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Welcome to the Progressive Rock WikiProject!

As a new member of this project, you can:

  • Contribute with the improvement of existing Progressive Rock articles, as well as create others which still do not exist; and
  • Suggest new ideas and discuss relevant topics about the project's line of work at the discussion page.
  • Tag the talk pages of progressive rock artists (Note: For a wikiproject, a reliable source need not classify the band as progressive. Any band you feel is undeniably progressive despite being labeled otherwise can be tagged) with the {{Progressive Rock }} template.
  • Add the {{User WPPROG}} template to your userpage.

User Comments
Acidtoyman I like a lot of kinds of music. When it comes to prog, I'm mostly into Canterbury-type stuff like the Soft Machine, Henry Cow, and early British mainstream prog bands like King Crimson and Yes.
Aeternus I mostly enjoy 80s prog, acts that can't be called prog but are heavily influenced by it, fusion, and other non-traditional prog acts, such as electronic prog and video game prog. I enjoy other stuff outside prog as well, including various forms of electronic music.
Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing); Andy's talk; Andy's edits
BlueChainsawMan My main interest is start up a page for a Prog Rock band that I'm interested in and to further advance my knowledge of wiki...
CaesarsPalaceDude I have been fascinated by progressive rock, and jazz rock since 1979, and I have a large collection of CDs, LPs, and a few MP3s. I don't see the point in counting them (OK, I can't be bothered), however it must be more than 100 in those genres. My experience is that music, and especially the more intricate, and unusual styles stimulate my brain in a way that nothing else does. I love all of the major prog acts from the classic period, and some newer bands too! I'm into obscure prog like Khan, Rainbow Theatre, Jade Warrior, Bacamarte, Harmonium, and Cathedral. I have Italian prog (RPI) as well. My fave band is Änglagård. Please, feel free to contact me.
CDL My current main interest is to improve coverage of British progressive rock bands (Canterbury scene, etc.).
CyberDiablo I like psychedelic rock, symphonic rock, art rock, folk rock and especially progressive rock between '65-'80. Also I have a special interest for synthesizers.
Dfisek I've been a wikipedia "user" for a long time. From time to time, I notice there are some less-known bands/albums missing their wikipedia pages (which I believe I can help). I thought it was time I gave a shot at contributing. I've used wikis before, mostly for professional use but really a newbie in a large collaboration community like Wikipedia.
firstlensman Born in 1960 and have been a Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion fan since I was 9 and got my hands on "In The Court Of The Crimson King" by King Crimson. Played the Clarinet, Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax in Symphonic and Jazz bands through College. I favor the Symphonic Progressive bands Yes, Genesis, Camel, and a host of others. I went into a big depression in the 80s when the movement seemed to wane. Appreciated the neo-prog bands like Marillion during that down time. These days I am much happier with the state of Progressive Rock with the likes of Transatlantic, The Flower Kings, Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, et. al. I have over 1,580 CDs on my 160 gig Ipod -- 1,200 are Progressive Rock or Fusion albums. I have many more CDs which I've digitized into 320mb mp3s. They take up over 1/2 a 1TB drive. I am in the process of building a computer that'll be my home entertainment center for stereo, blue-ray, internet & cable.
ʄɭoʏɗiaɲ τ ¢ I am a huge progressive rock fan, primarily of the original 70's bands, though new bands such as Ayreon, Porcupine Tree, and The Flower Kings are big favs. I am an experienced guitarist, and am very familiar with the styles and elements that divide the progressive from the traditional. I am also well aquainted with wikipedia and can deal with the backend of the project, including templates and categories. I believe that many bands that are undoubtedly progressive (Such as System of a Down) are labeled not as such by "Reliable sources" such as Allmusic.
Gilly Updated the task panel. Hi! I'm Gilly and I'm a HUGE Prog fan! ;-) Cheers...
GwenChan Mostly German prog and Krautrock, although I also like some early English prog and Canterbury Scene.
I am the Justice I've made minor edits to lots of Porcupine Tree related articles, but i'll do what I can to help here.
Kiefer.Wolfowitz My loves are King Crimson, early Genesis, Pink Floyd; I have had a series of passionate but ultimately unsatisfying affairs with Yes and degrading encounters with Jethro Tull that have left me feeling bad about myself. My editing has focused on King Crimson (KC) and related articles. I improved Discipline Global Mobile to GA status and a DYK (25 March 2012), and have expanded and improved articles on KC, Robert Fripp (and his Guitar Craft, which uses Ovation guitars), and Progressive Rock,. Despite being a mathematician and statistician, I've never even looked at math rock! I intend to decrease my editing on WP. Nonetheless, I can be called to copy edit articles that use the subjunctive mood or have Oxford commas.
Krobertj The first time I listened to progressive rock was when my dad popped "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd" into the CD player in his car. It was a life-changing experience for me. This was strange yet wonderful music, far different and far better than any present-day music I had heard. Since then I have been a lover of progressive rock. There are only two bands that could ever challenge The Beatles for the title of my favorite band; Pink Floyd and Genesis. In my work on this WikiProject, I hope to improve the articles on the albums themselves, and I would like to question the notability rules and give famous prog rock songs with article-worthy information pages of their own.
