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This is a list of statues of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom[edit]


Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria Statue, Birmingham - DSC08759.JPG Birmingham

Victoria Square

1951 (after original of 1901) William Bloye (bronze cast of marble original by Sir Thomas Brock)
Statue of Queen Victoria - - 914036.jpg Blackburn

Blackburn Cathedral

1905 Sir Bertram Mackennal
Victoria Statue, Victoria Gardens - - 231245.jpg Brighton

Victoria Gardens


Morley Street / Little Horton Lane

1904 Alfred Drury
Victoria statue.jpg Queen Victoria

College Green

1888 Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm
We are not Amused^ - - 1238448.jpg Croydon

Town Hall, Katherine Street

1903 Francis John Williamson
Warrior Square Gardens, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex - - 122345.jpg Hastings

Warrior Square Gardens, St Leonards-on-Sea

Francis John Williamson
Queen Victoria Statue, Grand Avenue - - 302412.jpg Hove

Grand Avenue

1897–1901 Sir Thomas Brock
Statue of Queen Victoria, Pearson Park, Hull - - 718602.jpg Kingston upon Hull

Pearson Park

Queen Victoria's statue, Dalton's Square, Lancaster - - 325740.jpg Lancaster

Dalton Square

Queen Victoria statue, Woodhouse Moor Park, Leeds - DSC07659.JPG Leeds

Woodhouse Moor Park

Sir George Frampton
Victoria equestrian Liverpool 2.jpg Liverpool

St. George's Hall

1870 Thomas Thornycroft
Victoria Monument, Derby Square, Liverpool.jpg Victoria Monument

Derby Square

1906 C. J. Allen

Royal Exchange

1891–6 William Hamo Thornycroft[1]
QueenVictoria KensingtonPalace.jpg London

Kensington Gardens

1893 Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
Statue Of Queen Victoria-Blackfriars Bridge-London.JPG London

Blackfriars Bridge

1893 and 1896 Charles Bell Birch
Queen Victoria statue, Carlton House Terrace.JPG London

Carlton House Terrace

c. 1898−1902 Sir Thomas Brock
Queen Victoria statue, Victoria Memorial, London.jpg Victoria Memorial

The Mall

1911 Sir Thomas Brock
Queen Victoria by Catherine Laugel, Victoria Square Gardens.jpg London

Victoria Square

2007 Catherine Laugel
Queen Victoria - - 1082559.jpg Manchester

Piccadilly Gardens

1901 Edward Onslow Ford
Statue of Queen Victoria in Victoria Park, Newbury.jpg Newbury

Victoria Park


Royal Victoria Infirmary

1906 George James Frampton
Statue of Queen Victoria - - 574089.jpg Newcastle

St Nicholas Square

1901 Sir Alfred Gilbert
Queen Victoria Statue Nottingham July 2013 Nottingham

Memorial Gardens, Victoria Embankment

1905 Albert Toft
Queen Victoria Statue, Portsmouth - - 548631.jpg Portsmouth

Guildhall Square

1903 Alfred Drury
Queen going green - - 725263.jpg Reading

Friar Street

1887 George Blackall Simonds
Queen Victoria's Statue - - 107476.jpg Royal Leamington Spa

Town Hall, The Parade

Queen Victoria Statue, St Helens - - 1577112.jpg Statue of Queen Victoria
St Helens

Victoria Square

1905 Sir George Frampton
Queen Victoria and Salford Museum.jpg Salford

Peel Park


Borough Gardens

Endcliffe Park - Queen Victoria's statue 13-05-06.jpg Sheffield

Endcliffe Park

Queen Victoria surveys the Empire from the Cliffs at Southend - - 232015.jpg Southend-on-Sea

Clifftown Terrace

Queen Victoria statue, Southport.JPG Southport

Neville Street

Sir George Frampton
South Shields

Outside South Shields Town Hall


Front Street

Queen Victoria Statue (5) - - 1579321.jpg Wakefield

Clarence Park

1904 Francis John Williamson
Weymouth - Queen Victoria's Statue - - 952762.jpg Weymouth

Esplanade, outside St John's Church

Winchester Round Table Victoria.JPG Winchester

Winchester Castle Great Hall

1887 Sir Alfred Gilbert
Statue of Queen Victoria at Windsor - - 1600094.jpg Windsor

Windsor Castle

1887 Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm
(Victoria and Albert in Saxon dress)[2]

Frogmore Mausoleum

1867 William Theed
Queen Victoria statue, Worcester, England - DSCF0777.JPG Worcester

Shire Hall, Foregate Street

1887 Sir Thomas Brock


Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen's Cross, Aberdeen - - 117106.jpg Aberdeen[3]

