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There are currently over 100 titles in the Mega Man series, according to Capcom's official sales data (as of December 31, 2014 there are 131).

In all cases, the English title is given first. Also, the year the video game was first released is given, as well.

Mega Man series[edit]

Rereleases and collections[edit]

  • Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Rockman MegaWorld) – Mega Drive/Seganet for Sega Genesis, 1994 – A collection of enhanced remakes of the first three Famicom/NES games, as well as its own game, Wily Tower.
  • Rockman Complete Works (Japan only) – PlayStation, 1999 – Enhanced remakes of Rockman 1-6, released individually. The remakes contain special features, including a PocketStation uplink, a Robot Master database, an "easy" difficulty level, and remixed music. The Complete Works titles were re-released in 2003 with the PocketStation feature removed.
  • Rockman Battle and Fighters (Japan only) – Neo Geo Pocket Color, 2000 - A handheld port of Rockman: The Power Battle and Rockman 2: The Power Fighters.
  • Mega Man & Bass (Rockman & Forte) – Game Boy Advance, 2002 – A port of the Super Famicom game Rockman & Forte, though this version saw international release.
  • Rockman Collection Special Box (Japan only) – PlayStation 2, 2003 – A collection of the six Rockman Complete Works games and Rockman X7.
  • Mega Man Anniversary Collection (North America only) – GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox, 2004 / GBA, Cancelled – An English-version release of the Rockman Complete Works games (albeit with most of the special features removed), together with ports of Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8 and the two elusive arcade games. The GBA version was said to include the first five original Game Boy Mega Man games, including colorized versions and unlockable artwork, but Capcom confirmed on its US forums that the game was no longer in production, due to cost issues.[citation needed]
  • Rockman Power Battle Fighters (Japan only) – PlayStation 2, 2004 – A Japanese-only port of the two arcade games, Rockman: The Power Battle and Rockman 2: The Power Fighters, including a new 2-player competitive mode.
  • Mega Man Powered UpPlayStation Portable, 2006 – An enhanced remake of the original Mega Man, which adds, among other things, two new boss characters. Known as "Rockman Rockman" in Japan.

Portable games[edit]

The Game Boy versions of Mega Man were released in Japan under the Rockman World title. Each game in the Game Boy series, excluding Mega Man V, features four bosses from its corresponding NES version and four bosses from the succeeding NES game in the series. I.E: the Game Boy version of Mega Man III features bosses from the NES versions of Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4. The Game Boy Mega Man V features an all new set of antagonists called the Star Droids, whose members are named after the planets of the Solar System.

Spinoff titles[edit]

Mobile phone games[edit]

Capcom of Japan has released several Rockman games for mobile phones in Japan. Only the first two games, Rockman Space Rescue and Mega Man Rocket Christmas were ported for US/UK cell phones.

  • Mega Man, 2003
  • Mega Man 2, 2007
  • Mega Man 3, 2008
  • Rockman 3 Dr. Wily no Saigo!?, 2004
  • Rockman 4 Arata Naru Yabō!!, 2005
  • Rockman 5 Blues no Wana?!, 2006
  • Rockman 6 Shijō Saidai no Tatakai!!, 2007
  • Jump! Rockman, 2004
  • Rockman Bug Sweeper, 2003
  • Rockman Panic Fire, 2003
  • Rockman Space Rescue, 2003
  • Mega Man Rocket Christmas, 2003
  • Rockman Slot, 2003
  • Rockman GP, 2004
  • Rockman Pinball, 2004
  • Rockman DASH Golf, 2003
  • Rockman DASH 15 Panel, 2002
  • Kobun Flies?, 2001
  • Tide Coming Kobun, 2001
  • Kobun Assembly, 2001
  • Watch Kobun, 2001
  • Rockman Golf, 2002
  • RockMan.EXE: Phantom of Network, 2004
  • RockMan.EXE: Legend of Network, 2006
  • Rockman X, 2007
  • Rockman DASH - Grand 5 Island Adventure, 2008
  • Rockman X2, 2009
  • Rockman X3, 2010
  • Rockman Tennis, 2010
  • Mega Man Rush Marine, 2010
  • Intuition! Rockman, 2010
  • Rockman Diver, 2011
  • Rockman the Puzzle Battle, 2011
  • Rockman´s Sprite Logic, 2011
  • Otoranger, 2013

PC games[edit]

In 1990, Hi-Tech Expressions (under license from Capcom) produced a DOS game based on the series simply titled Mega Man. It was followed by a second DOS game titled Mega Man III in 1992. Both games were released exclusively in North America. Despite their titles, neither games are ports of their corresponding NES counterparts, but original games. There was no PC version of Mega Man II. Aside from handing the license to Hi-Tech Expression, Capcom themselves were not directly involved in the PC games. Both games were programmed and designed by Steven Rozner.

In 1999, Chinese developer Strawberry Soft created a game very similar to Wily & Right's RockBoard: That's Paradise called Rockman Gold Empire.

In 2001, the Dreams Comes True corporation released under license from Capcom an original Microsoft Windows game titled Rockman Strategy exclusively for the Taiwanese market.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is a project developed by Zong Hui, combining Mega Man's gameplay with characters and settings from the Street Fighter series. Initially developed as a fan game by Hui, Capcom funded the project and provided creative direction and QA support. The game has been released as a free download on December 17, 2012.[2]

Mega Man X series[edit]

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Rereleases and collections[edit]

Mega Man Legends series[edit]

Mega Man Battle Network series[edit]

Mega Man Zero series[edit]

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Mega Man ZX series[edit]

Mega Man Star Force series[edit]

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