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from JRM for vandal hunting.
from Ludraman for work in several areas.
stubsensor award
from Triddle for help with his stubsensor project.
Standard barnstar
from Howabout1 for being generally helpful.
from PubLife for providing help to clueless newbies.
Bear Barnstar
from GraemeL for my HD work (especially for this which made him laugh).
from Molotov for helping him over a spot of anger and show him he's needed and shouldn't leave.
Barnstar of random kindness
from Krashlandon for your tireless help with new articles.
Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar from Yoyo for pointing out a mistake he made.
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I am online

I am MacGyverMagic, also known by the abbreviation of Mgm on the internet. I'm from the Netherlands and I have administrator status on the English Wikipedia. I like patrolling recent changes and new articles. I also try to participate in Articles for creation and Articles for deletion as much as I can. I'm also listed as a translator from Dutch to English.

I am a participant
in the Cleanup Taskforce.
View my desk here.

Chemistry To Do[edit]


I'll be working to add stuff I know to the following chemistry-related articles.

(see also Amino acid proposal)

Pages to read[edit]

Old To do list[edit]

Awaiting articles on the following[edit]

(Many thanks to whoever provided the ones no longer in red)

Currently working on[edit]






Wikipedia research[edit]

Non-existent or stub articles on young celebs[edit]

American Juniors - Sam Aston (Coronation Street) - Jamie Bell - Eddie Cooper - Daniel Daperis - Cara DeLizia - Erik von Detten - Harry Eden - Stephen Enquist - Brendan Fletcher - Meredith Henderson - Freddie Highmore - Tyler Hynes - Myles Jeffrey - Alexz Johnson - Patrick Levis - Daniel Logan - Joseph McManners - Ryan Merriman - Liam Mower - Devon Murray - Reece Noi - Emil Odepark - Matthew O'Leary - Alex Pettyfer (plays Alex Rider in film)- Ryan Pinkston - Corey Sevier - Daniel Siegert - Blair Slater - Jeremy Sumpter - Ricky Ullman - Clinton Voss - Jeffrey Walker - Jamie Waylett - Michael Welch - Michael Yarmush - Kevin Zegers
If you know of any more people that should be listed here, apart from the ones in the List of teen idols, please drop a note on my talk page

Non-existent or stubbed TV show articles[edit]

Jeopardy (British series on aliens) - The Magician's House - Oscar Charlie - Ocean Girl - The Adventures of Shirley Holmes or Shirley Holmes - So Weird - Thunderstone
Please drop a note on my talk page if you think a show should be included.

Other pages to work on[edit]

Ian Richardson - Mattie Stephanek ( - Leslie Wolos

Short Story and Novel research[edit]

Keeping an eye on the following pages that need attention[edit]

My Sig[edit]

nl Deze gebruiker heeft het Nederlands als moedertaal.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
de-2 Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschrittene Deutschkenntnisse.
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University IPs I use[edit]

Both the page framework and layout courtesy of Blankfaze. Borrowed from Halibutt!!

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