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UBC Exchange
A 99 B-Line bus in the former UBC Loop
Location University Endowment Lands
British Columbia, Canada
Coordinates 49°16′6″N 123°14′52″W / 49.26833°N 123.24778°W / 49.26833; -123.24778Coordinates: 49°16′6″N 123°14′52″W / 49.26833°N 123.24778°W / 49.26833; -123.24778
Operated by TransLink
Bus routes 16
Bus stands 16
Bus operators Coast Mountain Bus Company
Connections Translinkbus.svg 99 B-Line
Other information
Fare zone 1
Opened September 1945
Rebuilt 1988, 2003, 2017
Previous names UBC Loop

UBC Exchange (formerly and commonly known as UBC Loop) is a major public transit exchange point in the University Endowment Lands adjacent to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The first major bus loop located at the University of British Columbia (UBC) opened in September 1945 to serve students, staff, and faculty.[1]

Structure and location[edit]

On September 5, 1988, trolley wires were extended to the loop providing the University with trolley bus service for the first time.[2]

Since 2003, the campus has been served by two temporary loops used by TransLink services travelling to and from UBC: the south loop (used mainly for trolley buses) and the north loop. These temporary loops replaced the old bus loop to make room for a proposed new underground bus loop that was ultimately never built.

The new underground bus loop was slated to be built beside the Student Union Building, on the site of a small mound called the "Grassy Knoll", which was set to be removed to make way for the new loop. This plan was unpopular with a number of UBC students. Several students were arrested after a protest in support of the knoll was shut down by the police in April 2008.[citation needed]

On October 27, 2009, the University announced in an open letter that, because Translink was no longer committing $10 million toward the $50 million underground loop project, a surface loop would be built instead.[3]

On July 9, 2014, it was announced that due to construction of the new UBC Aquatic Centre starting on MacInnes Field, pedestrian and cyclist access to the bus loop would be restricted, and several stops would be temporarily moved. It is estimated the construction will be completed in 2016.[4]

As of March 6, 2017, all diesel bus stops in the former north loop have been relocated to Wesbrook Mall due to the construction of the new UBC Exchange. Construction is expected to be completed by September 2019.[5]


The following routes terminate at UBC Exchange.[6] Routes highlighted in green are express/limited-stop.

North bus loop[edit]

Due to construction adjacent to the bus loop, assignments have been shifted, and some bays moved onto Wesbrook Mall.

(adjacent to Wesbrook Mall, north of University Blvd)

Bay Route Destination Notes
1a 480 Bridgeport Station
2 44 Downtown
Waterfront Station
  • Limited stops between UBC and Burrard & 2nd Ave
  • Weekdays only, final departure at 7:45pm
  • Service to Waterfront Station
3 84 VCC–Clark Station
  • Limited stops between UBC and 4th Ave & Fir
4 Unloading only
  • Layover area
6 99 B-Line Commercial–Broadway Station
  • Frequent service during the rush hours
  • Some trips continue to Boundary & 1st Ave
7 49 Metrotown Station
  • All weekday peak and half of the weekday daytime trips serve UBC (early morning, late night, and weekend trips terminate at Dunbar Loop)
8 43 Joyce Station
  • Weekdays only, final departure at 7:32pm
9 41 Joyce Station
  • All weekday daytime trips serve UBC; most early morning, evening and weekend trips short turn at 41st & Crown
10 33 29th Avenue Station
11 25 Brentwood Station
  • Late night trips short turn at King Edward & Granville
15 C18 West Mall
C20 Marine Drive
  • via Totem Park

South bus loop[edit]

(on University Blvd, west of Wesbrook Mall)

Bay Route Destination Notes
10 4 Powell
Eton & Renfrew
  • Evening trips to Cambie & Hastings only
  • Early morning trips to/from Blanca Loop
11 14 Hastings
12 9 Boundary
Boundary Loop
Commercial–Broadway Station
  • Weekday peak hours only
  • Operates only when UBC is in winter session (Sep–Apr)
N17 Downtown
Howe & Dunsmuir
  • NightBus service
13 258 West Vancouver
Marine & 25th St
  • Weekday PM peak only – limited number of departures, final departure at 5:08pm
  • Operates only while UBC is in winter session (Sep–Apr)

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