Ljubljana Botanical Garden

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University of Ljubljana Botanical Garden
Botanični vrt Univerze v Ljubljani
Ljubljana Botanic Garden - plant system.JPG
Beds with an overview of the plant system
Type Botanical garden
Location Ljubljana, Slovenia
Coordinates 46°02′26″N 14°30′52″E / 46.0405°N 14.5145°E / 46.0405; 14.5145Coordinates: 46°02′26″N 14°30′52″E / 46.0405°N 14.5145°E / 46.0405; 14.5145
Area 2 ha (4.9 acres)
Created 1810
Operated by University of Ljubljana, Biotehnical faculty
Open all year
Website www.botanic-gardens-ljubljana.com

The Ljubljana Botanical Garden (Slovene: Ljubljanski botanični vrt), officially the University of Ljubljana Botanical Garden (Botanični vrt Univerze v Ljubljani), is the central Slovenian botanical garden, the oldest botanical garden in Southeastern Europe,[1] and one of the oldest cultural, scientific, and educational organisations in Slovenia.[2] Its headquarters are located in the Rudnik District of Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, at Ig Street (Ižanska cesta) along the Gruber Canal to the southeast of Castle Hill.[2] The garden started operating under the leadership of Franc Hladnik in 1810, when Ljubljana was the capital of the Illyrian Provinces.[2] It is thus an averagely old European botanical garden.[2] The institution is a member of the international network Botanic Gardens Conservation International and cooperates with more than 270 botanical gardens all across the world.[3] Of over 4,500 plant species and subspecies that grow on 2 hectares (4.9 acres), roughly a third is endemic to Slovenia, whereas the rest originate from other European places and other continents.[2]


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