Judith Lowry (artist)

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Judith Lowry
Born 1948
Washington, D.C., United States
Nationality Native American
Education Humboldt State University
Alma mater Chico State University

Judith Lowry (born 1948 in Washington, D.C.) is a Native American artist. She works predominately in acrylics on canvas[1]


Her father is Leonard Lowry, a descendant of the Maidu and Pit River tribes.[2] Her mother, June Shirley Harrison, is Australian. Her parents met during World War II when her father was stationed in her mother's native Sydney, Australia.[3]

Art career[edit]

Lowry has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Humboldt State University, and Masters of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Chico State University.[4] Lowry's work is influenced by Frank Day, Harry Fonseca, Fra Angelico, Giotto, and Sandro Botticelli.[3] Her works frequently reference themes including consumerism, fashion, relationships, death, and the representation of Native American people in contemporary culture.[5] Lowry frequently works in oil and acrylics creating "larger-than-life" images that favour "allegorical sensibilit[ies]."[6]

“There is one distinction I have to make. I am not a painter.
I paint. I am a storyteller.”[6]

Lowry's studio is in Nevada City.[7] Her work has been exhibited at the Crocker Art Museum, the Wheelwright Museum, the Carl M. Gorman Museum, the Heard Museum, and the George Gustav Heye Center.[4] In 2012, she showed at the Pence Gallery.[8] Her work is in the collections of the National Museum of the American Indian and Peabody Essex Museum.[9][10]


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