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  1. Abyssoft (talk) Currently focusing on updating templates on numbered SSSBs from Minor planet, asteroid, and others to Infobox Planet, and generating base stubs for missing articles (to include basic information and ephemeris data). Also have plans for an ambitious task of creating a list of SSSBs by Designation. I've also participated in the 'dwarf planet' debates.
  2. DubaiTerminator I love future space colonazation
  3. EdJohnston
  4. George100 - Fascinated by the scale of the universe. Have been cleaning up articles & locating references.
  5. JamesHoadley (talk) It seems I'm helping out at the moment, so I may as well put my name down. Mostly I work on solar system planets and moons, deep sky stuff (nebulae, galaxies) and spacecraft (not in this topic).
  6. maxrspct ping me Non-academic amateur. Likes: comets, asteroids, history of astronomy, solar system etc etc
  7. Mike Peel. I'm currently doing a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics, and will help where I can. I also run Peelbot, with AWB as a backend.#
  8. Nicholas. I'm here too.
  9. Patteroast. Not sure why I didn't join long ago! Mostly work on smaller natural satellites.
  10. RSStockdale - All
  11. Rursus - χaotically and uncoordinatedly did a little here and there, especially regarding star spectra and carbon related stars.
  12. Ruslik I like reading and writing about Solar System objects
  13. siafu Working on maintaining the pages on the planets recently.
  14. Thor Dockweiler (talk) 02:00, 19 September 2008 (UTC); astronomer.
  15. Urhixidur (talk). I've been banging away at asteroids, mostly.
  16. Aldaron is interested in exoplanets and astrobiology, created the Gleise 581 e article and looks forward to creating and improving many many more
  17. Reyk YO! 02:40, 9 November 2009 (UTC) I dabble here and there.
  18. Modest Genius talk I'm an astronomy postdoc working on optical/IR observations of the interstellar medium. I also have good background knowledge of galaxy evolution and basic stellar astrophysics.
  19. Hillbillyholiday howdy fellow lifeforms, I've added some nice quotes (all poetical like) to some individual stars. Love to you all!
  20. Exoplanet Expert Astronomy to me is everything. I was already interested of astronomy's everything. I have created the articles for Kepler-447b and WASP-85 Ab, and I'm excited to create more!
  21. Davidbuddy9 Exoplanet enthusiast. Created a whole slew of Exoplanet related articles
  22. Tom.Reding Effectively been a member since I stumbled upon, and started helping with, the minor planet notability problem early last year. WP:AST member for even longer. No particular interest in most asteroids or exoplanets (I like larger-scale things). Let's just say...I'm just here to clean things up :)
  23. 連綿 (talk) 14:58, 28 December 2016 (UTC)
  24. User:Lylahearts (talk) 2:19, 14 May 2017 (UTC)
  25. User:ChieftanTartarus Very interested in Earth-like exoplanets and various stars as well as astronomy in general.


  1. Hope Chen Working on the ISM and star formation. I'm planning to update "nebula"-related entries. Talk to me if you want to work together!
  2. 2gre I love all of this stuff, astronomy just fascinates me. I'm going to college this year, and this is the stuff I am majoring in. I will do anything I can to help this project along. Any articles that need to be updated etc. My name is at the top according to alphabetical documentation.
  3. Aerobird
  4. AMcWhatever I can do to help...
  5. Anonymous Dissident Glad to help out guys
  6. Anti-Quasar - Mathematical Physics, Astrophysics. The Development of the Mathematical Methods for application to problems in the Physics, Space and Motion.
  7. Ardric47 I am by now probably a de facto minor participant, having done some lists and things with sourcing.
  8. AstroHurricane001(Talk) I'll work on improving and creating articles, as well as adding more info and references.
  9. Awolf002. Count me in! Up to now I just worked on biographies (crater eponyms) and this project looks good.
  10. Battleaxe9872 Will add more worthless "Minor Planet" articles.
  11. BlytheG. As a high school student who plans to be an astronomer and science author, this is a great opportunity to both improve my range of knowledge as well as Wikipedia's info.
  12. B00P Working on some non-profound "Beginner" stuff.
  13. Branson03
  14. Codrinb Focusing on exoplanets, but contributing to any other astronomy topic
  15. BSVulturis Mostly astrophysical info for stars and star clusters.
  16. Causesobad If only one day I could look out to the space through the Hubble.
  17. Ckatz helping out where I can!
  18. clh288 Working on adding NGC objects (mostly galaxies).
  19. Damërung - Lately working in clean up, ebellishment, translations and stubs, but glad to calaborate in whatever is needed... ÏíìÏ
  20. Dr. Submillimeter I work on extragalactic pages,with particular focus on nearby galaxies.
  21. Eurocommuter Contributing to trans-Neptunian and irregular satellites-related articles with diagrams and references.
  22. Fournax So much to choose from. I think I'll start on stars.
  23. Friendlystar - Mostly dealing with asronomical images.
  24. GhostTrain 05:23, 30 April 2007 (UTC) Undergrad astronomy major. I'll be happy to help out wherever I can.
  25. GTremblay Grant Tremblay is an observational astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD USA.
  26. GW_Simulations|User Page | Talk | Contribs | E-mail
  27. insentient
  28. Jaob - Have a wide range of expertise, will do whatever I can to help. Just let me know.
  29. Jim Cornmell (talk) I'd like to help from the amateur astronomers perspective, as and when I can.
  30. Jyril. I've been creating asteroid and extrasolar planet articles for a long time. (Why I haven't signed earlier?)
  31. Ktr101
  32. Legolost I'm good with astronomy, so count me in!
  33. Lithium Cyanide Just begun editing - mainly referencing so far. Study astrophysics at York. Mostly interested in pulsar physics.
