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WikiProject Baseball (Rated Project-class)
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Player Archives

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Top importance assessments[edit]

The following are rated as "Top importance" to the baseball project:

2015 Major League Baseball season2016 American League Championship Series2016 American League Wild Card Game2016 in baseball2016 Major League Baseball season2016 National League Championship Series2016 National League Division Series2016 National League Wild Card Game2016 World Series2017 in baseball2017 Major League Baseball All-Star Game2017 Major League Baseball season2017 NCAA Division I baseball season2017 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament

I don't believe that individual games, series or seasons should ever be considered Top importance as they are not as fundamental to the topic as the real core articles such as Hit (baseball) or World Series. If there are no objections, I will demote those on the above list to "High" (probably "Mid" for the college ones). --Jameboy (talk) 22:58, 17 July 2017 (UTC)

The college ones have mostly been low importance for this parent project. In fact, the season pages are usually marked low importance even for the college sub project. I've restored them to that level. Billcasey905 (talk) 00:39, 18 July 2017 (UTC)

Excellent. I've demoted the remainder to High-importance. Incidentally, I count 18 individuals rated Top-importance for baseball:
Hank AaronBarry BondsRoberto ClementeTy CobbJoe DiMaggioLou GehrigBan JohnsonWalter JohnsonMickey MantleChristy MathewsonWillie MaysBranch RickeyJackie RobinsonBabe RuthIchiro SuzukiHonus WagnerTed WilliamsCy Young
Does that group seem about right? Are all of these "core" to the topic of baseball? Would be interested to hear what people think. --Jameboy (talk) 18:57, 24 July 2017 (UTC)

Transaction ref for Detwiler release[edit]

Apparently Ross Detwiler has been released by the Iowa Cubs after signing a minor league deal on June 6. I can't find any ref though.--TonyTheTiger (T / C / WP:FOUR / WP:CHICAGO / WP:WAWARD) 20:17, 19 July 2017 (UTC)

The Pacific Coast League transactions page should do. Trut-h-urts man (TC) 20:24, 19 July 2017 (UTC)
Is there a way to use that link to permanently point to July 2017. I am not sure how WP:V will work on that ref in 2 years.--TonyTheTiger (T / C / WP:FOUR / WP:CHICAGO / WP:WAWARD) 00:34, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
Unfortunately, no. At least not one that I am aware of. When I use the MiLB transactions pages as sources I will add |page=July 2017 (for example) to the citation, but there isn't a way to change the link to go directly to the correct page like there is for the MLB transactions pages. Trut-h-urts man (TC) 00:41, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
Just link to his milb bio page [1] the transactions are listed there also. Spanneraol (talk) 02:41, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
The MLB/MiLB bio page should be an external link contained in {{baseballstats}}. External links should not also be used as inline references. – Muboshgu (talk) 16:38, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
I don't agree; if a site contained under the external links section is a reasonable source for cited information, and it is expected that an inline reference be provided, then I believe using it is adequate. isaacl (talk) 20:11, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
Thx.--TonyTheTiger (T / C / WP:FOUR / WP:CHICAGO / WP:WAWARD) 20:26, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
@Isaacl: Per Wikipedia:External links#Important points to remember: "With rare exceptions, external links should not be used in the body of an article". This is not one of those rare exceptions. – Muboshgu (talk) 21:00, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
I disagree. We use baseball reference links all the time for stat referencing and thats included in the external links. Spanneraol (talk) 21:10, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
I think it's different enough to, say, use a team season page on B/R to cite the player's season stats, although still not desirable. I don't agree with using the full profile link as an inline citation under any circumstances and I believe WP:EL agrees with that. – Muboshgu (talk) 15:29, 21 July 2017 (UTC)
I believe that guideline means "don't use an external link inline", as opposed to "don't use as an inline citation's source a link that also happens to be listed under the external links section". Echoedmyron (talk) 21:30, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
That matches my understanding; the first point in the "Important points to remember" (which repeats what is in bold in the lead section) is that the the page does not provide guidance for the use of inline citations. isaacl (talk) 14:20, 21 July 2017 (UTC)
That's not my understanding of it at all. We have {{baseballstats}} to put various links as external links, and that link tells us not to use them as inline citations. – Muboshgu (talk) 15:27, 21 July 2017 (UTC)

Inconsistency in categories[edit]

Categories where teams have changed their name seem very inconsistent. For example Category:Tampa Bay Rays seasons and Category:Tampa Bay Devil Rays seasons are separate categories, but Category:Miami Marlins seasons includes the seasons of the Florida Marlins, with Category:Florida Marlins seasons left as a redirect. Which approach is correct? --Jameboy (talk) 14:59, 20 July 2017 (UTC)

The Marlins one is incorrect. Whomever changed it made a mistake. The teams are supposed to have separate categories for name changes. Spanneraol (talk) 15:10, 20 July 2017 (UTC)

So I guess the following, for example, are also wrong?:

Just a few for starters. --Jameboy (talk) 16:11, 20 July 2017 (UTC)

Confused by policy re. world series championships[edit]

See Talk:George_Kontos#2014_world_series. I can't find the discussion that led to this consensus. CJK09 (talk · contribs) 20:24, 5 August 2017 (UTC)

I believe these are the discussions you are looking for: [2] [3]. Lepricavark (talk) 20:53, 5 August 2017 (UTC)

Philadelphia Phillies needs help![edit]

I am monitoring from my mobile device and I noticed some reverts on the Phillies article that seemed odd. I noticed that the article has some weird duplication going on. Since at least May it looks like there have been two reference sections, two roster sections, two EL sections and maybe others. I don't know if I'll get back to my computer tonight, but if someone is bored tonight it might be worth a look so that this doesn't carry on longer than necessary. I can't clean up this kind of a mess from my smartphone. Thanks! EricEnfermero (Talk) 00:03, 11 August 2017 (UTC)

Seriouslt...Leiter Jr is looking terrible tonight. only (talk) 00:07, 11 August 2017 (UTC)
From what I can tell at a quick glance, the Phillies article is transcluding the last 4 sections of Philadelphia_Baseball_Wall_of_Fame so we're seeing the external links for the Wall of Fame page in the middle of the article and the Phillies article links in its normal spot. If someone who's good with transclusion things can take a look at it, it'd be helpful. only (talk) 00:18, 11 August 2017 (UTC)

Jessica Mendoza[edit]

Jessica Mendoza gets a decent amount of vandalism overall, especially during the baseball season. I just reverted a series of edits from this afternoon (by a user who has only edited her): adding in an unsourced weight (then increasing it), plus adding some questionable sources (a messageboard for one). Unlike a lot of vandalism, they actually referenced what they were saying, but also cherrypicked quotes and sources which are quite negative and don't represent the wider reception I've seen to her announcing.

I'm relatively new and don't really understand page protection, but maybe this is a case for it? I wasn't aware until now that this wikiproject existed, so I posted an earlier note on this at wikiproject:women's sports. I've now added Mendoza's article to this wikiproject, and figured I would bring the issue to your attention. Any assistance y'all can provide with this is greatly appreciated.Cleancutkid (talk) 23:16, 15 August 2017 (UTC)