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Dariusz Jemielniak in 2010.

Dariusz Jemielniak (born March 17, 1975 Warsaw) is an associate professor of management and the head of the Center for Research on Organizations and Workplaces (CROW) at Kozminski University. His interests evolve around critical management studies, open collaboration projects (such as Wikipedia or F/LOSS), narrativity, storytelling, knowledge-intensive organizations, virtual communities, organizational archetypes, all studied by interpretive and qualitative methods.[1]

His research so far has included e.g. workplace studies of knowledge-intensive workers on the example of software engineers in the US and in Europe,[2] summed up in a recent book on "the new knowledge workers",[3] as well as the social organization of Wikipedia,[4][5] which is the topic of a book in progress currently. He conducted research projects at Cornell University (2004-2005), Harvard University (2007), Berkeley (2008), and Harvard Law School (2011-2012).

Within Wikimedia movement, Dariusz is involved in the Polish Wikipedia, where he serves as an admin and a bureaucrat,[6] as well as globally as one of the stewards. Previously he served one term on the Ombudsman commission. Although he has never held any roles or functions at the Polish chapter, he is its member.

His NGO running experience includes being an elected chairperson of "Inkubator" association (organizing a network of young Poles with literary talents) for one term as well as being an elected chairperson of Collegium Invisibile association for three terms. In both cases responsibilities included writing grant proposals and active fundraising. Collegium Invisibile experience allowed Dariusz to participate in the Higher Education Support Program within the Soros Foundation network, including a 300h course on fundraising carried on in Budapest, Moscow, and Blagoevgrad. He also has served on the Funds Dissemination Committee of the "English Teaching" program (aimed at improving language skills of English teachers in rural areas of Poland) coordinated by Fundacja Nida from the funds of Polish-American Freedom Foundation over the last 8+ years.[7]

He has been an entrepreneur, having founded Ling.pl, the most popular[citation needed] Polish online dictionary (with up to 300 thousand unique visitors per month), and a couple of other Internet start-ups.[citation needed]

Dariusz is the Polish Chief Desk of the Annals of Improbable Research, best known for running the annual Ig Nobel Prizes ceremony.[8]

He's the author of Common Knowledge: An Ethnography of Wikipedia (2014) first published in Poland in 2013 as Życie wirtualnych dzikich: netnografia Wikipedii.

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