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About Me[edit]'s about time I created a userpage here. First off, some personal information...

My name is Jason Pallack (hence the username: my initials are jgp). I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I was born in Dallas, Texas, I currently live in Dallas, and I've lived in the Dallas area my entire life. I am 25 years old.

I mostly edit microprocessor and tokusatsu-related articles on Wikipedia, and I occasionally delve into AfD. I have many other interests beyond these, but these subjects are the ones I am most comfortable editing on Wikipedia, so they are my primary editing domain.

If anyone wants to read more from me or understand me better, feel free to read my blog, which is located at [1].

If you need to contact me outside of Wikipedia, you may use AIM, IRC, or email. My AIM screen name is QVezina. On IRC, I use the nickname jgpallack; I can be found on OFTC and Rizon.


2009 July 19: For the last several months, I have been editing anonymously as My main reason in doing so is to avoid drama and just focus on the content, though I ended up recently logging in to comment on an AFD for an article I follow (and after that, I decided to update this page...).

Pages I have created[edit]

These are the articles I have created, in alphabetical order. By "articles", I mean that I am not including talk pages, user pages (permanent user pages, not drafts that become real articles), AfD pages, or redirects, but I am including templates and categories.

Other Wikis[edit]

I am also jgpallack on es-wiki. I don't actually speak Spanish--I created the account so I could assist Ryulong in setting up interwiki links with Tokusatsu-related articles. My name there is jgpallack because jgp was taken. I also have an account on ja-wiki, largely because I want to use my preferred skin (Cologne Blue) when reading stuff there, though I'm not confident enough in my Japanese skills to contribute.


See also: my userbox archive and the userboxes I have created
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Other Important Things[edit]

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