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Hong Kong Cyberport
Cyberport 1 and 2
General information
Status Complete
Location Cyberport Road
Hong Kong, China
Coordinates 22°15′42.5″N 114°7′48.77″E / 22.261806°N 114.1302139°E / 22.261806; 114.1302139Coordinates: 22°15′42.5″N 114°7′48.77″E / 22.261806°N 114.1302139°E / 22.261806; 114.1302139
Owner Hong Kong SAR Government
Management Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Design and construction
Architect Arquitectonica
The Podium and The Arcade

Cyberport (Chinese: 數碼港) describes itself as a "creative digital community" with a cluster of technology and digital content tenants.[1] It is owned and managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government. Cyberport consists of four office buildings, a hotel, and a retail entertainment complex.


In 1999, the Hong Kong government announced their intention to develop the Cyberport which would help local businesses capitalize on the rapid growth of the Internet. Cyberport was intended as a place where the development of information technology and multimedia would be nurtured so that the demands of these industries could be met in the future. It was also hoped that this development would help the HKSAR's economy rebound after the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

The project was criticized as unnecessary government intervention in the property sector. One controversy involved the award of the project to a developer without open tender, who happened to be a son of Li Ka-shing, a long-time business partner of Hong Kong's Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa.[2]

Three private and wholly owned companies, namely, Hong Kong Cyberport Development Holdings Limited, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited and Hong Kong Cyberport (Ancillary Development) Limited (collectively referred to as the "Cyberport Companies") have been set up under the Financial Secretary Incorporated (FSI) to oversee the implementation of the project.

The Cyberport also houses one incubation facility for ICT startups called Entrepreneurship Centre providing office space, financial aid package,training, micro fund and network access to the investment community. Incubatees and micro fund grantees have varied degrees of success.


Located on a 24-hectare (59-acre) site at Telegraph Bay in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island.


The construction of the Cyberport portion which consists of four office buildings, The Arcade and Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel was completed in phases between 2002 and 2004 to provide altogether about 100,000 square metres (1,100,000 sq ft) of grade-A office space to accommodate 100-plus IT and related companies.

The construction of the residential portion which consists of approximate 2,800 units or houses was completed in phases between 2004 and 2008.


Bel-Air Residence[edit]

Bel-Air Residence

Bel-Air (貝沙灣) is a luxury residential development in Cyberport. The development is split in six phases; phase 1 and 2 are referred to Residence Bel-Air and Phase 3 is referred as Bel-Air on the Peak. Pase 1 and 2 each have a clubhouse and 7 blocks that are about 48 floors tall. Floor 40 and upwards are flats that have the area of two flats combined into one, creating over 3,200 square feet (300 m2). All of which features sky gardens with ocean views.

"Block 4" is omitted in the enumeration for superstitious reasons. Additionally, the 4th floors of each block have been omitted as per tradition. However the management company neglected to omit 4 in naming the new phase but the Cantonese pronunciation of Phase 4 Say-kay (四期), sounds similar to Say-kay (死期), meaning death time.

Bel-Air has two Clubhouses: the Bay Wing and Peak Wing. They feature a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, game room, gym, children's play room, restaurant, and personal movie theatre/cinema. Each floor of the "Residence Bel-Air" has two flats with 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, and a balcony. Additionally there are single family homes near "Residence Bel-Air".

Each floor of "Bel-Air on the Peak" has three flats, 2 larger units, 'A' and 'C' and a smaller 2 bedroom unit 'B'. The clubhouse of "Bel-Air on the Peak" is significantly newer with more artistic features.[citation needed] They maintain an indoor pool, gym, restaurant, snooker room, and children's game room.

Services and facilities[edit]

Network Operations Centre
Media Orb at The Arcade, Cyberport

IT and telecom[edit]

  • 1-10 Gbit/s Internal Private Network (IPN)
  • 120 Channels Satellite Master Antenna Television System (SMATV)
  • Fibre and Copper Blockwiring (BW)
  • IP Telephony and Unified Messaging System (UMS)
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Tenant Central Data Exchange (CDX)
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)


  • Cyberport Conference and Exhibition Centre
  • Technology Centre
  • Entrepreneurship Centre & Connect-Space @ Cyberport
  • Mobility Experience Centre
  • Smart-Space @ Cyberport
  • The Arcade [3]
  • Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel
  • Fitness Centre - GoGYM

See also[edit]

  • Sailfish Alliance - Cyberport Hong Kong is one the partners in the Sailfish Alliance.
  • Jolla - In Cyberport Hong Kong the Jolla company has located its R&D Centre
  • Live it China - Live It China is located in Cyberport Core F and received a funding prize from Cyberport


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