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Welcome to Wikiproject London Transport, a usergroup dedicated to expanding and improving Wikipedia's coverage of articles relating to transport in the London Area. The scope of this project covers all aspects of transport in London, not just Transport for London and its sectors. The project looks after articles on the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, London Overground, National Rail, London Buses, Taxis, roads, rivers, bridges, etc., and its Portal.


Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


Project pages[edit]

Article Alerts Automated alerts for status changes to London-related articles
Recognised Content Featured article Automated lists of our featured and good articles
Assessment Automated statistics about London-related tagged articles. Also explains our article rating system
Manual of Style How we format our articles
Participants Who is involved in the project
Favourite Pages Automated list of the favourite pages on project
Recent Changes Automated list of the recent changes to project pages
Templates Templates for use on articles relating to the project

Article assessment[edit]


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