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Roy/SAC a.k.a Carsten
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WResBlk.png Wikipedia Resources
   A collection of Wikipedia resources for   
   Wikipedia newbies and veterans alike.   

About this Wikipedian[edit]

and also my Wikipedia edit counts via the "Wannabe Kate" edit counter tool.
Roy was my "handle", but I am better known in "the scene" as Roy/SAC, because of my ASCII and ANSI text art work.
The BBS had at the end 5 nodes (4x ISDN + 1x 28.8kbit modem) and was running on OS/2 and PCBoard.
  • I have a site dedicated to ANSI and ASCII art at [2], which also double-functions as SAC homepage since 2007.
I also learned Turbo Pascal, COBOL, Foxpro, Visual Basic, T-SQL, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PPL and ABAP/4.
Check it out and let me know what you think about it, if you are interested. Any feedback is appreciated.

Additional user pages of mine, which you might find useful or interesting

  • About me - More details about me and what I do plus some personal resources.
  • My Wikipedia Resources - Wikipedia resources just for me. My sandbox so to speak.
Are you tired of seeing spam in Wikipedia? You can do something to help reducing it, visit the WikiProject Spam and learn how you can help to clean spam from Wikipedia.

The Rule That Rules Them All[edit]

Quote from WP:DGFA.

Wiki letter w.svg

My Wikipedia Activities[edit]

I have my editor account at Wikipedia since 12/31/2005. See "How Did I Become a Wikipedian".

For my contributions to Wikipedia from 12/31/2005 to today, see my edit counts via Kate's Wanna-Be Edit Counter.

Other Edit Count Tools
You can also use Lupin's Edit Counter (JS), but also the still available User Contibutions Page gives you some ideas about my activities here at Wikipedia.
I opt-in to User:Interiot's EditCounter. You should be able to get my counts here now. My Edit Counts!

Spamda Approval Request 4/28/2007


Ideas and Plans[edit]

General Plans


Planned New Articles and Article Rewrites

  • Affiliate Tip - affiliate marketing news source (also Google News source)
  • CPA network general information that describe what CPA networks are
  • - warez scene archive (no article at Wikipedia yet)
  • DEViANCE - warez group
  • e-Consultancy - Benchmarking, case studies and research in internet marketing (UK)
  • eTail - e-Retailing industry tradeshow
  • Internet Retailer - print publication of the internet marketing/e-Retailing industry. Organizer of the Internet Retailer trade show and publisher of the top 500 guide, which includes the top 500 US e-Tailers and some information about each company.
  • Marketing Sherpa - Benchmarking, case studies and research in internet marketing (US)
  • Opt-in email list info what that is
  • Registration path dto.
  • Revenue Magazine - print publication of the affiliate marketing industry
  • Reve News - affiliate marketing news source (Me just creating an article for RN would qualify as WP:COI on my part. I need to seek help from other editors or assist anybody who decides to create an article for this.)
  • Tradedoubler Affiliate Network (UK, one of the/or the biggest in Europe)
  • Zanox Affiliate Network (German), one of the biggest in Europe, since 2006 also in the US)
  • Product Data Feed for affiliates
  • Web Services API in Affiliate Marketing

Planned Article Updates

  • nofollow article - add use of nofollow for control of PR flow within your own website

User Templates
  • ASCII artist, ANSI artist
  • BBS sysop
  • Demoscener
  • IBM OS/2 and OS/2 Warp
  • Internet marketer
  • Pixel artist
  • Windows 2003 users (server)


Ideas and Plans

Articles I contributed to[edit]

The list is not a complete list of articles, which I edited. I edited a lot more, but those articles have more or less my attention.
The articles I am very strongly focused on are in bold font
The articles I edited and WP:COI applies are in itallic font

Special Contributions[edit]

Featured Articles
  1. Search Engine Optimization
My Contributions: I provided some minor content, helped with cleaning up the article and contributed to the discussion about the content of the article. I was researching resources and helped the main contributing editor User:Jehochman to get the article finalized for the "featured article" nomination. I also contributed to the discussion for the nomination. The article was promoted to featured on June 1, 2007.
Good Articles
  1. nofollow
My Contributions: I provided a considerable amount of content to the article between May 30, 2007 and December 17, 2007, when the article earned the status (about 30%, based on Wiki Dashboard as of 12-2007). I also nominated the article for the status of Good Article and supported the reviewing editor by implementing recommended changes to the article to improve it. I also have to thank User:BozMo for his substantial contribution to the article.
  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. ASCII art
  3. PCBoard

