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The Free School of Evanston was an alternative school that existed in Evanston, Illinois, USA from 1971 to 1976, for five school years.


The Free School was influenced by Summerhill School. At meetings, parents, students, teachers were all equal, each having one vote. Tuition was based on a sliding scale percentage of parents income. The school did not pursue educational accreditation.


The School rented space at:

School years Space Building Address Coordinates
1971-72 basement Unitarian Church of Evanston 1330 Ridge Av. Evanston, IL 42°02′33″N 87°41′21″W / 42.04262°N 87.68912°W / 42.04262; -87.68912
1972-76 many rooms Wheadon United Methodist Church[1] 2214 Ridge Av. Evanston, IL 42°03′29″N 87°41′11″W / 42.05817°N 87.68648°W / 42.05817; -87.68648

Student body[edit]

There were more than 100 students, aged 5–16, divided into lower, middle, and upper age groups, Most were from the Chicago suburbs, but there were also several students from Chicago's inner city neighborhoods.


School year(s) Principal
1971-72  ???
1972-74 Nelson Armour[2]
1974-75  ???
1975-76  ???

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