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The lists[edit]

General remarks[edit]

Please read also the discussion page to this article here: Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles/Antarctica.

This is a list of geographical names in Antarctica, as compiled by the USGS. The list is public domain, and contains over 14,000 descriptions of features in Antarctica and sub-antarctic islands.

As this list contains all named features that the USGS recognizes, there are a lot of entries with low significance here, but they may at least be useful because of their geographical coordinates and the present and especially future possibilities of geographical coordinates in Wikipedia. You are encouraged to merge several entries -- for example, the individual islands in an island group -- into one article. To do this, you may want to search for the name of the island group (or mountain range, etc.) in the original file, which is located here (5 Mb text file). However, it is not necessary to combine articles; this can always be done at a later time.

Avoid disambiguation with other geographical features with identical or similar names worldwide but also within Antarctica – especially when creating/naming a new page or when Wikilinking to geographical features: If you have the impression that the name of a geographical feature may be in use for several different places around the world (and this is very likely given the vast amount of islands worldwide, especially islands in other English-speaking areas like Canada, Alaska and Australia), name your article not just with the plain name of the feature, but add behind the name the phrase " (Antarctica)" (for example Nelson Rock (Antarctica) instead of just Nelson Rock), or, if there might be several features with a similar name within Antarctica itself, write the name of the larger geographical feature your feature lies within (for example, Flat Islands (Holme Bay)).

The best map of Antarctica on the web is probably this one: [1] (Link no longer live). All names on these lists can be found on it. Another online atlas of Antarctica is provided here:

The wikification of the articles has been done automatically, and is therefore imperfect. Please check and improve the text after copying.

The entries are sometimes incomplete (through no fault of mine or my script: they are that way in the source file); in that case you can find the same descriptions at the Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica. The same site is also a good source of synonyms for the names listed here. Copyright status of the non-US descriptions in this gazetteer is unknown, so its better not to use those directly.

List of abbreviations[edit]

Please add/expand any remaining abbreviations; this site may be useful. Some of the most common abbreviations are:




















List of the abbreviations whose meaning is unclear[edit]

The expressions in italics are more likely to be the correct ones:

DI --> ??? (search results from

OpWml --> ??? (no search results found for "OpWml" at

  • Clearly Operation Windmill; see the Windmill Islands entry for the name's origin.

SGS --> ??? (search results from

Geographical coordinates and elevation[edit]

Please ensure that you include the geographical coordinates into your new article and format the geographical coordinates according to the Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates (see there or also Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Geographical coordinates): The standard phrase is, for example in the case of Nelson Rock (Antarctica): Nelson Rock is located at 67°23′S 62°45′E / 67.383°S 62.750°E / -67.383; 62.750.

If the elevation for the geographical feature is also provided by the database, please include the elevation (see for example Drygalski Island: Drygalski Island is located at 65°45′S 92°30′E / 65.750°S 92.500°E / -65.750; 92.500 and has an elevation of 325 m.).

The elevations and the name versions are unfortunately not provided in the file, but they are provided here:, so please check there too, if possible. Furthermore, a lot of maps (and sometimes more information than in the USGS database) are provided in the Australian Antarctic Gazetteer: (see for example the external links listed in the article Rouse Islands (Holme Bay)).