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S-300VM Antey 2500
NATO reporting name: SA-23 Gladiator\Giant
9A83ME TEL - Antey-2500 SAM 02.jpg
Antey-2500 SAM at MAKS-2011
Type Transportable SAM system
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service 2013
Used by See Operators
Production history
Designer Almaz-Antey
Designed 2000s
Manufacturer Almaz-Antey
Unit cost US$120 millions (1999)[1]
Produced 2013
Variants See Variants

The S-300VM "Antey-2500" (NATO reporting name SA-23 Gladiator\Giant) is a Russian anti-ballistic missile system. The system is designed to defeat short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, aeroballistic and cruise missiles, fixed-wing aircraft, as well as loitering ECM platforms and precision-guided munitions.


Type Surface-to-air missile
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service 2013
Used by See Operators
Production history
Designer Almaz-Antey
Designed 2000s
Manufacturer Almaz-Antey
Produced 2013
Variants 9M82M, 9M83M
Specifications (9M82M[2])

200 kilometres (120 mi)
Flight altitude 30,000 metres (98,000 ft)

The 9M82M missile is intended to defeat tactical, theater and medium range ballistic missiles, as well as aerodynamic targets at a range of up to 200 km. The Antey-2500 system is mounted on a tracked cross-country vehicle equipped with self-contained power supply and navigation systems, as well as surveying and positioning equipment.

System characteristics[edit]

The Antey-2500 air defense missile system features:

  • High degree of battle performance automation owing to high-speed digital computers
  • Passive phased array radars
  • Advanced radar data processing methods
  • High ECM immunity
  • High ability of autonomous operation
  • High mobility
  • High firepower potential, irrespective of air attack tactics or sequence
  • Vertical launch from a special transport launch canister
  • Maintenance-free operation of missiles for at least ten years
  • Capability to defeat ballistic missile individual warheads
  • Inertial guidance with radio command update and semi-active homing at the terminal phase
  • Focused detonation of the missile warhead

The Antey-2500 system comprises:

  • Command post
  • Circular scan radar
  • Sector scan radar
  • Multichannel missile guidance station (MMGS) (typical amount 4 (is already enough to hit 24 targets) - is technically nothing more than 6 (The command post of the S-300V can not simultaneously engage in more than 24 goals))
  • 9A82M launcher (typical amount 8) includes radar illumination and targeting as well as *brains* of radar[3]
  • 9A83M launcher (typical amount 12) includes radar illumination and targeting as well as *brains* of radar[4]
  • 9A84M loader-launcher (is technically nothing more than 24)
  • 9M82M air defense missiles
  • 9M83M air defense missiles
  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair vehicles
  • Group SPTA set
  • Electronic trainer for MMGS operators
  • Transporter vehicles
  • Set of missiles handling equipment

Technical ability to use additional 1-2 battalions.

One of the applied mixing systems - external command post, and CP S-300V and everything radars S-300V and the outside radars, and other external elements. This central core, for it served a few battalions of S-300V system. All battalions is at full strength S-300V system (CP S-300V and everything radars S-300V, and a few launchers with radars, and a few launchers without radars).[5]

Technical ability to use additional battalions. It is also used for the S-300V. To use several different command posts and several different radars, as the first phase of the work (connected your several battalions of S-300 (family V)). The second stage, the battalion with the data from the Phase 1 gives data to the command post of S-300 system. Stage 3-300 begins to fight. In this way, (1,2,3) poluchaetsya system in which the whole system S-300 (the whole set) is only a battalion of a large system. But there is no need for additional complexes of HLCP. For example, two incomplete S-300V can unite yourself in a similar system just do without external assistance. As a result of opponent to engage the S-300 radar guidance / detection will have to destroy all the elements of both systems (100% otherwise the battle is not finished yet). In the simplest case (without of HLCP or connectivity features additional battalions or central command post for control of battalions) is enough to destroy one element of air defense system. Technical ability to include additional battalions can provide 2 or more S-300 systems ability - 1) of HLCP function, 2) and an additional function of the central command post, 3) = 1), 2) without the use of external components.


  • S-300V: entered service in 1983; 100 km range
  • S-300VM: 200 km range
  • S-300V4: in service since 2013; 300 km range


  •  Russia : ordered more than three S-300V4 divisions by 2015[6]
    • 2 divisions[7]
  •  Venezuela: 2 S-300VM[8]
  •  Egypt : Antey-2500, Entered service in November 2014 [9][10][11]

Potential operators[edit]

  •  India: India is evaluating S-300 PMU-1/2 and S-300VM.[12]
  •  Saudi Arabia: Russia has offered Saudi Arabia the S-300VM as First Operator.[13]
  •  Turkey: Russia has offered Turkey the S-300VM.[14] But, Turkey has decided to buy the HQ-9 from China.
  •  Iran: Russia is offering Iran the S-300VM instead of the S-300PMU1 to avoid a lawsuit over the cancellation of the latter.[15][16]

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