Delabole wind farm

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Delabole wind farm
The Delabole wind farm - - 216985.jpg
Country England
Location Cornwall
Status Operating
Commission date 1991
Operator(s) Good Energy[1]
Power generation
Units operational 4

The Delabole wind farm is a wind farm located in Delabole, Cornwall, England. It was the first commercial wind farm constructed in the UK.[1]

The farm was first proposed in 1989, and was opened in 1991.[1][2] For its first two decades, it operated ten wind turbines, built by Vestas.[2] In February 2011, an £11.8 million rebuilding of the facility was completed, which replaced the original ten with four new turbines, which are larger than the original ones.[1][3] After the rebuilding, the facility has a potential power output of 9.2 megawatts,[1][4] an increase from the original four megawatt output.[2]

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Coordinates: 50°37′59″N 4°42′29″W / 50.633°N 4.708°W / 50.633; -4.708