Non-Marketing Related Articles[edit]

  1. Amiexpress
  2. ANSI art
  3. Bulletin board system
  4. Cirque du Soleil
  5. Computer art scene
  6. deviantART
  7. East German mark
  8. GMPG Global Multimedia Protocols Group
  9. Le Rêve (show)
  10. List of text editors
  11. Lucky Luke
  12. Superior Art Creations
  13. United States Permanent Resident Card
  14. XING

Marketing Related Articles[edit]

  1. Ad:tech
  2. Advaliant
  3. Affiliate
  4. Affiliate Manager
  5. Affiliate programs directories
  6. Affiliate Summit
  7. Commission Junction
  8. Google Affiliate Network
  9. Internet marketing
  10. Jeremy Zawodny
  11. Landing page
  12. MediaTrust
  13. Meta element
  14. Online advertising
  15. Online marketing (merged -> Internet marketing)
  16. PrimeQ (speedy deleted on March 1, 2008)
  17. Search Engine Marketing
  18. Shareasale
  1. see Category:Internet advertising and promotion

Started by me[edit]

Other Articles[edit]

  1. Chemical Reaction (artscene group)
  2. Computer Geeks
  3. List of notable BBSes
  4. SyncTERM (merged -> Synchronet)
  5. Tetradraw
  6. TheDraw
  7. TundraDraw
  8. VT500

Articles about marketing[edit]

  1. Affiliate Networks
  2. Bruce Clay
  3. Code of Conduct (affiliate marketing)
  4. Compensation methods
  5. eComXpo
  6. Frank Fiore
  7. Geo targeting
  8. Linkshare
  9. Performics
  10. PubCon
  11. Search engine strategies
  12. Shopping directory


  1. Category:Internet advertising services and affiliate networks*
  2. Category:Affiliate marketing
  3. Category:Compensation
  4. Category:Internet marketing trade shows
  5. Category:Pay per click search engines
  6. Category:Wikipedians who use Picasa

* renamed in March, 2008, originally: "Category:Advertising and Affiliate Networks"


Wikipedia Templates
  1. Template:Internet Marketing
  2. Template:UserTalkArchive
User Templates
  1. User:Cumbrowski/Usertemplate/blogger
  2. User:Cumbrowski/Usertemplates/Deleted Template
  3. User:Cumbrowski/Usertemplates/Facebook
  4. User:Cumbrowski/Usertemplates/libertarian anarchist
  5. User:UBX/Picasa
  6. User:Cumbrowski/usertalkarchivenav
  7. User:Cumbrowski/Usertemplates/website

Wikipedia Images Contributions[edit]

For articles - Fair Use[edit]

  1. Image:Advaliant.jpg
  2. Image:affiliatesummitlogo212x110.jpg
  3. Image:Affmktwikipedia.jpg (repl w diff img) for Affiliate marketing
  4. Image:Clickbooth.png (repl w diff img) for Clickbooth
  5. Image:Commissionjunction.png
  6. Image:CRO-logo-by-fli7e.jpg
  7. Image:CRO-logo-by-msx.jpg
  8. Image:CRo_Logo_WWW.jpg
  9. Image:Ecomexpo sem floor full.jpg
  10. Image:ecomm_logo_450x164.jpg
  11. Image:Geekslogo.png
  12. Image:Htmlkitlogo.gif (repl w diff img) for HTML-Kit
  13. Image:Lereve-logo..jpg
  14. Image:Linkshare.png
  15. Image:Paidonresultsgradient.jpg (del article)
  16. Image:MediatrustLogo.jpg (repl w diff img) for MediaTrust
  17. Image:pcboard300xXXX.jpg
  18. Image:Performics.png (upd in 01/2009) for Performics
  19. Image:Searchenginestrategies.png
  20. Image:Shareasale.png
  21. Image:Tetradrawlogo.png
  22. Image:Thedrawlogo.jpg
  23. Image:Tundradrawlogo.png
  24. Image:Webmasterworld.png
  25. Image:Xing_openbc_logo.png

For articles - Public Domain[edit]

