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Portuguese hip hop (Hip hop português) more usually known as Hip Hop Tuga is the Portuguese variety of hip hop music.

Hip Hop Tuga is different from mainstream hip hop because it has strong influences from African music from Lusophone Africa, reggae, zouk and Portuguese fado. It is often performed by African-Portuguese artists, descendants from African immigrants that came to Portugal after the independence of its former African colonies. Artists such as Valete, Sam the Kid, Dillaz, Pacman (Carlão), Xeg, Regula, Mind The Gap, Matozoo, Snake, Bob da Rage Sense, Sir Scratch, Barrako 27, Dealema, MC Ruze, MK aka Nocivo and Reflect are among the most popular artists.

Popular Hip Hop Tuga artists[edit]

Popular artists performing in the Hip Hop Tuga genre and who have gathered many followers in the underground subculture include Valete,Allen Halloween, Da Weasel, Boss AC, Sam the Kid, Regula, Xeg, Filhos dum Deus Menor, Dealema, Barrako 27, Mind Da Gap, Micro and DJ Bomberjack, Tchapo (Anonymous). DJ Nelassassin has won the Portuguese DMC and has represented Portugal abroad in hip hop gatherings.[citation needed]

Visual art[edit]

Graffiti artists include, among others, Mosaik, Caos, Colman, Uber, Quê?, Dheo, Odeith, sken, WeA, Esor, Risko, Obey, osir, Ram, Vhils, Oker and Kayo.

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