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Mogadishu panorama.
Mogadishu panorama.
Location in Somalia.
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 2°2′59″N 45°15′44″E / 2.04972°N 45.26222°E / 2.04972; 45.26222Coordinates: 2°2′59″N 45°15′44″E / 2.04972°N 45.26222°E / 2.04972; 45.26222
Country  Somalia
Capital Mogadishu
 • Governor Hassan Mohamed Hussein Mungab
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Banaadir (Somali: Banaadir, Arabic: بنادر‎) is a region (gobol) in southeastern Somalia.[1]


The Somali term Banaadir derives from the Arabic plural of the originally Persian word بندر bandar, meaning "port" or "harbour". It refers to the historical southern ports of Barawa and Mogadishu.

Banaadir is bordered by the Somalian regions of Middle Shebelle (Shabeellaha Dhexe) and Lower Shebelle (Shabeellaha Hoose), as well as the Indian Ocean.

Its capital is Mogadishu, though the administrative region itself is coextensive with the city and is much smaller than the historical region of Benadir.

Banaadir is the smallest of Somalia's eighteen regions.

Hassan Mohamed Hussein Mungab serves as the current Governor of Banaadir, as well as the Mayor of Mogadishu.


The Banaadir region consists of sixteen districts.[2] Warta Nabada District was previously known as Wardhigley District until it was officially renamed in 2012.[3]

Major towns[edit]


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