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For other uses of "Jumpman", see Jumpman (disambiguation).
The "Jumpman" logo is used by Nike to promote the Air Jordan shoes, among other merchandise.

The "Jumpman" logo is owned by Nike to promote its Michael Jordan-related merchandise, including the famous and successful Air Jordan brand of basketball shoes.

The first recorded event of Michael Jordan doing the "Jumpman" pose came in a photoshoot for LIFE Magazine leading up to the 1984 Olympic Games before Michael Jordan had signed with Nike. [1]

The Jumpman logo is a silhouette of Michael Jordan performing a dunk. Beginning in 1985, the Jumpman photo or logo always accompanied "Jordan (affiliated with Nike)" branded products, even when the only word displayed on the product was "Jordan".[2][3]

The Air Jordan III, released in 1988, was the first Air Jordan shoe to feature the Jumpman logo, replacing the "Wings" logo, which had been a feature of the Air Jordans I and II.

In 1993-94, Nike ran a series of Air Jordan commercials pairing Michael Jordan with Warner Brothers' owned Bugs Bunny. As a tie-in, Nike created a line of merchandise which featured a spoof of the Jumpman using Bugs' silhouette, combined with a "Hare Jordan" caption. This campaign was followed by the 1996 film Space Jam, which references the Jumpman logo during its climax, in which Jordan dunks from half-court.