Queen's Cross

1893 Charles Bell Birch
Dundee McManus Victoria 1974.JPG Dundee

Albert Square

1899 Harry Bates
Royal Scottish Academy 3 (5797595803).jpg Edinburgh[4]

Royal Scottish Academy

1837 Sir John Steell
Queen Victoria statue, foot of Leith Walk - - 1536730.jpg Edinburgh[5]

Foot of Leith Walk

1907 John Stephenson Rhind
Glasgow Royal Infirmary 01.jpg Glasgow[6]

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

1897–1914 Albert Hodge

George Square

1854 Baron Marochetti
Dunn Square - - 1336639.jpg Paisley

Dunn Square

1902 Francis John Williamson

Northern Ireland[edit]

Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria Belfast 2.jpg Belfast

City Hall

1903 Sir Thomas Brock



Image Location Date Sculptor
Bellevue Park, Wrexham (4).JPG Wrexham

Bellevue Park

1904 Henry Price[7]

Europe (other)[edit]


Image Location Date Sculptor
Monument reine Victoria.jpg Nice[8]
Quartier Cimiez
1912 Louis Maubert


Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria 1887 jubilee statue Jersey 2.jpg Jersey
Victoria Park
1887 Georges Wallet


Image Location Date Sculptor
Statue of Queen Victoria Misrah Ir-Repubblika Valletta n02.jpg Valletta[9][10]

Republic Square

1891 Giuseppe Valenti

North America[edit]


Image Location Date Sculptor
Square Victoria.JPG Victoria Memorial

Victoria Square

1872 Marshall Wood

Royal Victoria College, McGill University

1899 Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
Queen Victoria Statue.jpg

Parliament Hill

1901 Louis-Philippe Hébert
Queen Victoria in Victoria.jpg

British Columbia Parliament Buildings

1914 Allen Bruce Joy


Image Location Date Sculptor

Orange Walk Town

South America[edit]


Image Location Date Sculptor
(Queen Victoria Monument)[12]

High Court

1894 H. R. Hope Porter



Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria Statue Brisbane.jpg Brisbane
Queens Gardens
1906 Thomas Brock
Queen Victoria Memorial.jpg (Queen Victoria Memorial)[13]

Queen Victoria Gardens

1907 James White
Public art - Queen Victoria, Kings Park Perth.jpg Perth
Kings Park
General Post Office building, Martin Place
1883 Signor Giovanni Fontana
Queen Victoria outside the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.jpg Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria Building, Druitt Street, Sydney

1904 (in Dublin)
1987 (in Sydney)
John Hughes
Queen's Square
1888 Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm

New Zealand[edit]

Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria statue in Albert Park.jpg Auckland

Albert Park

1899[14] Francis John Williamson[15]
The Queen Victoria statue, Christchurch, NZ.jpg Christchurch[16]

Victoria Square

1903[17] Francis John Williamson[18]
Queen Victoria statue, Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG Dunedin[19]

Queens Gardens

1905[20] Herbert Hampton[19]
Queen Victoria statue, Wellington.jpg Wellington

Cambridge Terrace / Kent Terrace

1905[21] Alfred Drury[21] (copy of his Portsmouth, England statue)



Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria Statue At cubbon Park 5-31-2008 4-23-07 PM.JPG Bangalore[22][23]

Cubbon Park

1906 Thomas Brock
Queen Victoria's statue inside the memorial in Kolkata.jpg Kolkata[24]

Victoria Memorial

1921 Thomas Brock
Queen Victoria memorial, Kolkata.jpg Kolkata[25]

Victoria Memorial

1901 George Frampton
Alexandrina Victoria - Marble Statue by Marshall Wood - 1875 CE - Indian Museum - Kolkata 2014-02-14 9245.JPG Kolkata

Indian Museum

1875 Marshall Wood
Alexandrina Victoria - Bronze - ACCN 83-1-5 - Government Museum - Mathura 2013-02-24 5863.JPG Mathura

Government Museum

Sri Lanka[edit]

Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria Statue In Colombo.jpg Colombo[26]
National Museum of Colombo
1897 George Edward Wade

Hong Kong[edit]

Image Location Date Sculptor
Statue of Victoria in Victoria Park, Hong Kong 1.jpg Hong Kong
Victoria Park
1896 Mario Raggi[27]


South Africa[edit]

Image Location Date Sculptor
Queen Victoria statue outside the Main Library, Port Elizabeth,South Africa.jpg Port Elizabeth[28][29]

Market Square

1903 E. Roscoe Mullins
  • Houses of Parliament, Cape Town
  • Francis Farewell Square, Durban



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