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Born (1997-05-31) May 31, 1997 (age 20)
Howard Beach, Queens, New York, U.S.
Genres Orchestral/Classical, Instrumental rock, Hard rock
Instruments Violin, guitar, vocals, bass guitar, viola, piano
Years active 2004–present
Notable instruments
Guitar, violin

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The Spesh Man[edit]


Well, I have a new user name.

Songs I can play on guitar entirely[edit]

Learned Artist Name of Song Album name/Single/Concert Tuning learned on Date Notes
1 Led Zeppelin Kashmir Physical Graffiti DADGAD (Dsus4) February 9, 2013
2 Led Zeppelin Friends Led Zeppelin III CGCGCE (Open C tuning) March 20, 2013
3 Led Zeppelin Bring It On Home Led Zeppelin II EADGBE (Standard) April 1, 2013
4 Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin III EADGBE (Standard) April 8, 2013
5 Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 Dead Winter Dead/Christmas Eve and Other Stories DADGBE (Drop D) April 12, 2013
6 Led Zeppelin When the Levee Breaks Zoso.svg FACFAC (Open F) May 2, 2013
7 Survivor Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger EADGBE (Standard) May 4, 2013
8 Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Nevermind EADGBE (Standard) June 5, 2013
9 Spesh Song #4* Single* EADGBE (Standard) June 25, 2013 *I have yet to officially release this song, and the name has not been named, and this my fourth song made, hence the name.
10 Led Zeppelin Out on the Tiles/Bathroom Sound Led Zeppelin III EADGBE (Standard) July 4, 2013 Both "Out on the Tiles" and "Bathroom Sound" have the same guitar part.
11 Led Zeppelin The Crunge Houses of the Holy EADGBE (Standard) July 13, 2013
12 Led Zeppelin LA Drone How the West Was Won EADGBE (Standard) July 16, 2013 Segues into Immigrant Song.
13 Wanda Jackson
(Led Zeppelin)
Let's Have a Party
(How the West Was Won)
EADGBE (Standard) August 19, 2013 Part of the Whole Lotta Love medley.
14 Roy Orbison Oh, Pretty Woman Single EADGBE (Standard) August 19, 2013
15 Led Zeppelin Four Sticks Zoso.svg EADGBE (Standard) August 21, 2013
16 Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin II EADGBE (Standard) September 8, 2013
17 Led Zeppelin Swan Song Unreleased DADGAD (Dsus4) October 5, 2013
18 Led Zeppelin Over the Top Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1977 (Led Zeppelin II/Led Zeppelin III) DADGBE (Drop D) October 5, 2013 Has the Out on the Tiles intro, then drum solo, and the ending Moby Dick ending riff, the reason for Moby Dick not being listed is because at the time of learning this, the short guitar licks in the beginning of the studio Moby Dick was not known, as opposed to this, where the beginning is Out on the Tiles.
19 Led Zeppelin The Rain Song Houses of the Holy DGCGCD (Csus2/D or Open Page) October 27, 2013
20 Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven Zoso.svg EADGBE (Standard) November 10, 2013 While I play this, I add in some changes that are included in the live versions in The Song Remains the Same and How the West Was Won
21 Led Zeppelin Moby Dick Led Zeppelin II DADGBE (Drop D) November 10, 2013 Different from "Over the Top" above.
22 Eddie Cochran
(Led Zeppelin)
C'mon Everybody
(Led Zeppelin DVD)
EADGBE (Standard) December 14, 2013 I have learned the Eddie Cochran and the Led Zeppelin cover
23 Eddie Cochran
(Led Zeppelin)
Somethin' Else
(BBC Sessions)
EADGBE (Standard) December 14, 2013 I have learned the Eddie Cochran and the Led Zeppelin cover
24 Led Zeppelin Achilles Last Stand Presence EADGBE (Standard) January 24, 2014 I am proud to say that my favorite song has finally been learned.
25 Journey Don't Stop Believin' E5C4P3 EADGBE (Standard) March 23, 2014
