Beaver Buzz

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Beaver Buzz
Type energy drink
Manufacturer DD Beverage Company
Introduced mid-2005
Colour various
Flavour various
Related products Beaver Buzz Energy, GD4U ZERO Sports Drink, West Coast Energy, Pink Energy, British Bulldog Buzz Energy, Iron League Non-Alcoholic Beer, Beaver Soda (Retired)

Beaver Buzz is an energy drink line produced by DD Beverage Company of British Columbia, The beverages include taurine, caffeine, Guarana seed extract and various vitamins, and use cane sugar instead of commonly used high fructose corn syrup.[1] Sizes include 473 millilitres (16.0 US fl oz; 16.6 imp fl oz) and the West Coast Energy brand of 473 millilitres (16.0 US fl oz; 16.6 imp fl oz). Product variations include Citrus, Green tea and Saskatoon berry flavours.[2]

The beverage is distributed by retailers in Canada and can be purchased online as well. In early 2009, the company introduced Beaver Natural Soda', a line of microbrewed non-energy soft drinks based on all natural ingredients. The Buzz Energy brands also trade in the United Kingdom as Bulldog Buzz.[3] The company is also producing private label products for major grocery chains in Canada.

Beaver Buzz Energy Flavours[edit]

  • Beaver Buzz Berry 473ml - blue can
  • Beaver Buzz Citrus 473ml - red can
  • Beaver Buzz Green Tea 473ml - light green can
  • Pink Energy Grapefruit 250ml - pink can (sugar free)
  • West Coast Energy 473ml - $1.99 everyday price
  • Buzz Black Currant 355ml - black can (Retired)
  • BIG Buzz Chronic Energy 473ml - purple can (Retired)
  • BIG Buzz Core Energy 473ml - gold can (Retired)
  • BIG Buzz Green Machine 473ml - green can (Retired)
  • Buzz Iced Tea - 355ml light tan can (Retired)
  • Buzz Energy Shot - black bottle 60ml (Retired)

GD4U ZERO Flavours[edit]

  • Raspberry Green Tea 473ml
  • Lemon-Lime 473ml
  • Fruit Punch 473ml
  • Endurance 473ml (retired)
  • Recovery 473ml (retired)
  • Burner 473ml (retired)

Iron League Non-Alcoholic Beer[edit]

  • Premium Lager 355ml


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