WWE Immortals

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WWE Immortals
WWE Immortals Mobile Game.jpg
Game poster featuring Brock Lesnar, The Rock and John Cena in their Immortal forms
Developer(s) NetherRealm Studios
Phosphor Game Studios
Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Producer(s) Fuzzy Gerdes
Designer(s) Adam Coriglione
Travis Hernandez
Mike Lee
Programmer(s) Peter Bennett
Anthony J. Rod
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) Android
Release January 15, 2015[1]
Genre(s) Fighting

WWE Immortals is a fighting game based on the professional wrestling promotion WWE. It was released on January 15, 2015 for Android and iOS. The game was developed by NetherRealm Studios in conjunction with Phosphor Game Studios. The game is free on both app stores.[1]


This game is a fighting game that takes the athletes of the WWE into a reality, their gimmicks, and makes them Fantasy Heroes. It appears to be based on WWE Brawl, a cancelled fighting game by THQ. The companies describe it as "a free-to-play mobile game that will feature epic Superstar battles in a fantastically re-imagined WWE world."[2] The game borrows many technical elements from Injustice: Gods Among Us including graphics and sound, as well as the three vs. three combat format. In addition, "Immortal Credits" are earned through gameplay and used to buy and upgrade characters. At launch, there were 25 purchasable heroes in the game, nine bronze, nine silver and seven gold, with the addition of the gold Cyborg Brock Lesnar unlockable via a challenge mode expiring January 31, 2015. The game offers Battle matches, with seven matches that revolve around a certain Immortal character, and offers a Challenge match once the initial battle matches are complete. Once the main character boss is beaten, the player can move onto another Battle match, with each set of matches getting progressively harder. The Battle matches can be revisited once completed for more experience points and Immortal credits.

Immortals' stats grow in levels, and each Immortal is armed with quick and powerful regular attacks, blocking, and three signature attacks (two regular and a Finisher). Immortals go up to level 50, and can upgraded to Legendary status if players get another card copy of the character (all way up to Legendary Level VII); for example: this can allow a Bronze character to be able to compete equally with lower leveled Silver and even Gold Characters.


Immortal credits are earned in matches for players to spend and level up their Immortals' signature attacks, buy other characters, or buy talent cards to strengthen their characters. Credits can also buy various booster packs which contain characters, free upgrades, talent cards, and packs containing Gear cards.


Gear cards offer a wide range of upgrades that can increase basic damage, add additional damage to signatures, etc., and extra Gear cards can be scrapped for materials to make a Gear card even more powerful and even evolve into another type of Gear that can be further upgraded with materials.

Ladder Event and Platinum[edit]

On 29th of June, 2017, the game was updated to version 2.5. and introduced the Ladder Event and the brand new Platinum pack and characters. Dark Lantern Bray Wyatt and Commando Sgt. Slaughter were the first two Platinum Immortals launched. Three levels offer a variety of challenges in order to earn "ladders" and are represented with one of WWE's championships: NXT Championship level (Easy challenges), WWE Cruiserweight Championship level (Intermediate challenges), and WWE Championship level (Hard challenges). Each level carries its own rewards when enough "ladders" are collected. A Platinum pack is the reward if enough ladders are obtained, and not each level of difficulty needs to be played to gain ladders (a player can continually play the NXT Championship level, for example). The pack can be purchased in exchange of Platinum bars, which can be obtained when a championship level features the bars as a prize.

Challenge Stages[edit]

The company (Warner Bros. International Enterprises) also offers more Challenge stages for some special gold characters, where five tiers of challenges must be completed in order to gain that special gold character (such as Skull King Triple H, Evolved Paige, Rogue John Cena, Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose, Xavier Woods Raiden (Mortal Kombat), Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage, A-List Johnny Cage, and more). These Challenge stages have since become weekly events and require tokens to complete the matches in each challenge tier, which can be obtained in the Battle matches offered and in online matches. These Challenge stages have three modes that can be completed during the offered week and must be completed before moving onto the next mode, and get progressively harder: Regular mode (which gains the featured Gold character offered), Expert (giving another copy of the featured character and an Uncommon Gear card), and Nightmare mode (giving yet another copy of the featured character and a Gear card associated with that character).