Kzork I haven't been much of a Wikipedia editor in the past, but I'm passionate about progressive rock I figure I might as well chip in a bit. I'm mostly a fan of older prog - Pink Floyd, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Caravan, ELP, Gentle Giant, Van Der Graaf Generator, etc - but I also have a soft spot for lesser known (and especially non-English) bands from the same period. As bands of the latter group tend to have incomplete articles, I imagine I'll focus my attentions there.
Madnessfan34537 I have been listening to Prog (Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal) since I was 11, when I heard Pink Floyd on the radio, and looked them up to discover many bands. Over the years I have listened and obsessed with many Prog bands, as well as other genres. I have been around, I guess you could say, I've read and listened to The Canterbury Scene, the most well known Prog bands, such as Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, I also know some of the Contemporary Classical-Prog, like Univers Zero and Art Zoyd, and I know basically the entire Expreimental/Avant-Garde scene. Prog has literally changed my life, and it has helped me broaden my horizons, I listen to basically all music now thanks to Progressive Rock. I would love to take part in this project, as it would help others learn more about such great music.
manoalorts Hello, I am a progressive rock fan and the first band I liked from this genre is surprisingly Pink Floyd and his album "the wall"; I personally loved (and still think is one of the best songs) Confortably Numb. Since then, two years have passed and I am finding new bands every now and then. That is the main reason to join here; I want to discover more bands and want people like me to know more about the bands I like like Pink Floyd, Supertramp, King Crimson, Riverside, Blackfield....
MatheusLPereira I love both prog rock and metal.
Moderatelyaverage Heavily into '70s prog, getting into neo-prog lately.
neurosys Elusive.
nickelarcade I love all kinds of music, but I have a special affinity for Prog. Looking forward to helping out.
Parrot of Doom What can I say, except Pink Floyd? Oh, and Pink Floyd.
Psychonavigation While I absolutely *loathe* most "typical" prog such a ELP, Rush, Yes, and all that, I am passionate about progressive music as a whole, and believe it should actually be PROGRESSIVE, rather than being some fixed 'genre'. Nevertheless my interest apropos progressive "rock" is principally directed towards RIO, avant-prog and zeuhl, with Magma being my favourite band "of all time" and the only band worthy of ever having their logo as a tattoo on my body :P. Anything that's experimental, avant-garde, chaotic, totally unconventional and loose in structure appeals to me - I also prefer instrumental music or music where the lyrics are irrelevant, as I don't really care about the ostensible "meaning" in music. I detest the pop stylings of many 'prog' bands and am averse to virtually all forms of popular music. Peace and love! :)
Rfill1rd My main (and nearly only) musical interest lies on good old prog: Pink Floyd will always be my favourite, but I heavily listen to Mike Oldfield, early Genesis, the golden age of Yes and pre-1974 King Crimson, plus a bit of 10cc, Jethro Tull, Rush, Pulsar, Utopia, Gentle Giant, Camel... Looking forward to be part of this project and help where I can, as I feel that with determination we might be able to offer a complete, informative and trustworthy view on prog to the general public.
Scratchy7929 Have been listening to Progressive Rock & progressive areas of music since I was 11 y.o.a. in 1975 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody / Bowie - Space Oddity (singles), then Yes, Genesis & Pink Floyd (albums), also Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, other hard / heavy rock, a little bit of early '80's pop rock bands - The Police, ELO, Gary Numan, Ultravox.NWoBHM in early '80's through BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Rush (big fan), also early Iron Maiden, Scorpions (Uli Jon Roth).Early 80's gig's watched - UFO, Judas Priest, Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne etc.Main interest since mid '80's was most Prog (not so much Neo-prog), Jazz fusion, Prog Metal, Psychedelic rock(space rock) but also Adult Album Alternative & Alternative rock.2000's got into Porcupine Tree, Muse, early Radiohead, The Gathering (band), Anathema (band), Oceansize, Dredg, Riverside (band) in the New Prog/Post-Prog/Post-metal area, also Pain of Salvation, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Maynard James Keenan bands, other (sub)genres I have also got into include Electronica (Trip Hop/Trip Rock, Downtempo, Intelligent dance music), Post-Rock, Death/doom/Gothic Metal/Symphonic Metal, Dream pop/Shoegaze/Ethereal Wave.Try to keep up with most music.
SeparateWays As with some others here, I started my love of prog with Pink Floyd; I love Yes, Jethro Tull, ELP, Rush, Moody Blues, Dream Theater, and a number of others.
SgtPepper New Member. Especially interested in late 60s to early to mid-70s European prog rock think The Move, Nektar, Caravan, Premiata Forneria Marconi et al. and of course, forefathers, like The Beatles, The Moody Blues and Procol Harum. Mostly do minor edits: grammar, style, clarity and accuracy. Look forward to doing more as I transfer my 1000+ vinyl LPs to CD/Mp3 over next to 2-3 years. Will be checking article for each band/LP and creating new articles where there are none. SgtPepper (talk) 01:53, 30 September 2014 (UTC)
Snardbafulator I'm a major proghead, but also a rather opinionated one. For instance, I can't stand Pink Floyd, am indifferent to Rush and sort of actively loathe anything smacking of "neo-prog" or "neo-old school prog" — which seems to sort of vitiate the whole idea of being progressive in the first place. I don't believe "progrock" should be taken as a genre label per se but rather as a suggestion of possibilities. Thus, any style of music can be progressive, and this would be so for attributes that are more-or-less objective.

