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Frederick Russell Burnham in 1901

Frederick Russell Burnham (1861–1947) was an American scout and world traveling adventurer known for his service to the British Army in colonial Africa and for teaching woodcraft to Robert Baden-Powell, thus becoming one of the inspirations for the founding of the international Scouting Movement. Burnham had little formal education, attending high school but never graduating. He began his career at 14 in the American Southwest as a scout and tracker for the U.S. Army in the Apache Wars and Cheyenne Wars. Sensing the Old West was getting too tame, as an adult Burnham went to Africa where this background proved useful. He soon became an officer in the British Army, serving in several battles there. During this time, Burnham became friends with Baden-Powell, and passed on to him both his outdoor skills and his spirit for what would later become known as Scouting. Burnham eventually moved on to become involved in espionage, oil, conservation, writing and business. His descendants are still active in Scouting. (more...)

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The Lange Swinger, typical of Lange's first all-plastic ski boots

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Mohammed Waheed Hassan

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February 9

John Quincy Adams

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Brandenburg an der Havel

A panoramic view of Brandenburg an der Havel, a town in the state of Brandenburg, Germany, located on the banks of the River Havel. The town was founded by the Hevelli, a tribe of Polabian Slavs, in the 8th century, and changed hands between Germans and Slavs several times. Development was restricted to the western bank of the Havel until 1196, when it was extended to the eastern side, although the two portions were regarded as separate towns until 1715.

Photo: Mathias Krumbholz

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