Ulla Jürß

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Ulla Erna Frieda Jürß (born 2 August 1923) was a female Nazi and a concentration camp guard.[1] It is unclear in her file when Jürß became a camp guard (estimated between 1942 and 1944).

Jürß was born in Rabenhorst, Germany. She went to Ravensbrück concentration camp where she was trained as an Aufseherin and served in several capacities. She was later promoted to the rank of Blockführerin, and had over 600 women under her control. She was reportedly a brutal block overseer in the camp. In October 1944 she was relieved from duty and went back home.

She was not tracked down until 1966, and until then, lived quietly in East Germany. That year a court brought charges against her for war crimes. An East German court found her guilty and sentenced her to life imprisonment. Jürß was released in May 1991.[2] It is not known whether she is still alive.[3]