Eparchy of Cetinje

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The Eparchy of Cetinje (Serbian: Цетињска епархија / Cetinjska eparhija) was an eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church that had jurisdiction in western Montenegro and Old Zeta, seated in Cetinje, that existed from 1485 to 1697. It was mostly situated between Bjelopavlići and Podgorica to the Bojana River while the eparchy also include a small part of Herzegovina (from Grahovo and Čeva). In early 18th century it was elevated to a Metropolitanate, a continuation of the Zetan Metropolitanate which existed during the Middle Ages in the Serbian realm. In 1851, the Metropolitanate became the current Serbian Orthodox Archbishopric that holds jurisdiction of the whole of Montenegro, the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral.


The fall of the Serbian medieval state in 1389 to the Turks after the Battle of Kosovo and the gradual disintegration of its parts in the 15th century, together with the Venetian conquest of the coastal cities of Kotor, Budva and the Paštrovići region in 1420–1423, endangered the Zetan Orthodox Metropolitanate. In 1452 the Venetians destroyed the Orthodox Monastery of St Michael the Archangel in Prevlaka to facilitate their plans for the forceful conversion of the Orthodox Christians from these parts of the coast into the Roman Catholic faith. From 1452 the seat of the Metropolitanate several times (variously to St Mark's Monastery in Budva, to the Monastery of the Virgin Mary in the mountains close to the city of Bar, and St Nicholas's Monastery on Vranjina (Skadar Lake), and then to St Nicholas's Monastery in Obod (Rijeka Crnojevića).

The Metropolitans of Zeta (Montenegro region) had in 1485 relocated their seat to the Monastery dedicated to Our Lady in Cetinje, founded by Lord Ivan Crnojević. The bishops had jurisdiction over their previous areas: the maritime holdings that were under the Republic of Venice, and the Ottoman holdings in the south (Lower Zeta), around Lake Skadar. The Metropolitans held the vicar seat in the Ottoman area, which also produced successors to the Metropolitan seat.

Danilo I Petrović-Njegoš became the first Metropolitan of Cetinje, as he had recovered Zeta from the Ottomans through political ties with the Russian Empire, and founded the seat of Cetinje as a Metropolitanate.


  • Visarion (1484–?)
  • Vavila (1493–?)
  • Roman (1504–?)
  • German II (1520–1530?)
  • Romu (1530–1532)
  • Vasilije (1532–?)
  • Makarije (1550–?)
  • Dionisije (1558–?)
  • Romil (1560–?)
  • Pahomije (1568–?)
  • Đerasim (1573–?)
  • Venijamin (1582–?)
  • Stefan
  • Rufim I Boljević (1593–1639)
  • Mardarije (1640–?)
  • Pajsije (1643–1649)
  • Rufim III Boljević (1673–1685)
  • Visarion Borilović-Bajica (1685–1692)
  • Sava Petrović-Očinić (1694–1697)