Turkish Archery Federation

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Turkish Archery Federation
Türkiye Okçuluk Federasyonu
Sport Archery
Abbreviation (TOF)
Founded May 8, 1961
Affiliation World Archery Federation (WAF)
Affiliation date 1955
Regional affiliation European and Mediterranean Archery Union (EMAU)
Location Ankara, Turkey
President Abdullah Topaloğlu
Secretary A. Sirer Aydın
Official website

Turkish Archery Federation (Turkish: Türkiye Okçuluk Federasyonu, TOF) is the governing body of the archery sport in Turkey. It was founded in 1961. The Turkish organization is member of the European and Mediterranean Archery Union (EMAU) and the World Archery Federation (WAF). The TOF is based in Ankara and its current chairman is Abdullah Topaloğlu, who serves his second term elected in 2012.

The Turkish Archery Federation organizes archery outdoor, field and indoor competitions at national, European and World level in recurve and compound categories for men and women of senior, masters, juniors and cadets classes As of 2012, there are 969 licensed archers in Turkey.[1]


Modern archery sport in Turkey began in 1937 with the establishment of a club in Istanbul spezialized in this branch. Archery was governed by the governmental Directorate General of Physical Education until its detachment and integration into the Turkish Shooting Federation in 1953. On May 8, 1961, archery activities were formed in an independent organization. In 1981, archery was subordinated under the shooting again, however that lasted only one year.[1][2][3][4]

The Turkish Archery Federation became in 1955 as the 16th member of the International Archery Federation (FITA).[1]

On May 31, 2006, the federation gained its complete administrative and financial independence.[1]

International events[edit]


  • 9th World Indoor Target Championships & 4th World Junior Indoor Championships - March, 13-17, Izmir[6]
  • European Grand Prix (2nd leg) / Archery World Cup (Stage 3) - May 29-June 2, Antalya[6]
  • Archery at the Black Sea Games- July 2–8, Trabzon
  • European Grand Prix (2nd leg) / World Cup (Stage 3) - May 27–31, Antalya[7]
  • 10th World Junior Outdoor Target Championships & 4th World Cadet Outdoor Target Championships - October, 6-11, Antalya[7]
  • European Grand Prix (3rd leg) & FITA World Cup (Stage 3) - June 2–7, Antalya[8]
  • World Cup (Stage 2) - June 6–12, Antalya[9]
  • European Club Teams Cup - October, 1-3, İzmir[9]

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