  1. Image:Affmktillus.jpg
  2. Image:ASCII_notepad_acidview_compare.png
  3. Image:Ccu_wiki_heatmap.jpg
  4. Image:DDR_Mark_Rueckseite_1Mark.jpg
  5. Image:DDR_Mark_Rueckseite_1Pfennig_kl.jpg
  6. Image:DDR_Mark_Rueckseite_2Mark.jpg
  7. Image:DDR_Mark_Rueckseite_5Pfennig_kl.jpg
  8. Image:DDR_Mark_Rueckseite_10Pfennig_kl.jpg
  9. Image:DDR_Mark_Rueckseite_20Pfennig_kl.jpg
  10. Image:DDR_Mark_Rueckseite_50Pfennig_kl.jpg
  11. Image:DDR_Mark_Vorderseite_1Mark_kl.jpg
  12. Image:DDR_Mark_Vorderseite_1Pfennig_kl.jpg
  13. Image:DDR_Mark_Vorderseite_5Pfennig_kl.jpg
  14. Image:DDR_Mark_Vorderseite_10Pfennig_kl.jpg
  15. Image:DDR_Mark_Vorderseite_20Pfennig_kl.jpg
  16. Image:DDR_Mark_Vorderseite_50Pfennig_kl.jpg
  17. Image:Paso-IceCream-AmigaVsPC.png
  18. Image:Roy-csnewskool.png
  19. Image:Roy_dtc_ascii.png
  20. Image:Roy_nrg_vga.png
  21. Image:Roy_sky_ansi.png

For user space - Public Domain[edit]

  1. Image:2005_Carsten_Collage.gif
  2. Image:Gpfake45x45.png
  3. Image:LibertarianAnarchism43x43.png
  4. image:p45x45.jpg
  5. Image:Roy SAC banner.png
  6. Image:Stop45x45.gif
  7. image:Wiki-talkarchivescrshot.jpg
  8. Image:WikiTemplateBg.gif
  9. image:WResBlk.png

Other Wikipedia Stuff[edit]

Wiki Conflicts[edit]

Wikipedia Votes[edit]

Here is a deletion frenzy going on and I can not keep my list updated. I also don't want to, because I don't want my userpage turn into a "link farm" plastered with links to valuable articles that are being threatened to be deleted into oblivion.

Wikipedia Discussions[edit]

Media Activities[edit]

Posts 2006[edit]

Posts 2007[edit]


Posts where I commented on

Wikipedia Notability[edit]

Wikipedia Notability

While a lot of Guides that are relevant for the AfD can be applied with objectivity, does the main guide WP:N (Notability) is subjective by it's very nature.

What is notable? and notable to whom? What is an objective and measurable threshold that eventually defines, if something or someone is notable or not? How many people know about it? How many people it affected directly? or indirectly?

Millions of people know about who this years "American Idol" is, but how many people are really affected by it? What qualifies as "affected"? Watching it on TV? Very few (several 10,000 probably, may be more) know about the elementary school I went to for 10 years, which was build in the early seventies and was closed and demolished just a few years ago. What's left is an empty spot, a meadow, which has been at the same spot before it was built. How about individuals or small groups of people that are active outside the publics eye (on purpose) that cause the change of history (for the good or the bad). Only very few know, only a few are affected directly, but millions or billions are affected indirectly.

One might argue that notability is already giving if one person takes the time to collect details and references to events and starts writing an article at Wikipedia about it. For others is it necessary that it was mentioned in one of a few major newspapers to become notable. Either is okay, depending on the definition what Wikipedia is.

The first argument is the one that is right, if Wikipedia is about all human knowledge, then the simple fact that something is or was is enough to be notable. There you have to separate only between two types of articles, 1. referrenced to allow an outsider to verify it and 2. not referrenced and not verifiable = speculation / theory. Should 2. be excluded? Of course not. Do you know how many "facts" that are general accepted as such are in reality only speculations and theory? More or less probable, but that does not make a theory to a fact.

The second argument is correct, if Wikipedia is about general human knowledge that was confirmed by todays official acknowledged authorities or past authorities that are acknowledged by today's authorities.

That is a choice that can be made.

A Practical Note

If an article makes no claims (except for its existence, which can be proofen with a single link if it is about a website) and is not promotional, why not keep it? It is already a good start to build upon. Deleting it will only change one thing. The next editor who starts it (and there will be one) has to start from scratch again and do the same stuff that was already done before once more.

Notability is subjective (unfortunately), if you boil it down to its smallest components.

My Subjective Point of View

I for my part consider everything that a GROUP of people cares about as notable, even if I am not part of that group.

The things you can find in Wikipedia and not in the mainstream encyclopedias is what makes me appreciate Wikipedia and is direct cause why I started editing it. I don't come to Wikipedia to learn about Britney Spears. I come for the stuff you have to scrape off the supplemental results of Google, the WayBackMachine or I know that it exists but can't find it anywhere on the Internet, because it is either buried somewhere, not indexed by search engines or was never converted into digital format.

