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Inland lighthouses[edit]

This is a list of inland lighthouses in the United States. The United States has approximately seven lighthouses that are inland. The inland lighthouses in the United States have generally been built to mock their coastal counterparts.


Lighthouse name State Nearest town Location Type Description Photo
Chickasawhay River Lighthouse Mississippi Leaksville Built between 1840 and 1850 as a general mercantile store and working lighthouse for riverboat traffic on the Chickasawhay River.[1]
Providence Lighthouse Utah Cedar City A mock lighthouse built in the 1990s, the structure is ninety feet tall and at a 5,236 foot elevation it is the tallest inland lighthouse.[2]
Shoal Point Lighthouse New York Located on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks, this light was built in the 1890s and restored in 2001.[3]
Cooperstown Marina Lighthouse New York Cooperstown Located on Otsego Lake, this light was built in 1955.

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Members of the Nebraska Territory House of Representatives (may be incomplete)[4]
Name Dates of service Occupation Representing Notes
John Boulware 1855
Leavitt L. Bowen 1855
James Harvey Cowles 1855
J. Sterling Morton 1855-57
Hascall C. Purple 1855
Allen A. Bradford 1856-57
Alonzo E. Salisbury 1856
Joshua G. Abbe 1857
Edwin A. Allen 1857
William Conner 1857
Paris G. Cooper 1857-58
Henry Clinton Cowles 1857
William G. Crawford 1857
John Finney 1857
Alfred W. Puett 1857
John A. Steinberger 1857-58
J. S. Stewartv 1857
James A. Stewart 1857
Hiram Pitt Bennet 1858
Clinton Briggs 1858
Samuel G. Daily 1858
Robert W. Steele 1858
James Stewart 1858
John Taffe 1858-59
William J. Young 1858
Truman H. Adams 1859
John S. Bowen 1859-61
John N. Stephenson 1859
James A. Stewart 1859
Asa M. Acton 1860
Matthew S. Cotterill 1860
Charles H. Cowles 1860
Frederick A. P. Hedde 1860
William F. Lockwood 1860
Samuel A. Lowe 1860
Henry B. Porter 1860-61
Jacob Sollenberger 1860
Edwin A. Allen 1861
David C. Butler 1861
John S. Ewing 1861
M. W. Breman 1864
Joseph Dash 1864
John Evans 1864
George Faulkner 1864
Isaac E. Heaton 1864
Frederick A. P. Hedde 1864
Robert Hoback 1864
Lorenzo Hobbs 1864
Nathan S. Porter 1864-65
Charles M. Conoyer 1865
William H. Ely 1865
Elias L. Emry 1865
Frederick Evans 1865
William N. McCandlish 1865
George Washington Fairbrother 1866
John Jay Hart 1866
Luther J. Abbott 1867
George N. Crawford 1867
Augustus Ford Harvey 1867
Charles F. Haywood 1867
Harvey Link 1867

This is a list of the youngest mayors in the United States. This list is inclusive of individuals nearest to the age of majority at the time of their election; usually under the age of 25. The people listed here are notable because of the rarity of their age category holding elected office of any type, particularly mayoralships. This list also includes young mayors who have led significant or noteworthy terms.

Youngest mayors[edit]

