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Developer(s)StarNet Communications Inc
Stable release
2014 Build 54[1] / January 21, 2017; 21 months ago (2017-01-21)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypeDisplay server

In computing, X-Win32 is a proprietary implementation of the X Window System for Microsoft Windows, produced by StarNet Communications. It is based on X11R7.4.

X- Win32 allows remote display of UNIX windows on Windows machines in a normal window alongside the other Windows applications


  • Standard connection protocols - X-Win32 offers six standard connection protocols: ssh, telnet, rexec, rlogin, rsh, and XDMCP
  • LIVE Connection protocol - The LIVE Connection protocol, a proprietary protocol based on the NX technology, adds abilities typically not found in the traditional X11 protocol[2] - including the ability to suspend, resume, share and reconnect from any machine.
  • Window modes - Like other X servers for Microsoft Windows, X-Win32 has two window modes, Single and Multiple. Single window mode contains all X windows with one large visible root window. Multiple window mode allows the Microsoft Window Manager to manage the X client windows
  • Copy and paste - X-Win32 incorporates a clipboard manager which allows for dynamic copying and pasting of text from X clients to Windows applications and vice versa. A screen-shot tool saves to a PNG file.
  • OpenGL support - X-Win32 uses the GLX extension which allows for OpenGL Support

Related products[edit]

  • X-Win32 Flash is a version of X-Win32 that can be installed and run directly from a USB Flash Drive
  • LinuxLIVE is a LIVE client for Linux systems
  • MacLIVE is a LIVE client for Mac OS X systems
  • LIVE Console is a LIVE client installed with the LIVE server which allows localhost LIVE connections to be made

Discontinued products[edit]

  • X-Win64 was a version for 64-bit Windows,[3] but the extended features in that version can now be found in the current version of X-Win32.
  • X-Win32 LX was a free commercially supported X Server[4] for Microsoft Windows which supported Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU).
  • Recon-X was an add-on product for all X server products, including X-Win32 competitors such as Exceed and Reflection X, which added suspend and resume capabilities to running X sessions. Features of Recon-X were incorporated into the LIVE product line

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