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For the automobile heater, see Frico (heater).
Alternative names Cheese crisp
Type Garnish
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Friuli
Main ingredients Cheese, flour
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Frico (in friulian language fricò) is an Italian food, typical of Friuli, which consists of a wafer of shredded cheese and potatoes, then heated by baking or frying until crisp. The mixture becomes malleable during cooking. To prepare frico you need of fat seasoned cheeses like Montasio or Asiago. Originally when Italy wasn't a rich country, frico was used to recycle the crust cheeses [1]. Frico is often used as garnish for soups or stews.

Fricos are not difficult to make [2] and during the cooking process become malleable so it is possible to make baskets or bowls in which suitable foods can be served.[3]

Another way to prepare frico consists in cooking diced potatoes in a large flat pan with little oil and onions, adding water now and then. When the potatoes are tender, Montasio or another 3 months old cheese is diced and added. The cheese will melt within the potatoes and the frico must be cooked and turned to obtain a crispy, golden surface on both sides. Slice and serve it with polenta and red wine.