The more I use Wikipedia the more I regret how careless I was with original sources of things that were readily available at the time and now lost in time or stashed away by somebody who does not care or know about it.

Did I mention that I am what is called an "Inclusionist"? ;-)

Image Licencing[edit]

All my Text Art Images which I already uploaded to Wikipedia are flagged as PD, but I went beyond that and released my complete work as Text Artist and my few Scene Art Pixel Graphics into the Public Domain. See Details here.

You can release your images into public domain as well. Simply add the {{PD-self|date=December 2005}} Template to your image that you uploaded to Wikipedia or grab the HTML Code generated by the Template below and add it to the Page with your Image on your Website.

Wiki letter w.svg

Wiki Links, Help, Tutorials and Guides[edit]

I moved this section of my userpage to its own page for easier reference. You can find the resources at its new location at User:Cumbrowski/WikiResources.


User Templates @ My User Space[edit]

Content Moved. Please See User:Cumbrowski/Userboxes

User Talk Page Archiving Solution[edit]

Screen shot of the template look and feel at an user talk archive page (reduced in size, watermarked and links highlighted)

There exist a bunch of solutions for archiving talk pages. You can find the official Wikipedia guide to this subject here.

The solution based on the templates {{archive box}} and {{atnhead}} or {{talkarchivenav}} are nice, but generic to fit all types of talk pages. As a compromise were some good features and options excluded. For that reason did I create a custom version of the {{atnhead}} and {{talkarchivenav}} templates at my user space, which you can find at Template:UserTalkArchive. To see the template in action see User_talk:Cumbrowski/Archive 5. It has a documentation how to install the template properly. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve it, let me know.

Main features and improvements
  • Setup guide provided, which is easy to understand and simple to follow
  • Automatic check. Shows link to next archive page only, if it exists (supports 41 100 archive pages)
  • Improved layout and images added to better highlight the important things and improve look and feel
  • Adds at the end of each archive page automatically the Wikipedia user page template
  • Links to user page and current user talk page added
  • "Do not edit this page" statement highlighted (bold and red)
  • Shows additional list with all existing archive pages and links to them (also max. 100 pages)

User Talk Archiving Primer[edit]

  1. Create a new User Talk Page with the suffix "/Archive 1". A link to the archive page would look like this: 1
  2. It will say that the page does not exist yet. Go and press edit.
  3. Add at the top the following code. {{Template:UserTalkArchive}}
  4. Open your default talk page at and press edit.
  5. Select everything you want to archive and cut it out of the page ("Ctrl-X")
  6. Paste the content into the new talk page after the {{Template:UserTalkArchive}} template
  7. Add a link on your standard talk page to the Archive page {{UserTalkArchiveBox|auto=long}} *
    * You can also use {{UserTalkArchiveBox|auto=yes}} instead to make the linke to the archive pages on your main talk page exclude the word "Archive" within "Archive X" in the anchor text to only show "X" instead.
  8. Save the standard talk page and you are done

  • The next archive pages would work the same, just call them .../Archive 2 ..../Archive 3 etc.
  • The {{Template:UserTalkArchive}} template is a modified version of the {{atnhead}} template and adds the little box to the archive which you can see here User_talk:Cumbrowski/Archive 1. It creates a link to your current talk page automatically (that's why the specific name .../Archive X). It also adds a little navigation to the previous and next archive page. In addition to that (my custom part) does it add a reference to your user page and shows your name (that it is your user talk archive) and the {{userpage}} at the bottom. I also changed the font sizes and colors to emphasis the important parts.
  • The {{UserTalkArchiveBox|auto=long}} on your main user talk page creates a little "Archive" box with links to all your archive pages automatically. You don't have to change that one anymore. It automatically detects, if new archive pages were created.

Note for myself
Development version of template moved from User:Cumbrowski/usertalkarchivenav to Wikipedia main template space at Template:UserTalkArchive on December 23, 2007.
Template:UserTalkArchiveBox created, based on template:archive box collapsible on January 20, 2008 for layout reasons
Template:UserTalkArchiveListLong created, based on template:archive list long on January 20, 2008 for layout reasons and to support 100 archive pages (instead of 32)

Wiki letter w.svg

Who is Carsten expressed in User Boxes/Templates[edit]

Just so that you know who you are dealing with ;)


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This user is a blogger at
Roy/SAC Text Art
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Search Engine Journal
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Reve News
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signing off ... Roy/SAC