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The World Championship of Chess Composition is a triennial competition for composers of chess problems and studies, organised by FIDE via the Permanent Commission of the FIDE for Chess Compositions (PCCC). The official title is World Championship in Composing for Individuals.

The championship is divided into eight sections:

A)  Twomovers (checkmate in two moves)
B)  Threemovers (checkmate in three moves)
C)  Moremovers (checkmate in more than three moves)
D)  Studies
E)  Helpmates
F)  Selfmates
G)  Fairies (using elements of fairy chess)
H)  Retros (retrograde analysis)

Composers wishing to participate in any given section are expected to submit at most six of their compositions, published in the relevant three-year period and fulfilling the requirements of the section. The problems submitted are then evaluated by a commission of three Judges, and the best four of them count for the final result in the section. (More on rules is at the official PCCC page.)

Three championships have been held up to 2006 for the relevant three-year periods: 1998–2000, 2001–2003 and 2004–2006. The most successful composer so far is Mikhail Marandyuk of Ukraine, who won ten gold medals and two silver medals.



Section Gold Silver Bronze
 Twomovers  Viktor Chepizhny  Marjan Kovačević  Anatoly Slesarenko
 Threemovers    Mikhail Marandyuk    Wieland Bruch  Martin Wessels
 Moremovers  Mikhail Marandyuk  Michael Herzberg  Alexandr Kuzovkov
 Studies  David Gurgenidze  Nikolay Kralin  Andrej Vysokosov
 Helpmates  Živko Janevski  Valery Gurov  Fadil Abdurahmanović 
 Selfmates  Petko Petkov  Andrey Selivanov  Alexandr Azhusin
 Fairies  Petko Petkov  Reto Aschwanden  Tadashi Wakashima
 Retros  Alexandr Kisljak  Thierry Le Gleuher  Alexandr Zolotarev


Section Gold Silver Bronze
 Twomovers  Marjan Kovačević  Anatoly Slesarenko  Vasyl Dyachuk
 Threemovers    Valery Shavirin  Mikhail Marandyuk    Juri Marker
 Moremovers  Mikhail Marandyuk    Valery Shavirin  Alexandr Feoktistov  
 Studies  Andrej Vysokosov  Oleg Pervakov  David Gurgenidze
 Helpmates  Valery Gurov  Mario Parrinello  Franz Pachl
 Selfmates  Andrey Selivanov  Alexandr Feoktistov    Živko Janevski
 Fairies  Reto Aschwanden  Klaus Wenda  Juraj Lörinc
 Retros  Thierry Le Gleuher  Alexandr Kisljak  Reto Aschwanden


Section Gold Silver Bronze
 Twomovers  Vasyl Dyachuk  Marjan Kovačević  Wieland Bruch
 Threemovers    Mikhail Marandyuk    Valery Shavirin  Alexandr Bakharev
 Moremovers  Mikhail Marandyuk  Juri Marker  Alexandr Feoktistov  
 Studies  Oleg Pervakov  Alexej Sochniev  David Gurgenidze
 Helpmates  Viktor Chepizhny  Valery Gurov  Michal Dragoun
 Živko Janevski
 Selfmates  Andrey Selivanov  Uri Avner  Živko Janevski
 Fairies  Michal Dragoun  Juraj Lörinc  Klaus Wenda
 Retros  Reto Aschwanden    Thierry Le Gleuher  Dmitry Baibikov


Section Gold Silver Bronze
 Twomovers  Marjan Kovačević  Peter Gvozdják  Vasyl Dyachuk
 Threemovers    Mikhail Marandyuk  Peter Gvozdják  Alexandr Kuzovkov
 Moremovers  Mikhail Marandyuk  Alexandr Kuzovkov  Alexandr Feoktistov
 Studies  Oleg Pervakov  Sergiy Didukh  Yuri Bazlov
 Helpmates  Alexandr Semenenko  Viktor Chepizhny  Valery Gurov
 Selfmates  Andrey Selivanov  Ivan Soroka  Alexandr Feoktistov
 Fairies  Petko Petkov  Peter Gvozdják  Klaus Wenda
 Retros  Dmitry Baibikov  Dragan Lj. Petrović  Nicolas Dupont


Section Gold Silver Bronze
 Twomovers  Marjan Kovačević  Vasyl Dyachuk  Valery Shanshin
 Threemovers    Alexandr Feoktistov  Mikhail Marandyuk  Alexandr Kuzovkov
 Moremovers  Mikhail Marandyuk  Alexandr Kuzovkov  Alexandr Feoktistov
 Studies  Sergiy Didukh  Richard Becker  Oleg Pervakov
 Helpmates  Michal Dragoun  Alexandr Semenenko  Viktor Chepizhny
 Selfmates  Andrey Selivanov  Torsten Linss  Diyan Kostadinov
 Fairies  Petko Petkov  Vlaicu Crisan  Peter Gvozdják
 Retros  Dmitry Baibikov  Nikolai Beluhov  Nicolas Dupont


Section Gold Silver Bronze
 Twomovers  Marjan Kovačević  Vasyl Dyachuk  Peter Gvozdják
 Threemovers    Mikhail Marandyuk  Aleksandr Kuzovkov  Aleksandr Feoktistov
 Moremovers  Mikhail Marandyuk  Aleksandr Kuzovkov  Fedor Davidenko
 Studies  Oleg Pervakov  Yuri Bazlov  Pavel Arestov
 Helpmates  Aleksandr Semenenko  Vasil Krizhanivskyi  Valery Gurov
 Selfmates  Andrey Selivanov  Aleksandr Feoktistov  Mark Erenburg
 Fairies  Vasyl Dyachuk  Juraj Lörinc  Ofer Comay
 Retros  Dmitrij Baibikov  Silvio Baier  Nicolas Dupont


Section Gold Silver Bronze
 Twomovers  Vasyl Dyachuk  Marjan Kovačević  Valery Shanshin
 Threemovers    Aleksandr Feoktistov  Aleksandr Kuzovkov  Valery Shavyrin
 Moremovers  Mikhail Marandyuk  Aleksandr Kuzovkov  Fedor Davidenko
 Studies  Oleg Pervakov  Martin Minski  Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen
 Helpmates  Vasil Krizhanivskyi  Aleksandr Semenenko  Fadil Abdurahmanović
 Selfmates  Andrey Selivanov  Zoran Gavrilovski  Aleksandr Kuzovkov
 Fairies  Vlaicu Crișan  Petko Petkov  Lev Grolman/Borislav Gadjanski
 Retros  Silvio Baier  Dmitrij Baibikov  Nicolas Dupont

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