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An energy being or astral being is a name given to a group of alleged life forms sharing some aspects of their appearance or abilities attributed to the idea that they are composed of pure energy and not made of matter. They appear in myths/legends, paranormal/UFO accounts, and in various works of speculative fiction.

Rather than being literally composed of energy in the physical sense, energy beings are typically rendered as being composed of a translucent glowing fluid; somewhat in common with the representations of ghosts.

The above, while common, is not universal. Thanks to fictional representations such as the Q, the distinction between Energy Beings, Elemental spirits, and Cosmic entities is not always distinct. While some, such as the Taelons are barely more powerful than mortals, others such as the Q, from Star Trek; the Ascended Ancients/Ori from Stargate SG-1; the Anodites from Ben 10: Alien Force, which are made of "pure" Mana Energy; and the Meekrob from Invader Zim possess god-like powers on par with characters often classified as conceptual or higher-dimensional beings, AKA Cosmic beings. Often, but not always, being those races that stand in power between the more limited Elemental spirits and the more cosmically powerful Cosmic beings.

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