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USS Haven (AH-12), an example of a Type C4 ship, seen here in 1954.
Class overview
Operators: United States Maritime Commission (MARCOM)
Preceded by: Type C3 class ship
Subclasses: Six
Completed: 75
General characteristics
  • C4-S-A1 troop transport (30 built)
  • C4-S-A3 troop transport (15 built)
  • C4-S-A4 cargo ship (10 built)
  • C4-S-B1 tank carrier (one built)
  • C4-S-B 2 troop transport/hospital ship (14 built)
  • C4-S-B5 cargo/troop transport (five built)
  • 12,420 gross tons (A1-A4)
  • 11,757 gross tons (B1-B5)
  • 523 ft (159 m)(A1-A4)
  • 520 ft (160 m) (B1-B5)
Beam: 71.6 ft (21.8 m)
  • 29 ft (8.8 m) (A1-A4)
  • 30 ft (9.1 m) (B1-B5)
  • Steam turbine
  • 9,900 shp
Speed: 17 knots
  • 12,000 miles (A1-A4)
  • 14,000 miles (B1-B5)
Complement: Varied by design type

The Type C4 class ship were the largest cargo ships built by the United States Maritime Commission (MARCOM) during World War II. The design was originally developed for the American-Hawaiian Lines in 1941, but in late 1941 the plans were taken over by the MARCOM.

Seventy-five ships were built as cargo and troopships in three shipyards: Kaiser Richmond, CA (35 ships), Kaiser Vancouver, WA (20 ships) and Sun SB & DD in Chester PA (20 ships).

All ships were capable of 17 knots, driven by a single screw steam turbine generating 9,900 shp.

Among the variations of the design were the Haven class hospital ship.

They were followed post-war by thirty-seven of the larger C4-S-1 class, also known as the Mariner class.[1]

List of Type C4 class ships[edit]

General series[edit]

Marine series[edit]

  • USNS Marine Adder (T-AP-193)
  • SS Marine Angel
  • SS Marine Arrow
  • SS Marine Cardinal
  • USNS Marine Carp (T‑AP‑199)
  • SS Marine Devil
  • SS Marine Dragon
  • SS Marine Eagle (acquired by the U.S. Army and renamed Private Leonard C. Brostrom)
  • SS Marine Falcon
  • USNS Marine Fiddler (T-AK-267)
  • SS Marine Flasher
  • SS Marine Flier
  • SS Marine Fox
  • SS Marine Jumper
  • SS Marine Leopard
  • USNS Marine Lynx (T-AP-194)
  • SS Marine Marlin
  • SS Marine Panther
  • SS Marine Perch
  • USNS Marine Phoenix (T-AP-195)
  • SS Marine Raven
  • SS Marine Robin
  • SS Marine Runner
  • USNS Marine Serpent (T-AP-202)
  • SS Marine Shark
  • SS Marine Snapper
  • SS Marine Star
  • SS Marine Swallow
  • SS Marine Tiger
  • SS Marine Wolf

Mount series[edit]

  • SS Mount Davis
  • SS Mount Greylock
  • SS Mount Mansfield
  • SS Mount Rogers
  • SS Mount Whitney

Named after a person[edit]

  • SS Scott E. Land
  • SS Willis Vickery
  • SS Louis McH. Howe
  • SS Ernie Pyle

Hospital ships[edit]

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