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Name Locale State Birth date Age at election Population (As of 2000) Term Notes
Jeremy Wilson Blossom, Texas Texas 1986 24 1,487 2010–present Youngest mayor in Blossom, and Texas history [5]
Jonathan Wallace Coe Township, Port Byron, IL IL 1990 19 1,500 2009–present Youngest township trustee in history. Possibly youngest elected official in the United States. [6]
Tashua Allman Glenville WV 1988 21 1,544 2009–present Youngest mayor of Glenville and youngest female and youngest mayor in West Virginia history [7]
Jenny Lynn Barger Sligo PA 1988 20 728 2009–Present Youngest ever female mayor. Appointed to fill term of Mark Rummell who resigned late last year.[8]
Harry Zikas, Jr. Alpha NJ 1978 21 2482 2000–2007 Served two terms as mayor before serving on the Borough Council.
Jeff Beauregard Palo IA 1979 29 988 2008–2009 Beauregard was appointed to mayor's position in July, 2008 by city council. He led his community through its recovery process after a flood inundated the whole community. Beauregard has won numerous awards for his leadership during and after the flood.[9]
Ryan T. Belski Rices Landing PA 1988 20 600 2009–Present Youngest mayor in Rices Landing History and one of the youngest current mayors in the United States won by a landslide margin of 70% to 30%.
Ryan J. Bingham Torrington CT 1983 22 36,248 2005–present Youngest mayor of Torrington and youngest mayor in Connecticut history
Stephen Brinlee Wilburton OK 1985 22 2,972 2007–present Brinlee was elected Mayor of Wilburton while serving as the Latimer County Democratic Party Chairman. His predecessor, Karin Woodruff, was named 2006's Small Town Mayor of the Year. Brinlee received 238 votes to Woodruff's 100.[10]
Julian Castro San Antonio TX 1974 34 1,336,040 2009–Present Among the youngest mayors of a city of this size. Was a leading candidate for Mayor of San Antonio in 2005 but was narrowly defeated by Phil Hardberger.
Kyle Corbin Union OR 1988 18 1,926 2006–present [11]
Matt Delligatti Fairmont WV 1986 22 19,097 2009 to present On January 13, 2009 Matt became the youngest ever mayor of Fairmont by a five to three vote among council members. Fairmont is West Virginia's seventh largest city.[12]
Jeffrey Dunkel Mount Carbon PA 1985 18 87 2003–present [13]
Scott Faughn Poplar Bluff MO 1980 22 17,029 2002–2004 In 2005, Faughn was found guilty of forgery charges related to a highway project he promoted as mayor.[14]
Matt Ganssle Kemp Texas 1980 28 1133 2009–present Youngest mayor elected in the history of Kemp, Texas. Elected to Council at 27. Youngest openly gay mayor in America (at time of election). First known openly gay Mayor elected in the State of Texas.[15]
John Gibeau Ceylon MN 1977 21 413 1998–2004, 2006–present Youngest mayor in the history of Minnesota.
John S. Gibson, Jr. Geneseo KS 1901 23 272 1924-?
Robert T. Gibson Mannford OK 1980 20 2,095 2001-2001 Impeached by the council by a 3-2 vote. The three members voting for impeachment lost their upcoming re-election bids. As of 2009, Gibson is serving on the same council that impeached him.
Jeffrey Graham Camden SC 1982 28 6,682 2008–Present Youngest mayor in South Carolina
Rusty Hammer Campbell CA 1954 21 38,138 1975–1978 When he was elected, Hammer was proclaimed the youngest mayor ever in the U.S.[16]
John Tyler Hammons Muskogee OK September 4, 1988 19 38,310 2008–present Hammons won 70 percent of the vote over the three-term former mayor, and was a freshman at the University of Oklahoma when elected.[17][18]
Mathias Harter La Crosse WI November 17, 1984 24 51,818 2009–present Youngest Mayor in LaCrosse, WI History [19]
Gordon Hennington Hamburg Ark. 1934 24 3,309 1959–1962, 2003–present Hennington was in the automobile business during the 40 years between his first and second terms. Is now seeking fourth term in office. (2011-2014)