  34. Luka Krstulović, greetings from Croatia! I wasn't really working on Astronomical objects articles here, but I love astronomy, and hope I could help you with what's needed.
  35. Lunokhod (talk). Mostly working on the Moon, but also involved with topics related to our solar system, geophysics, and spherical harmonics.
  36. Mainstream astronomy: Graduate student-level expertise in the field.
  37. Marskell: Amateur, but I get by with help from my friends. With planets at FA, I'm thinking large moons next. See Planetary habitability, Barnard's Star, and Titan (moon).
  38. MartinZ02
  39. Merovingian {T C @} Working on "minor planets" (a.k.a. asteroids) here and there.
  40. Mic of orion I love astronomy, hate astrology :S
  41. Mrbilal
  42. Nbound I'll do what I can to help :)
  43. Nebular110 I don't know how I'm going to find the time but I would love to help.
  44. NerdyNSK I have studied some Planetology at the Open University (UK). It's fun.
  45. Nine9s Messier objects and NGC stubs, as well as cleaning up grammar.
  46. Ninney - My great ways to contribute would be by making minor edits/corrections to articles (e.g., typos, fixing links, adding references to new secondary sources)
  47. Ntveem I haven't done anything as yet. I would love to help.
  48. Orionist. I'm in! sky is the limit!
  49. perseus101 I'm ready to give any help that's needed on this Project. Perseus101
  50. Pico del Teide I sometimes update the gas giants for scientific discoveries.
  51. Planemo 13:51, 10 December 2006 (UTC). Mostly focusing on Solar system.
  52. Qmwnebrvtcyxuz I love astronomy!
  53. RaNdOm26 I don't know what I might do, but most likely focusing on the solar system.
  54. Razorflame -Will be helping out assessing articles. Razorflame 15:12, 8 May 2008 (UTC)
  55. Riffsyphon1024, Been working on Mars features but can help here also.
  56. RJH (talk). These days I'm focusing on the work list core topics, as well as on nearby stars; trying to bring pages up to GA status. (Any help appreciated!) Still occasionally do work on lunar features, and re-check the mass of crater pages. :-)
  57. rockatship - Refining object templates
  58. Rwboa22 Can do a variety of different articles, but especially what they would look like with a large (200 mm and higher) telescope.
  59. User:ScienceApologist. Mostly involved with forming precedent for determining the notability of fringe and science-related articles with an emphasis on my interest of astrophysics.
  60. shaggy Mostly working on cleaning up articles on trans-Neptunian objects and centaurs. Also, creating articles for notable TNOs and centaurs.
  61. Shrewpelt - I'll sometimes work with updating moons for scientific discoveries
  62. User:Sjmurphy6 PhD student in stellar astrophysics. If anyone is coordinating this, feel free to point me towards articles you think I'll be able to improve. I'll just do it sporadically for now.
  63. Spot87 (talk) - Minor planets using the AstOrb browser.
  64. Uber nemo (talk). I'll sign my name alphabetically. I am currently working on galaxy stubs and infoboxless articles.
  65. Vegasbri - Undergraduate degree in astronomy; creating / contributing mainly to galaxy pages so far.
  66. Vikas - Amateur, working on details about new Galaxies, Nebulas,...
  67. Volcanopele (talk). I've mostly worked on Saturnian satellite articles, particularly Enceladus, but I plan on working on any outer solar system satellite article that requires my attention.
  68. Vsst Looking to learn more about this and to help out wherever I can.
  69. Vuerqex (talk) 03:39, 22 October 2008 (UTC)
  70. WilliamKF (talk). I've been working on Galaxies, Globular Clusters, and Nebulas. More recently using the AWB. Leave me a note if you need any repetitive tasks done with AWB.
  71. Wwheaton Worked in X- & gamma-ray astronomy, lately IR. At Spitzer Telescope Science Center.
  72. Wyatt915 Astronomical objects are simply facinating to me! I'll help out whenever I can!
  73. Zanorath Just interested and willing to help out
  74. Anthony Rushton - work on transients and X-ray binaries
  75. VX!talk
  76. Sirstubby (talk)
  77. Aldebaran66 is interested in exoplanets and exoplanet discovery projects, created articles on stars that host exoplanets such as COROT-3.
  78. Eruresto is an astrophysics major at Boston University. He is continuing work on early high-mass star formation in IRDCs.
  79. Alexander110 works on galaxies etc - and tries to avoid getting sucked in..
  80. Sadalsuud enjoy working on star articles and bringing them up to GA status.
  81. XD0248 has an avid intrest in astromony especially about objects outside the solar system
  82. MakeSense64 Astrologer turned skeptic. Interested in everything stars.
  83. Cuddlyopedia Interested in most things astronomical, but concentrating on exoplanets here for now.
  84. JorisvS
  85. WroteOddly Started with edits on Beta Arietis(Sheratan) in the constellation Aries, from today's(7/29/12)Main Page featured article. Just a few links to pages already in the article. Good read, interesting information.
  86. Tcgriffin Interested in exoplanets and Nearby stars.
  87. Johndric Valdez High school student.
  88. Pliming I will try to add info and pictures to the Minor Planet and Asteroid articles.
  89. ScottM84
  90. Messier8
  91. Sk8forether
  92. Spunwasi Exoplanet junkie.
  93. Bayoustarwatch Asteroids.
  94. 永永世世
  95. OwenJiang
  96. Barnoldswick1