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YVR–Airport 20 airtransportation.svg
SkyTrain station
YVR-Airport Stn.JPG
Location 3600 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond
Coordinates 49°11′39″N 123°10′42″W / 49.19417°N 123.17833°W / 49.19417; -123.17833Coordinates: 49°11′39″N 123°10′42″W / 49.19417°N 123.17833°W / 49.19417; -123.17833
Owned by Vancouver International Airport, TransLink
Platforms Side platform
Tracks 1
Structure type Elevated
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code AP
Fare zone Zone 2, with airport add-fare
Opened August 17, 2009
Passengers (2011[1]) 13,460
Preceding station   TransLink   Following station
Terminus Canada Line
toward Waterfront

YVR–Airport station is the outbound terminus station of the Airport branch of the SkyTrain's Canada Line in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The metro station serves both the domestic and international terminals of Vancouver International Airport (YVR), located on Sea Island, and provides the only direct, transfer-free public transit connection between Downtown Vancouver and the airport. The Canada Line's other outbound terminus station is Richmond–Brighouse.

Trains depart every 6–7 minutes during midday and weekday peak service, every 12 minutes in the early morning and evening, and every 20 minutes in late evening.[2] The first train leaves for Waterfront at 5:10 AM; the last, at 12:57 AM.[2]

Like Richmond–Brighouse station, YVR–Airport only has a single track. However, this is sufficient for a terminus station with YVR–Airport's frequency of service.

Ticket Concourse


The Vancouver International Airport Authority (YVR) contributed up to $300 million toward the airport branch of the Canada Line, which includes YVR–Airport station.[3]

Station information[edit]

Station layout[edit]

T Inbound  Canada Line towards Waterfront (Sea Island Centre)
Side platform, doors will open on the left
Concourse Connection to Domestic Terminal
Ticket vending machines, fare gates
S Street Street entrance
Connection to International Terminal, parking lot

Airport surcharge[edit]

A $5 surcharge, the "YVR AddFare", applies to all eastbound Compass card Stored Value, cash, or DayPass trips originating from this station and terminating outside Sea Island (i.e. travel to Bridgeport station or beyond). Trips using a monthly pass are exempt, as are trips using DayPasses purchased off Sea Island. Travel between YVR–Airport, Sea Island Centre and Templeton stations is free.

Bus routes[edit]

  • N10 Downtown
  • N10 Richmond-Brighouse Station


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