Jerrod W. Holton Midway FL 1984 23 1,444 2007–Present In addition to being one of the youngest mayors in the state of Florida, Jerrod Holton is the youngest ever to be elected to the city council in 2007 at the age of 23. In 2008, he was selected to serve a two year term as Mayor Pro-Tem. Due to the resignation of Mayor James Hinson, Jerrod Holton became the youngest to serve as mayor of the City of Midway, Florida.
Trey A. Joy Smith Center KS June 26, 1989 19 1,600 2009–Present Youngest Mayor to ever be elected in the State of Kansas. Trey won the election on April 7, 2009 and took office on April 9, 2009. Trey ran as a write-in candidate against Keith Waldron. Trey had 152 of the 239 votes reported, or about 64%. Trey is a member of the Republican party.
Sam Juhl Roland IA 1987 18 1,324 2005–present [20]
Robert F. Kennon Minden LA 1902 23 229,661 1926–1928 Kennon, after his mayoral services, was a district attorney and judge, and from 1952-1956 the governor of Louisiana
Jason Klush Pittston PA 1976 32 8,104 2010–present Jason Klush defeated a man twice his age (Mayor Joe Keating) in the 2009 Democratic Primary [21]
Dan Knorr Bloomsburg PA 1985 22 12,375 2007–present
Dennis Kucinich Cleveland OH 1946 31 478,403 1977–1979
Willie Logan Opa-locka FL 1957 23 15,376 1980
Michael A. Lombardo Pittston PA unknown 33 8,104 1998–2005 Michael Lombardo defeated the older incumbent mayor (Tom Walsh) back in the late 90s
Marco Lopez Nogales AZ 1978 22 19,870 2000–2003 Immigrated to the United States in 1994.[22]
Evan Low Campbell CA 1983 23 Became a City Councilmember in the 2006 elections and the City Council voted him as Mayor for the December 2009-2010 year. Evan Low became the youngest Asian American/Chinese and youngest Gay Elected Mayor in the Country
Seth Low Brooklyn NY 1850 31 1881–1885 After he was mayor of Brooklyn, Low became the only person to be President of Columbia University and Mayor of New York City.[23]
Shane Mack Castlewood SD 1969 18 666 1988–1994
Josh Maxwell Downingtown PA 1983 26 7,589 2010–present Youngest mayor in Downingtown's history
Andrew Meredith Galt CA 1980 27 23,173 2007–Present Youngest Mayor of a California city with a population over 20,000.
Derek Merrin Waterville OH 1986 21 4,828 2007–Present Currently, the youngest mayor in Ohio. Defeated three-term incumbent, Chuck Peyton (D), by almost 53% of vote. At age 19, Merrin was elected to council by garnering the most votes in Waterville's history and besting three incumbents. Mayor Merrin is a strong conservative that campaigned door-to-door advocating fiscal responsibility.
Marc Molinaro Tivoli NY 1975 20 (est) 1,163 1995–2007 [13][24]
Amel Morris Westernport MD 1984 24 2,104 2008–Present Thought to be the youngest Mayor in the history of Maryland, Morris beat the five term incumbent by a vote count of 443-187.
Jason Nastke Valatie NY 1980 19 1,712 1999-?
Justin Nickels Manitowoc WI 1987 22 34,670 2009–present Justin Nickels was elected mayor of Manitowoc on April 7, 2009. Took office April 21, 2009.[25]
G. Michael Peccon Carmichaels PA 1980 21 556 2002–2004 Greene County Originally appointed by Council. G. Michael Peccon was then elected Mayor in the following election by over 85% of the voters. This made him the Youngest Re-Elected Mayor in the State of PA.
James P. Perron Elkhart IN July 29, 1955 28 51,874 1984–1999 Perron was the longest serving Mayor in Elkhart and first ever to be elected to third and fourth terms respectively. He was also the youngest person ever elected in the City's history, having served one term on the Common Council (elected in 1979, age 23).
Patrick D. Plumb Tonasket WA June 22, 1979 30 1,000 2010–Present Plumb was the youngest ever elected Mayor in Tonasket's history. He was also the youngest person ever elected in the City's history, having served one term on the City Council (elected in 2004, age 24).
Christopher Portman Mercer PA 1983 19 2,391 2002–2003 Portman resigned before the end of his term.
