saw (Dr.ベルの大逆襲!ノコギリ岩にほえる)
  6. Fantastic Voyage! Dondemo Great Race (ミクロの決死圏! とんでも大レース)
  7. First Love Disappeared in the Night Fog? It's Not A Sad Dream!! (夜霧にきえた初恋? 泣かせる夢じゃん!!)
  8. Messengers From Space! Am I Really Pretty? (宇宙からの使者! あたし本当にきれい?)
  9. Video Surprise! Ojama Monster Rampage (ビデオびっくり!おじゃま怪獣大あばれ)
  10. Watch Out Miko: Panic Coaster (ミコちゃんあやうし パニックコースター)
  11. Isn't It Amazing! Terrifying Squeaking Flowers (スゴ〜イですね! 恐怖のチューチュー花)
  12. The Awful Guy From Outer Space (宇宙から来たイヤ〜なやつ)
  13. Let It Fly! Hachamecha Auto Racing (ブッ飛ばせ! ハチャメチャ自動車レース)
  14. Primeval Dinosaur VS Don Frilled Lizard (原始恐竜VSエリマキトカゲドン)
  15. A Dabble In Sweets! (甘い物に手を出すな!)
  16. Waruchin Land of Hell (地獄のワルチンランド)
  17. I Can Laugh Too: Mayhem (笑っていいとも 大騒動)
  18. Startling!! Ghoul Army (どっきり!! オバケ軍団)
  19. Thief Moon River Appearance (怪盗ムーンリバー登場)
  20. Great Race to the Other Side of the World (地球の裏まで大レース)
  21. First Love Was A Terrible Person (初恋のかれはヒドイ人)
  22. I Didn't Cause This!? A Baby (誘かいされた!? 赤ン坊)
  23. Waruchin The Endurance (ワルチン・ザ・ガマン)


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