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Wong Kew-Lit (黄巧力) is a Malaysian Chinese film director and producer.


Wong Kew-Lit, born June 1971, is a prolific Malaysian born director/producer. From his decade long TV programmes making experience since the 1990s, he has ventured into various genres ranging from documentary, drama to short film.

In 2002, his documentary programme on the life of Sumatran Rhinoceros was nominated best documentary of the 9th Shanghai International Film Festival.

From 2002 to 2005, he was involved in a 251 episode Cantonese drama “Homecoming” as the chief writer cum director. He is also the theme song composer and lyricist!

In 2005, he was selected as one of five directors from various Asian countries to produce and direct a documentary for internationally acclaimed TV station Phoenix Satellite TV of China (Phoenix Television), in commemoration of its 10th anniversary. In 2006, he was involved in 2 drama series “Rhythm of Vibration” & “Sea Providence” both joint-venture projects by CCTV China-Malaysia as executive producer.

In Oct 2006, he established Yellow Pictures Sdn Bhd and produced a series of highly acclaimed programme including “My Roots” documentary series (awarded Best Documentary Director in the 6th Malaysian Oskar Award), “My Malaysia” documentary series, “Dynamic Malaysia” Public Information Short Film series, “Living in Malaysia” documentary series, "My New Village Stories" and "Malaysia My Home - Story of Sabah & Sarawak" (awarded Best TV Documentary in Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010).

He just completed a film entitled 'The New Village', telling the stories about resettlement of villages in between 1948-1960 during the Malayan Emergency, when the Colonial British fought against the local Communist Guerrilla.


Year Title Chinese Title
1999 Momentum
2000/01 Momentum II
2001 Jejak Warisan 《文明的足迹》
2002/04 Homecoming I & II 《己子当归》
2004 3 in a Company 《听君一席话》
2005 Malaysia My Home 《家在马来西亚I》
2006 Malaysia My Home 2 《家在马来西亚II》
2006/07 Rhythm of Vibration 《双城变奏》
Sea Providence 《热浪岛》
2007 My Roots 《扎根》
Malaysian Movers 《风云人物》
2008 My Malaysia 《活在我乡》
Dynamic Malaysia 《前进吧·马来西亚》
Living in Malaysia 《身在马来西亚》
2009 Earnest Cultivation Yields Fruitful Harvests 《生耕致富》
My New Village Stories 《我来自新村》
Malaysia My Home - Story of Sabah & Sarawak 《家在马来西亚-沙巴与砂拉越华人故事》
2010 Parents' Stories 《父母心》
Stories of SJKC 《我来自华小》
My New Village Stories 2 《我来自新村2》
2011 Made in Malaysia 《老字号》
Parents' Stories 2 《父母心2》
Stories of SJKC 2 《我来自华小2》
Malaysia My Home - Story of Sabah & Sarawak 2 《家在马来西亚-沙巴与砂拉越华人故事2》
2012 Eu Yan Sang Chinese New Year TVC 2012 团年快乐 勿忘传统》余仁生2012新春公益广告
The Traditional Trades 《老行业》
Behind The Dialect Groups 《话说籍贯》
Old Street Of Malaysia 《老街故事》
2013 Eu Yan Sang Chinese New Year TVC 2013 珍惜》余仁生2013新春公益广告
Strong Life 《生命的战士》
Malaysia My Home 5 - Story of West Malaysia 《家在马来西亚5-西马城镇华人故事》
A Century of Chinese Education 《马来西亚百年华教》
My New Village Stories 3 《我来自新村3》
Century Tales 《百年》
Stories of SJKC 3 《我来自华小3》
2014 Eu Yan Sang Chinese New Year TVC 2014 爱 需要用心沟通》余仁生2014新春公益广告
Our Land 《大地》
The Master 《师傅》
Between Us 《我们》
2015 Eu Yan Sang Chinese New Year TVC 2015 别让年菜和方言,遗失在时空里》余仁生2015新春公益广告
Good Morning Teacher 《老师,您好》
Our Land 2 《大地2》
Memoirs of World War II 《三年零八个月》
The Successor 《接班人》
2016 The Moments 《光辉岁月》
A Love of Many Colors 《白头偕老》
Made in Malaysia 2 《老字号2》
Malaysia Railway Memories 《铁道•人生》
To Live 《活着》
Malaysia River Towns 《母亲河》
2017 Whose Tradition 《谁的传统》


  • 2011 Malaysia My Home - Story of Sabah & Sarawak - Best TV Documentary (Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010)
  • 2007 My Roots - Best Documentary Director (Anugerah Oskar Malaysia Ke-6)


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