Robert Prah Smithton PA Aug. 9, 1982 22 444 2006–Present Prah is regarded as the youngest mayor of Smithton Borough.
Romaine Robert Quinn Rice Lake WI 1991 19 8,320 2010–present Elected April 6, 2010. Takes office April 20, 2010
Michael J. Raatz Abbotsford WI Feb. 1, 1987 20 1,956 2007–present Raatz lost the first election in 2005 by 30 votes in a three man race, then in 2007, he won the election by 8 and then 10 votes. The incumbent called for a recount which gained Raatz an extra 2 votes.
Luke Ravenstahl Pittsburgh PA 6 February 1980 27 334,563 2006–present Ravenstahl is regarded as the youngest mayor of a major American city.[26] He was 26 when as City Council President, he assumed the vacant mayoral office upon the death of Bob O'Connor, his predecessor, before being elected to the position to serve out O'Connor's term the following year.
Jacob Reuter Epworth IA 1982 27 1,589 2009–present Reuter, Epworth's youngest mayor, was appointed to office on March 24, 2009.[27]
Jason M. Rhoades East Syracuse NY 1976 25 3,178 2001-
Christopher Seeley Linesville PA September, 1987 18 1,155 2005–present [28]
Justin Seese Ashville PA 1990 19 279 2009- Won Democratic primary at 18 in May 2009. Grandson of Ashville 12-year mayor Laverne Passanita.[29]
Mike Sellers Cobleskill NY 1984 21 6,407 2005–2009 Mike Sellers will not seek re-election in 2009 race in Cobleskill, he has been heavily scrutinized by many in the community, just after winning by a large margin in the 2005 Mayoral election.
Elic Senter Franklinton NC 1977 30 1,745 2007–2011
Michael Sessions Hillsdale MI 22 September 1987 18 8,233 2005–present [30]
Bjorn E. Skogquist Anoka MN 22 18,076 2002- Skogquist was the youngest mayor ever in Minnesota when he was elected.[31]
Hannah Stauts Stanley ID 22 100 2005–present [32]
Jordan S. Stevens Oktaha OK January 13, 1981 27 327 2007–Present Serves as Vice-Chairman of Oklahoma Young Republicans. Served as Muskogee Mayor John Tyler Hammons Campaign Manager.
James M. Sullivan Victory NY 26 544 2009–Present Sullivan was elected by a majority of the Village residents defeating the incumbent of eight years when he ran to dissolve the Village of Victory. He is currently still serving the term and is working on dissolving the Village after he and a group of residents collected 154 signtures to move forward with a study and a vote on dissolution.[33]
Joe F. Sullivan Imboden AR 21 684 1911–1915 Sullivan was physically unable to walk, and relied on a goat-driven cart for transportation.[34]
Phil Tanis Holland MI 23 34,339 1987-1989 [7]
Charles Taylor Van Buren AR 1864 21 1885-? Killed a man while in office.[35]
Louis Valdez Nogales AZ unknown 20 [8] 20,878 mid-1990s Appeared on a Season 1 episode of "Road Rules."
James L. Walls, Jr. District Heights MD 1977 28 5,958 2006–Present Elected as youngest City Council Member at 25, and Elected youngest Vice Mayor at 26, and Mayor at 28
Shari K. Watson East Lincoln MS April 27, 1984 23 2008–present Watson defeated the incumbent mayor with over 65% of the vote.
Jason West New Paltz NY 1977 26 6,034 2003–2007 A graduate of SUNY New Paltz, West made headlines by solemnizing same-sex marriages in New York[36].
Parker Wiseman Starkville MS 1981 28 23,638 2009–present Youngest mayor in Starkville history
Brian Zimmerman Crabb TX 1972[37] 11 1983 - ? Called the "boy mayor" by the media, Zimmerman worked to incorporate the small unincorporated town, which had a population of under 200 when he was elected. This threatened his mayorship because of Texas state law prohibiting under-18s from serving as mayor.[38][39] His story was made into a movie called Lone Star Kid.[40]
William Zuver Winston OR 1961 24 3,370 1985–1987 Youngest elected Mayor in the state of Oregon at the time
Joshua Ross Gillespie IL 1983 22 3,412 2005–2009 At 18 was the youngest member of the Illinois State Board of Education

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