Kwai Chung Plaza

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Kwai Chung Plaza

Kwai Chung Plaza (葵涌廣場) is a private housing estate and shopping centre in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong. It was developed by Nan Fung Group in 1990. The shopping centre is full of small shops selling varieties of goods. It is adjacent to Kwai Fong Estate, Metroplaza and Kwai Fong Station. It comprises four levels of retail and three residential blocks, each of 31 floors. There are 8 units on each floor. The three blocks rise from a podium on level 4, which contains a skating rink, swimming pool, and landscaped gardens, for the exclusive use of residents.


  • 30- Allway Gardens ↔ Cheung Sha Wan
  • 31M- Shek Lei (Lei Pui Street) ↔ Kwai Fong Station
  • 32M- Kwai Fong Station ↺ Cheung Shan
  • 36M- Lei Muk Shue ↔ Kwai Fong Station
  • 42- Cheung Ching ↔ Shun Lee
  • 43- Cheung Hong ↔ Tsuen Wan West Station
  • 43A- Cheung Wang ↔ Shek Lei
  • 43M- Kwai Fong Station ↺ Cheung Ching
  • 44M- Cheung On ↔ Kwai Chung Estate
  • 46P- Hin Keng ↔ Lai King (North) (Rush Time Service)
  • 46X- Hin Keng ↔ Mei Foo
  • 47X- Chun Shek ↔ Kwai Shing (East)
  • 57M- Shan King ↔ Lai King (North)
  • 58M- Leung King Estate ↔ Kwai Fong Station
  • 58P- Kwai Fong Station → Tin Yue House, Tin King Estate (Rush Time Service)
  • 61M- Yau Oi (South) ↔ Lai King (North)
  • 67M- Siu Hong Court ↔ Kwai Fong Station
  • 68A- Long Ping Estate ↔ Tsing Yi Estate
  • 68M- Yuen Long (West) ↔ Tsuen Wan Station
  • 69M- Tin Shui ↔ Kwai Fong Station
  • 69P- Tin Yiu → Kwai Fong Station (Rush Time Service)
  • 235M- On Yam ↔ Kwai Fong Station
  • 260C- Yau Oi (South) ↔ Kwai Fong Station (Rush Time Service)
  • 269M- Tin Shui Wai Town Centre ↔ Cho Yiu
  • 848- Sha Tin Racecourse → Kwai Fong Station (Race Day Service)
  • N241- Cheung Heng ↔ Hung Hom Station (Midnight Service)
Long Win Bus
  • A31- Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) ↔ Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park)
  • E32- AsiaWorld-Expo ↔ Kwai Fong Station
  • 930- Tsuen Wan West Station ↔ Admiralty (East)


Coordinates: 22°21′27″N 114°07′40″E / 22.35750°N 114.12778°E / 22.35750; 114.12778