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  • We'll offer training only if new people come who need it.
  • Our plan is to review sets of pages on English Wikipedia that refer to the site and see if the links work right, and if not to make a wise substitution.
  • We also would like to understand why different searches are giving different numbers of such links.


  • Do I have to be a Wikipedia editor already? No, this event is open to everyone, even beginners.
  • What happens if I get hungry? We'll have food! Details TBD.
  • What should I bring? A laptop computer
  • Can I leave early? Sure! we won't lock anyone in. You can walk from this building to the National Mall or to a restaurant
  • How can I access the GWU wireless network?
  • It takes a few steps and minutes to get a WiFi login:
  • Connect to the WiFi (SSID) network called GWconnect.
  • Open a browser window and you will be redirected to the GWconnect Splash Page automatically, or if not, please try clicking or to trigger the redirection
  • Select 'Need an account? Click Here'
  • You're a "guest" and you'll have to give a name, email address, and/or mobile number. Accept the GWU wireless terms of use and click Register to submit.
  • You will receive an email with a WiFi username and password to use at the GWconnect splash page.
  • For more see instructions here and click "Visitors" and "Connect --" or perhaps here.

Sign Up[edit]

Signing up is optional.

I'll attend in person[edit]

  1. econterms (talk) 06:47, 17 February 2017 (UTC)
  2. Cindy Cicalese (talk) 22:43, 26 February 2017 (UTC)
  3. Antony–22 (talkcontribs) 04:34, 6 March 2017 (UTC)
  4. Bryandamon (talk) 23:58, 8 March 2017 (UTC)

I'll participate online[edit]

Can't make it to the event? You can participate online! Here's how it works:

To do's[edit]

  • update article for new administration
  • Follow up any of these searches for external links to Are they broken? If so search for a good substitute. One to try is simply, the National Archives version from January:

Sources to draw from[edit]

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