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Kiwix logo.svg
Developer(s) Emmanuel Engelhart
Stable release 0.9[1]
Operating system Linux, Windows, Mac, Android
Size 21 MB + ZIM file
Available in 100+ languages[1]
License GPLv3
Kiwix on a Raspberry Pi and CRT TV
Kiwix on an OLPC laptop

Kiwix is a free program used to view Wikipedia offline, meaning it does not use an Internet connection. This is done by reading the content of the project stored in a file of the ZIM format, which contains the compressed contents of articles. It is possible to read any Wikimedia project, although it was originally designed only for Wikipedia.

The software is designed for computers without Internet access, and in particular, schools[2] in developing countries, where accessing the Internet is more difficult or costly.[3] Kiwix has designed a version specifically for the organization SOS Children with this use in mind.

Kiwix uses the Mozilla framework, being localised on It has full text search, tabbed navigation, and the option to export articles to PDF and HTML.[1]

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