26 Kansas Dust in the Wind Point of Know Return EADGBE (Standard) May 22, 2014 First finger-picking song learned
27 Led Zeppelin What Is and What Should Never Be Led Zeppelin II EADGBE (Standard) June 10, 2014
28 Led Zeppelin Black Dog Zoso.svg EADGBE (Standard) August 10, 2014
29 Led Zeppelin Your Time Is Gonna Come Led Zeppelin EADGBE (Standard) August 10, 2014
30 Led Zeppelin Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) Led Zeppelin II EADGBE (Standard) August 10, 2014
31 Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Led Zeppelin III EADGBE (Standard) August 10, 2014
32 Led Zeppelin That's the Way Led Zeppelin III DGDGBD (Open G) August 10, 2014
33 Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore Zoso.svg EADGBE (Standard) August 10, 2014
34 Led Zeppelin Misty Mountain Hop Zoso.svg EADGBE (Standard) August 11, 2014
35 Led Zeppelin Custard Pie Physical Graffiti EADGBE (Standard) August 11, 2014
36 Led Zeppelin Dancing Days Houses of the Holy EADGBE (Standard) August 11, 2014
37 Led Zeppelin In My Time of Dying Physical Graffiti EADGBE (Standard) August 11, 2014
38 Led Zeppelin Over the Hills and Far Away Houses of the Holy EADGBE (Standard) August 22, 2014
39 Led Zeppelin D'yer Mak'er Houses of the Holy EADGBE (Standard) August 22, 2014
40 Led Zeppelin No Quarter Houses of the Holy D♯G♯C♯F♯A♯D♯ (D♯ tuning) August 22, 2014
41 Led Zeppelin Ten Years Gone Physical Graffiti DADGBE (Drop D) August 23, 2014
42 Led Zeppelin How Many More Times Led Zeppelin EADGBE (Standard) August 23, 2014
43 Led Zeppelin Trampled Under Foot Physical Graffiti EADGBE (Standard) August 24, 2014
44 Led Zeppelin Boogie With Stu Physical Graffiti EADGBE (Standard) September 7, 2014
45 Led Zeppelin Black Country Woman Physical Graffiti EADGBE (Standard) September 7, 2014
46 Led Zeppelin The Rover Physical Graffiti EADGBE (Standard) September 7, 2014
47 Led Zeppelin In the Light Physical Graffiti EADGBE (Standard) September 7, 2014
48 Led Zeppelin Ramble On Led Zeppelin II EADGBE (Standard) November 5, 2014
49 Pat Benatar Hit Me with Your Best Shot Crimes of Passion EADGBE (Standard) November 17, 2014
50 Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin EADGBE (Standard) November 30, 2014
51 Willie Dixon, J. B. Lenoir
(Led Zeppelin)
You Shook Me (cover) Single
(Led Zeppelin)
EADGBE (Standard) December 1, 2014
52 Led Zeppelin The Ocean Houses of the Holy EADGBE (Standard) January 18, 2015
53 Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll Zoso.svg EADGBE (Standard) January 18, 2015
54 Led Zeppelin Hey Hey What Can I Do B-side of "Immigrant Song" or Coda E♭A♭D♭G♭B♭E♭ (E♭ tuning) January 18, 2015
55 Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You Led Zeppelin III EADGBE (Standard) January 18, 2015
56 Led Zeppelin Tea for One Presence EADGBE (Standard) January 18, 2015
57 Weezer Say It Ain't So Weezer D♯G♯C♯F♯A♯D♯ (D♯ tuning) March 22, 2015

Songs created[edit]

Order in which started Name Album/Single Date completed Genre(s) Notes
1 A One Time Dream The Undertaking October 25, 2012 Classical
2 To Strive for or Fail The Undertaking October 13, 2013 Classical
3 Song #3 May 29, 2013 Rock, Instrumental rock It is possible I may add vocals.
4 Song #4 June 25, 2013 Progressive rock, Instrumental rock
5 Song #5 N/A Rock, Instrumental rock
6 Song #6 N/A Rock, Christmas
7 Amnemonic Altercation N/A Rock
8 Song #8 N/A Rock
9 Around the World We Go The Undertaking November 26, 2014 Classical, World music, Arabian music, Persian music, Indian music, Javanese music, Japanese music, Russian music, Algerian music
10 Song #10 N/A Hard rock



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