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Tony Emmott is a UK bodybuilding champion, who won the 1977 Mr. Universe (professional) competition.[1]


Emmott was a postal deliverer, by occupation, prior to becoming a successful bodybuilder.

He owned his own gym, Olicana Health Studio, in Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK, which had a health food restaurant extension, added by Emmott. In 1979, well-known bodybuilding writer and photographer, Chris Lund, visited Emmott at his gym to conduct an interview about Emmott's training techniques, Emmott at the time being one of the country's top bodybuilders.[2]

Emmott has appeared on the cover of a number of bodybuilding magazines including Health and Strength, Muscle Training Illustrated, and Muscle World.[3]

List of competitions[edit]

Year Competition Category/Class Result
1960 NABBA Mr. Universe medium 4th
1961 NABBA Mr. Britain 3rd
1969 NABBA Mr. Britain 3rd
1971 NABBA Universe Pro. short 3rd
1972 NABBA Universe Pro. short 3rd
1972 WBBG Pro. Mr. World 2nd
1973 NABBA Universe Pro. short 2nd
1973 WBBG Pro. Mr. World 3rd
1974 NABBA Universe Pro. short 3rd
1975 NABBA Universe Pro. short 3rd
1976 WBBG Olympus 3rd
1976 NABBA Universe Pro. short 1st
1976 NABBA Universe Pro. 2nd
1976 WBBG Pro. Mr. World winner
1977 NABBA Universe Pro. winner
1977 WABBA World Championships professional 2nd
1978 IFBB Olympia lightweight 5th
1978 IFBB Olympia 8th
1979 IFBB Canada Pro. Cup 7th


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