Online Play[edit]

The game also features online competitive battling, where players can challenge with their Immortals against other players' Immortals for prizes of Immortal Credits, special Gear cards (along with regular Gear cards), and exclusive renditions of characters offered in these online tournaments (such as gold Animal Batista, Voodoo Bray Wyatt, Sharpshooter Bret Hart, etc.). Players earn Battle points (BP) to increase their tournament ranking by competing in three types of matches: Singles Match (one opponent), Show Match (3 opponents), and Main Event (5 opponents). Extra BP can also be earned by completing Daily Quest requirements. These matches also may reward players with Stamina cards (to re-energize their Immortals to fight again) and even Gear cards. For each pay-per-view event currently going on in WWE, a Gear card and ticket Gear card named after that event will be offered as a prize depending on player's ranking at the end of the week.

Zombie Invasion[edit]

Immortals introduced a mode called "Zombie Invasion", which allowed players to gain Gold zombified versions of four WWE superstars: Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Seth Rollins. Players must choose three of their Immortals to compete in a five stage gauntlet match, with the first four stages featuring two Immortals and one of the zombie Immortals, and the fifth stage featuring three of the zombie Immortals. Damage the players' Immortals accumulate from the matches will not reset. After the final stage, players receive Immortal credits and a Graveyard Pack containing stone letters that the player can put on the gravestones of the four zombie Immortals, and once a name is filled, the player will receive the said Immortal to add to their collection. Extra letters that cannot be used will be stored, and after receiving one of the zombie Immortals, the gravestone name will reset to allow the player to fill in the name again for more copies of the Immortal. After a couple hours reset, the player may attempt the Zombie Invasion again with the stages getting progressively harder.

The Zombie characters are basically, a version of another alter-ego in another design, being them:

Zombie AJ Styles is a version of Exoskeleton AJ Styles, the only thing that changes is the passive ability and the attributes Zombie Brock Lesnar is a version of Cyborg Brock Lesnar, the only thing that changes is the passive ability and the attributes Zombie Stone Cold is a version of Icebound Watcher Stone Cold, the only thing that changes is the passive ability and the attributes Zombie Seth Rollins is a version of Swashbuckler Seth Rollins, the only thing that changes is the passive ability and the attributes


AJ Styles: Exoskeleton (Platinum) and Zombie (Gold)

Batista: Animal and Hunter (Both Gold)

Big E: Evolved, Pantheon and Strongman (Gold, Silver and Bronze)

Big Show: Englightened, Giant and Lumberjack (Gold, Bronze and Gold)

Bray Wyatt: Dark Lantern, Mad Scientist and Voodoo (Platinum, Gold, Gold)

Bret Hart: Sharpshooter (Gold)

Brie Bella: Ice Witch and Lunar Guardian (Bronze and Silver)

Brock Lesnar: Beast Incarnate, Conqueror, Cyborg and Zombie (Silver, Gold, Gold, Gold)

Daniel Bryan: Evolved, NO! NO! NO! and YES! Movement (Gold, Gold, Bronze)

Dean Ambrose: Back Alley Brawler and Lunatic Fringe (Silver and Gold)

Hulk Hogan (Deleted from the game in 2015): Beach Basher and Renegade (Both Gold)

John Cena: Dashing Rogue, Evolved and Soldier (Gold, Gold and Silver)

Johnny Cage: A-List and Mortal Kombat (Both Gold)

Kane: Big Red Monster and Demon (Gold and Bronze)

Macho Man (Randy Savage): Macho King and Renegade (Both Gold)

Nikki Bella: Pyromancer and Solar Assassin (Bronze and Silver)

Paige: Banshee Knight, Dark Sorceress and Evolved (Silver, Bronze and Gold)

Randy Orton: Evolved, Viper Dojo and Viper (Gold, Platinum and Bronze)

Roman Reigns: Centurion, Evolved and Hound Of Justice (Bronze, Gold, Gold)

Rusev: Frontiersman and Red Soldier (Both Gold)

Seth Rollins: Evolved, Swashbuckler and Zombie (All Gold)

Sgt. Slaughter: Commando (Platinum)

Sheamus: Ancient Druid, Celtic Warrior and Evolved (Bronze, Silver and Gold)

Stephanie McMahon: The Authority and Warrior Queen (Silver and Gold)

Sting: Scorpion Warrior (Gold)

Stone Cold: Icebound Watcher, Texas Rattlesnake and Zombie (Silver, Gold, Gold)

The Rock: Raging Minotaur and Stone Watcher (Gold and Silver)

Triple H: King of Kings, Skull King and The Authority (Gold, Gold and Silver)

Trish Stratus: Angelic Knight and White Witch (Gold and Bronze)

Ultimate Warrior: Arena and Jungle (Silver and Gold)

Undertaker: Deadman and Necromancer (Silver and Gold)

Xavier Woods/Raiden: Xavier Woods/Raiden (Gold)

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