My personal tip-top faves run through RIO/Zeuhl, Canterbury, Zappa/Beefheart and Allan Holdsworth (I just touched up the Compositions and Style section of the Holdsworth page, made it a tad more accurate in terms of music theory) with a special shout-out to the "pronk" band Cardiacs. Beyond particular bands, I'm strongly attuned to odd and shifting meter, polyrhythms, unconventional harmony and counterpoint/polyphony. I know theory pretty well, read notes and love to analyze music on a nuts-and-bolts level to try to explain why I like something. As opinionated as I doubtless can be I also know the difference between making objective points about music and merely slogging one's own opinion, which I will work to avoid here.

The Amazing Pudding I know a thing or two about Pink Floyd. Passing interest in other such bands, especially Haze.
Theologiae Love progressive rock, especially (but not always) the one which is more classically-driven, yet also the jazzy and folksier prog. Interested in British and Italian prog rock bands, favourites include Pink Floyd and Genesis.
Thunder Bass Master I love progresive rock! I like a lot of "abstract" (or so my friend calls it) prog from '65 to '75 like Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and King Crimson. I also like a lot of modern progressive metal like Dream Theater and Transatlantic.
28bytes I'm a big Yes fan (70s-era, 80s-era and later), and have been working to build Wikipedia's coverage of their song catalog.
V Schauf I don't know as much about Progressive Rock as I "should" or as much as others here, but you all seemed like a pretty cool group to work with, so here I am. I will be working on Rush some, not so much the actual article about the band but rather adding entries regarding their songs and adding to songs and albums/CDs that already have entries. I have expanded substantially the article for the song "Show Don't Tell" and its album Presto. If you want my help or an opinion, just ask.
Willjillings Pink Floyd addict, and love Rush too.
Zazaban Just a fan - And a guitarist/keyboardist/singer for a band not notable enough to have an article.
Kin235711 Fan of Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Midas Fate, Opeth, Porcupine Tree and other progressive metal bands. Specially interested in drummers, such as Mike Portnoy, Thomas Lang, Aquiles Priester and of course, Buddy Rich!
Pharkryi Huge fan of King Crimson and Pink Floyd.