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Xiaoxiangling (Chinese: 小相岭), or Xiaoxiang Range is a fairly small mountain range in China's Sichuan Province. It is part of the complicated system of mountains of south-central Sichuan, and runs in the general north-south direction, within the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture and the adjacent parts of Ya'an Prefecture-level city.

The highest point of the range is Huatoujian (铧头尖), 4791 m above the sea level.[1]

The Xiaoxiangling is separated by the Dadu River from its northern neighbor, the Daxiangling. The great Daxue Mountains are not too far to the northwest.


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Coordinates: 28°45′N 102°15′E / 28.750°N 102.250°E / 28.750; 102.250